Wednesday, 20 October 2021

We go on holiday! Yippeee!

Ello Ello! Here's another blog update. This time we got on holiday! ... Eventually ... You'll see why ha!!

Saturday 28th August:

Sooo we wake up early to check on Peachy. We catch her with her head in the food. I haven't slept much all night worrying about the poor blinking chicken!! I'm certain it's a vet job. But we see her eating and drinking so wonder if all is ok after all. She is drinking a lot though. Does she have a fever?! Any way we vote for the vets as this is the best thing as she clearly isn't right. We leave for holiday late pm and the vets can see her at 12:30. So fingers crossed this should be enough time.

She has quite a mucky bum too so we bring her in to clean her up. She goes in the shower and then gets hair dried! Oh yes you have never seen a chicken being showered and hair dried before have you!? Well you have now in this 6 minute long video take by Sophie:

Once at the vets hubby rings me to say they are going to keep her and put her under a light anaesthetic of gas and air type so they can look in her mouth to see what's going on. She apparently wasn't up for it without being knocked out! They kept her until really late in the day. We got the call to pick her up around 530/6pm I think it was! She had been put back on the list because of emergencies that came in. Any way nothing stuck in her mouth or any obvious injury so it is presumed to be an abscess. She is now on a weeks worth of antibiotics that needs putting into the drinking water. Now this poses a problem! We won't be here! So we decide to come back daily for 2-3 days to administer the antibiotics and also check if she is getting better. We also have a webcam set up on the coop so we can log into this on holiday and watch her to see how she is going. Hubby shows the lady who is looking after her how much of the powder to put into the water and she takes over for the rest of the week. We aren't far as only in the new forest so the trip is relatively quick.

By this point it is very late so we can't go on holiday without feeding some kids. So hubby goes to shop to buy some ding meals for quickies before we leave. We then set off for holiday around 9pm I think it was? 

Sunday 29th August:

Well we wake up to hazy sunny morning and find our selves out on the decking having breakfast. We plan to get down the beach pronto as it is meant to be a nice warm day (20c!) with no wind so should be warm enough.

Here's a seagull balancing on top of this pole lol!

Speaking of birds we have the webcam on TV so we can watch on them to make sure they are ok

On the beach ...

I don't think I could ever tire of this view!

Sophie wanted me to put grass in her hair lol! 

We had a late lunch and chose chippy to share and took it down on the beach. It was gooooood!!

So here ends the start of the holiday update! I will cover the rest of the week in another one so it isn't too long. Keep looking up! Love The Mad House Xx

Monday, 18 October 2021

A weeks worth of chickeney/gardeney updates ...

This is going to be one of my shortest updates in a long time! Only have action from the Saturday. The Sunday nothing happened just dossing around! 

Saturday 21st August:

Today starts with yet more chicken madness. They all come out on the patio and Sophie wants a hold. She dons a towel on her lap for poo protection and then holds the most friendly chicken. She sits there well happy for quite some time! For those of you that prefer a video here is on of both chickens:

Here is the mess that the chickens made! They escaped up the garden today to visit the flower borders!
We let them for 10 minutes or so to see how they faired. 
Here is a video of one coming out from behind a bush:

After they were all put back away again I went up the garden. I was annoyed to see the blight had progressed further on my Tomatoes. Look how rotten they are grrr!

This one looked promising but when I picked it it was all mushy inside and floury

My pot sized Buddleia is doing awesomely. I had repotted this year and cut it right back. That long with a feed seems to have done it really well. 

This import from the neighbours appears to be doing well still ...

This bush is doing well still too. Although the chickens seem to like it too and one has been eating the lower flower buds off it!

I have no update for Sunday 22nd as it was a lazy one. So i'm going to bang the weeks update in on this one too.

Monday 23rd August:

Jessica has been having pain in a tooth when eating so we had an emergency dentist appointment. We went on the bus and she had a small hole in her tooth between 2 teeth. He said it's where some food has been got stuck between so he filled it in in such a way that food shouldn't get stuck in the gap anymore. It was done quickly in 5 minutes and without any anaesthetic so that was good phew! He said he would have advised leaving it as it's a baby tooth but the tooth didn't look wobbly at all or like it was moving any time soon so he just filled it.
After this was done we went in the park for 20 minutes before we then went up for Mcdonalds for lunch and then a visit to the Cathedral. The Cathedral was spur of the moment and also to mark it up as another trip done on the holidays. Despite living in a city with a Cathedral I have never taken the girls in it. A family friend is in hospital so we light a candle for her. Upstairs in the Cathedral has a kids interaction section where they can design a stain glass window digitally and this is Jessica's. After the kids want an icecream before we go home on the bus again.

Tuesday 24th August:

The chickens make more mess of the flower border over the path and hubby buys and installs a chicken webcam ...

Wednesday 25th August: 

Nothing exciting happened ...

Thursday 26th August:

Sophie wanted to take Peckers for a walk in the dolls pram! You can see how well that went here on video:

Followed by Peachy in the pram:

And ending with Speckledy!:

After we put the chickens away we noticed that Peachy was just standing around and not really doing anything. We watched her for a bit. She seemed to eat a bit and drink lots. Also put herself to bed so nothing too bad. She seems to have a lump on one side of her face Hmm will see how she is tomorrow. 

Friday 27th August:

Hmmm peachy still isn't looking great. She is standing around a lot with her eyes closed. Although she is still eating a little and drinking a lot. Again putting herself to bed ok and getting up ok. Whatever it is it doesn't seem to be really, really bad but she clearly feels poorly. Maybe this lump is some kind of infection? We watch her for the rest of the day. Hopefully she will perk up because we go on holiday tomorrow and have someone else coming in to look after them. Don't want to have to lumber someone else with a poorly chicken. If she is still off in the morning we will ring the vets.

Here's a picture of Speckledy! Just because! She is head hen. Very vocal, pretty and totally cuuute. She's my girl! Who couldn't love that little face!

So that update covers a week! Going to stop it here so it doesn't get tooo long! I'm still doing well at catching up. I'm almost into September lol! Sitting in my bedroom tonight with 3 pretty candles on writing this and some essential oils. I put Lemon in but it was a tad tooooo strong so had to open the window and blow that one out lol!! Off to bed soon but will probably bag another half hour on my back machine first. I've had a headache all day so I want to try and break down the knots in the muscles some more. The tension is baaaaad! Right i'm off! Keep looking up all! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Portchester Castle and more chicken action ...

Well this update will be quick compared to normal as the beginning of the week was very quiet! So let's jump in! ...

Monday 16th August:

We got braver today and let all the chickens out on the patio at once ...

Tuesday 17th August:

Nothing happened!!

Wednesday 18th August:

Mummy found the card that tells us we have the dentist next month. Better move this to the top of the saffiano filofax then!

Today is mini clean out chickens day. They produce a loooootta pooooo! So I take the roost out and wash the poo off with the hose pipe then spray with a antibacterial cleaner and scrub what's left - not much! Then take out the tray underneath that has straw and the poo in it. Repeat process. Dry then put back with new straw in. The straw doesn't absorb it but it does stop it sticking to the tray to make a bit of an easier clean.

We end the evening by playing child bingo! 

Thursday 19th August:

Mummy brings in some sprouting brocalli. Isn't it a pretty flower! 

Friday 20th August:

Finally some action! Mummy is feeling really guilty that we haven't done anything these holidays and time is marching on! So today we take a trip to Portchester castle. Poor Jess has been dying to go back ever since she went in year 1. 

The day was - well as is normal for Summer 2021 - cloudy - snooooore!! We parked in a car park that had a nice view over Port Solent I think it was right next to the castle. Well we stopped there and I waited with Jess and hubby parked elsewhere as it was full. So we took these 2 piccies whilst waiting for them to come to us.

Once we were in the castle we headed for the top via many many stairs! The hardest being some spiral stairs that Jessica was absolutely terrified of. She was shaking and crying the whole way up. Once up top she couldn't even stand up to walk round she was so scared. But she made it and we were rewarded with the lovely views around the Solent. Oddly enough she didn't really remember the spiral stairs or have the same reaction first time round. Maybe they didn't take the children up them?

Once we were done with the tower we looked around the outside of the ruins. By this point mummy was getting hungry so we then headed outside for a food van that we spotted on the way in. (Souvenir shop first of course!). Daddy was disappointed to hear that this was not the end of the trop and that mummy wanted to go to Southsea after. He thought we could walk along the beach here. But oh no mummy wanted the hover craft! for anyone who has no idea a hovercraft is a boat the inflates itself like a giant cushion that you bounce across the sea on. It's totally epic ...! Any way we get to Southsea and walk along the beach to collect sea glass. This is Jessica's favourite pass time. The we head into the pier for the arcades and the fun fair. 

We went on a few rides. Mummy went on her first ever rollercoaster that wasn't even that steep but was still somewhat terrifying! Yes I am a weakling. LOL! Here is a video of hubby and Sophie on the dodgems. After a few seconds you hear Jess shouting the hovercraft is going. So I go to catch it on video. Have look here:
After that we walk back to the car and drive home. Poor Sophie's feet are falling off after all that walking!

So that was a bright end to a rather boring week really! I had been trying to wait for the weather to get better before doing anything but clearly these holidays aren't going to see any sun!

So that brings to a close another blog update. It's Friday night that I am writing this and have another busy Saturday hopefully with a quiet Sunday to follow! Plan on sorting the boxes on the landing for the loft and cleaning out chickens. Sunday hopefully a bath - maybe with a child in it too lol! - and then some crafting! 

Right off to bed now. Keep looking up all and smiling! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx