Friday, 17 September 2021

The Birthday Continues ...

Straight into birthday update part 2 ...

Saturday 17th July:

Well Sophie has been diahwoowoo free the past 48 hours or so so the birthday sleepover for Jess that was moved to today is on.

I wake up to my bed mate next to me once again. Aaah isn't she sweet!

My bed mate has also lost a tooth! So was wanting her picture taking of her gap!

The weather has perked up her again and the sun and heat has returned yay. Just in time for the girls to have the pool out. Once J's friend came over around 5pm it was time to get right on in ... I am of course on life guard duty!

After we had tea we had J's official chocolate cake from the bakery

The girls then wanted a late night trip to the park. So we got ready to go.

The evening ended before bed with Roblox party boxes/bags. They didn't go down too well and they looked bored with them (except Sophie) so I think we have now reached the age where party bags are no more!

J's friend was tired and asked to go to bed at 10:30 so we went down early. She passed out around 11:15 but Jess was still up gone midnight as she was so excited! Thankfully I didn't see them too early in the morning and it was around 7:30am which brings us on to ...

Sunday 18th July:

Once up the girls wanted to do sleeping bag racing down the stairs. This a noisy affair so i've no idea how delighted the neighbours were to hear all this going on! But fun was had by all. 
Late morning saw the girls in the paddling pool. And then there was the demands for nails to be done and tattoos to be put on! Then back in the pool to wash it all off - Doh! 

J's friend went home around 5pm before tea. So we decided as it was so nice and summer was so rare that we ought to have a BBQ outside! Hubby rigged up some weird contraption to hold it. No this doesn't look safe I agree!!! LOL

Ending with marshmallows and a selfie lol! Was a good but busy weekend so got no gardening done. Expecting similar busyness next weekend as it will be Sophie's birthday!

After tea hubby watered the bushes - well dead - in the front lawn. Or should I say he let Jess loose with the hosepipe. Then chaos took over with water fights just as it's time to go to bed!!! Video of the madness here:

Right i'm off. All still good here. I've been banging out posts daily. Got 2 more lined up ready to go out to you all - all finished - so i'm in good stead! Got a tooth annoying me a bit over the past couple of weeks. Hoping it's not going to go the route of my other tooth that I had to go to the emergency dentist for back in April. (That one is still going btw! Ended up I had undetected infection in it and needed root canal. I had root canal on emergency last month but part 2 to finish the root canal isn't until December because they are so busy!!) But yes this other tooth is giving me sharp pain on biting down on occasions but not all the time. I have a general check up booked in for 2 weeks time so I am praying it holds on until then! I am going to use some corsodyl mouthwash which is a antiseptic to try and keep infection at bay so it doesn't go the same route as the other one! Nightmare! It's so bad because we see our dentist annually for check ups and I haven't seen since March 2019! So that's 2 1/2 years! We were due March 2020 but due to the rona we didn't get there. Then everything was shut. So I was only really forced to go in April this due to the pain I was in. So my poor mouth is now playing catch up on missed treatment. Not to mention how bad my eating was over lockdown - so much chocolate!! So this all self induced! 

Right I really am off now lol! Sleep well all. Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

It's Jessica's Birthday!

This blog update is very bitsy as is a lot of my weekly updates! And it will be up there with my most boring ever ... but it ends with Jessica's birthday so we end on a high lol!

Monday 12th July:

Bog standard day here with nothing interesting to note really. Woke up to my bed mate again off her mattress and on the floor! And ended the day with a blog update. 

Tuesday 13th July:

My bed mate didn't want to get up this morning. I even removed her mattress and bedding and still she refused to get up and just cuddled under my sheet!

More flowers appeared on the plant below today. It's starting to look good!

The children went out the front to talk to the neighbours tonight. I think they saw these strangely dressed kids coming out and quickly disappeared though!

Cooked myself a kinda stir fry tonight. Mince lamb with peppers and courgette.

After tea Sophie had a dose of diahrrea which is a pain as Jess is due to have a sleepover on Friday night for her birthday. Going to have to cancel it now in case it is a bug!

Wednesday 14th July:

Tonight the queen visited me. Doesn't she look delighful! Very well dressed I must say lol! I even had to Curtsy!

That face LOL!!
After tea the girls were lucky enough to go round the neighbours to be taught the difference between edible and non edible plants! 

They even brought a few flowers home with them

Sophie came in chomping on a nasturtium plant and complained it was hot and peppery. Later on in the evening she had a swollen lip. Hubby thankfully said it might be something she ate so we put it down to this plant! There's something she's allergic to we didn't know about! We had no piriton in the house either so hubby made a quick trip to Tescos to get some! By this time it was very late - gone 1030pm so made for a late night for her!

After tea Sophie had a dose of diahrrea which is a pain as Jess is due to have a sleepover on Friday night for her birthday. Going to have to cancel it now in case it is a bug!

Thursday 15th July:

Well with Sophie off school due to the trots there is nothing exciting happening today! She's on the sofa with her ipad. The weather gives us yet another cloudy day - there's a surprise ...!! And my highlight of the day is wrapping all Jessica's presents for tomorrow! No more diahhrea so maybe we can rebook Jessica's birthday sleepover for Saturday night instead of Friday?!

Friday 16th July:

It's big girls 9th birthday! She wakes up and isn't happy because she isn't having her sleepover tonight. She is heartbroken and cried so hard about it. Poor love. She had a pressie before school but the rest were reserved for when she got back. An annoying thing is that today is class swop day and meeting new teachers for next year. Sophie misses out on this being at home - Grrr! Oh well can't be helped. 
Whilst J is at school I set about blowing balloons and getting decorations etc ready. I'm not creative so I can never make it look fantastic! Sophie wants to help so we do it together. Soon gets her off her sick bed sofa and ipad. Oh and I had brought a new mattress for Jessica's bed for the sleepover and that arrived today too. The old one had a hole in it! 

Decorating begins ... We are Roblox themed upon her request

Look at this brilliant chicken balloon LOL!!

Jess came out of school crying and really upset. She had had a really bad day. She has been separated from her best friend next year. They are going to be in separate classes! Poor thing. Thankfully her presents cheered her up a bit!

The chicken balloon is a hit. Her favourite "present" and she even took it to bed with her!

Her birthday cake was a small chocolate cake. She called this pathetic but there is a reason. We had a giant chocolate cake on order for Saturday for her sleep over LOL!

The sun has even come out for the occasion at last!

Sophie decorated the doors with the balloons lol

And for tea she demanded pizza hut. Easy!!!

Right that's it again for this round up! Started boring but ended with more action! Off to beddies now as it's just turned midnight. I'll get this up over the next couple of days. Hope your all well! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx