Thursday, 14 January 2021

Sophie's had her first date!!!

"Buzz Buzz" ... "Ring Ring" ... Oh it's the alarm again. A sound I hate so much and yet has me awake in a millisecond. I am however an avid user of the snooze function. Something they should never have invented as it often makes me late! Do they not know how much I love my bed? And how little self control I have?? So here we are again! Another day another zoom meeting x 4! I drag myself up after 1 snooze and 2 minutes before the next. I hear Jessica's feet thump out of bed and the time is 08:48. Sophie is due on zoom at 9am so I whip up the stairs to wake her up. We go to Jessica's bed as she has got out of it and snuggle down together for 5 minutes. Her soft little cheeks resting on mine. These are the most precious of relaxed moments. Shame we are time limited but off we go downstairs for zoom at 08:59.

Tried to log in on her ipad but it's not working again so default to my laptop and arrive 7 minutes late. The work in straight forward and they haven't started yet so all good. Today they had to lengthen a sentence by adding the word And - then expanding. The first part of the sentence was "I peeked my head out of the rope AND a little child picked up the mouse and drove him home" was what she added in her writing here.

Sophie's zoom ended and I logged Jessica onto Maths. This was at 10:15am - Today she did a revision of symmetry. She had to draw some of her own. I don't really get to hear what's going on in her zoom as i'm either busy with Sophie or on the sofa and she's up the table. During this time I fed Sophie breakfast - around 10:15 - Whilst Jess was occupied.

Roll on to 10:30 and it was Sophie's Maths zoom time! She had to fill in the gaps on a sheet the number, the word number and the representation. The line or stick represents 10. She found this dead easy. Her finding Maths is a testament to me really from last lockdown! Just gonna blow my own trumpet a minute - something I extremely rarely do! When I was teaching her last lockdown I have them daily Maths and English worksheets. She was whizzing through them so I started her on Year 1 work. So basically she is ahead of most of the others in the class in this area. She's always loved numbers so just going with the love of them. I honestly thought I had messed them up and they would be so behind after lockdown. But after the parent's evening in November they confirmed that she was ahead in reading and Maths than the other children. And doing well with English etc. And was in line with her keywords - Which if you remember I also kept her working hard on daily. So i'm proud of myself really that I did so well. Jessica's review was also good and no areas of concern. Middle of the road. The only issue was she has messy writing LOL! Takes after me then ...

So the last zoom of the day was Jessica's English at 11:00. So she ate before this started. Not that this child eats much! Her English was a live teaching lesson where they had to write a few sentences about themselves. And one as her speaking as a person from a story. The paragraph in the picture is what she wrote about herself.

After the zoomers were done the kids went on ipads on You Tube and Roblox. I took this opportunity to crawl into Jessica's bed to catch up on some sleep again. I got around 1:45 - 8:30 so wasn't too bad last night. I wanna keep on top of sleep though as i'm useless when really tired and just cannot function. I naturally need around 9-10 hours a night! I did sleep better again last night though - it was 1:45 rather than the 2:30am I have been seeing of late so that's good. I'm still doing the headspace meditation app and I think this is starting to work maybe. Any way I napped a couple of hours then got up and got dressed and started on the day in the kitchen. Then Big Jet TV on the laptop whilst I had caffine. Then fed some kids - sub pizza slices - they love em! Then got on with more housework.

Today Sophie had a date! Her imaginary boyfriend is Charn from through the dragons eye. Some of you may remember watching this as kids in primary school! Here he is:

For any of you who have no idea what on earth I am on about the plot can be seen here on wiki:

He was a baddy and zapped people with some electric shock that comes out his fingers. Apparently he never zaps Sophie because he loves her LOL. 

I showed the series of this to the kids last lockdown as part of English learning and as a reward for completing work. They both loved it - more Sophie than Jess. Once she got over her fear as it did give her nightmares for a few nights - Oops! Then she became obsessed with it and wanted to watch more. Any way once he got defeated come the end of the series she was well happy. And now he is her imaginary boyfriend?! 

So to the date ... Here she is dressed up ready ... She coloured her nails and her face in with red felt tip pen. She packed a hand bag with lipstick, stickers?! And something else. And took her ipad on the date ... As you do!!

Once she arrived she set up a table and 2 chairs in the hallway in the dark. She had little fairy lights and a ring in a box in the middle. About the time I arrived she had had her first kiss and was about to get engaged. So he moves quick!! That said I think this is the 3rd or 4th marriage she has had to him lol. Kids are sooo funny!!

So that concludes today. Got the kids in bed and lights out just after 10 for Jess and 10:30 for Sophie. Due to the early morning I didn't get to see anyone again - Yippee! Went to prep school stuff for tomorrow but haven't used any of it. I couldn't be bothered! Bad parenting I know ...! They had their zoom sessions though and didn't want to push it tbh. I still feel routineless. Mostly because I feel like I'm not doing enough with them. Work ends within an hour as Jess gets on with it and i'm not trying to hurry Sophie up who doesn't want to do anything. I think we will skip Jessica's Maths zooms next week. All they are is marking work that they should have done already. The trouble is the work goes up at 7:30am and then the zoom is 2/3 hours later. So no real time to do anything! I like to plan it all the night before. Any way that's that sorted! Wrote to all of you too. I like this - I like emptying my brain of the day and starting the evening !? (at 00:36 ...) afresh ready for sleep. 

Right off to chill on facebook, netweather forums (looking for snow!) and scout out BBC news - oh and catch up on my favourite blog - Attic24 - She's soooo hygge! 
Sleep well/good morning all! Hope you all have a good sleep/good day! Love the very mad house!! Xx

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

YAY! The kids left home!!

Yes! Yes you read that right! The kids left home!! Ok it was for a mere 5 minutes but my kids packed their bags and left home to go to fairyland ... As you do! 

Before we get onto that I need to make an apology! I had a complaint about my blog post yesterday in that there were 2 photos of Jessica naked and you could see her back parts but thankfully not front parts. I am sorry for those I offended with this. As it was near the bottom (excuse the pun!) of the photos I just completely missed it as I was concentrating on her hair do! So sorry for the slip and thanks for picking it up. Moving on ...

We started mummy school around midday. Jess worked well and completed all tasks given. Sophie however has only given me this 1 sheet since Monday ... Yes Monday! 

I cannot get her to work for love or money! I even took away her ipad and said she can't have it for the rest of the day but that prompted her to go upstairs and draw a map and pack her bags and go off to fairyland! 

Thankfully I knew where she was going but kept an eye any way. There is a footpath 3 neighbours up the road that goes up the side of the houses and runs down the back of them to all the gardens. It has a dead end and ends right next to our house so I knew from how she had drawn her map that is where she was headed. So that was it! We let her go ... 

It was not long after that I realised the back gate was closed so she couldn't get in. So I went up to open it and look down the alleyway but she was o where to be seen so I followed it round and back up the road to our house and she was waiting on the doorstep LOL. At this point Jessica got interested and also wanted to go to fairy land. So she get dressed and packed a pillow case and off they both went! Then it was a case of rinse and repeat. 

Realised I had shut the gate again so went to open - no kids so walked round - and they were on the door step. Game ended here as both kids had PJ's and shoes on decided they were dressed for going out and that we better get to the pharmacy for drugs for me and to post back 5 return items to Amazon, Blacks and a letter! Got back and fed me and Sophie - Jess was hiding away upstairs. 

A little later Jess complained of tummy ache and said it felt like she was hungry. I then realised I had forgotten to feed a child!! :O I have no idea how I managed this! Must have been because she was hiding away upstairs or something. Any way I quickly rustled up a cheese and tomato toastie and all was good lol! This was around 5pm so we delayed tea until around 7:45pmish and just ate late. Before bed there was a lot of jocularity and fun when the kids were sitting on daddy and slidding down him on pillows!

This came after mummy and daddy were tickling kids to death lol!! All good fun but made for a "fun" bed time! Kids wouldn't go down til 11pm again! :-o

Any way that's it for today. Kids are down, I've lesson planned best I can with nothing from school yet again! and just posting this then i'm off to try to sleep. Had a slight victory in that it was around 2am when I slept last night which is a good half hour earlier than the night before. So small mercies n' all that!

Tomorrow is school zoom days so we shall see if I can hold any attentions after to do lessons. Or just let it drop and get them on the case in the afternoon again as that did work well one night!

Sleep well/good morning! Keep looking up - this to shall pass as they say! Byeee! Xx

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Monday & Tuesday Update

Hmmm not much to report on these days to be honest. I am really, really, struggling to get into any form of routine this time round. It is because of the Zoom meetings. They just aren't working for me but i'm going to stick this week out for having them on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Yesterday I struggled mentally over the whole lockdown thing. The day was long and dragged. I just felt totally off routine and struggling. I am really missing the good weather of last time where I could set them an activity in the garden - like our nature study. It is just too cloudy and yucky to do anything! Sophie refused any work past the page of an A4 English sheet. And I had to struggle to get that out of her. Jess did everything set but did it so quickly I feel I need to set her more. I shall increase something new every day I think to build it up slowly so it's not a complete shock! The zoom meetings were hidden in a file on purple mash and no email was sent to say they were there so it was a surprise to find them! However I didn't plan to attend any way! The school work wasn't up Sunday night when I was planning either so it meant that I couldn't pull this into Mondays work so I based some stuff on a loose planner they had given out to last Tues/Weds. Apart from the usual Maths, English and spellings I put her on phonics play for some revision of phonics but she wasn't really interested bar 5 minutes. I logged her into purple mash where the work for the day was posted so printed out a Maths sheet but again not interested! The kids were too busy making and "selling" bracelets out of beads. 

After school work I managed to get a good amount of housework done and have got on top of the clutter downstairs so that's one positive.

Today - Tuesday - Up at 8:30 for Sophie's English zoom at 9. We were 5 minutes late logging in and then another 15 minutes late getting in as it wasn't working on her ipad. So I had to log in on my laptop in the end. Thankfully the work set was easy and just about adding "ed" onto words. Then it was Jessica's zoom time for Maths. I left her to it as she was doing fine herself so didn't sit with her. She did angles. It was a revision of year 3 stuff so she isn't missing anything new. The annoying this is this work appeared on purple mash to be completed by the 10am Maths meeting. Would have been nice to have had this the day before so I could have got her to do it before bed or something. We didn't even see it before the Maths meeting as we didn't get up til late! So it means they are marking work she hasn't done. And the same for English which was about writing to a diary. She did one paragraph and was told to log off and to carry on writing for another 20-30 minutes but she was having none of it. Because we have to be up and on the ball so early (and i'm still not sleeping til gone 2-2:30am!!) I am really tired. It just doesn't set me up well for the day and i'm too tired to fight with them to get the to do work. Sophie had her zoom Maths which was about ordering numbers - which is biggest 21, 6, 18 and order them. Again she found it easy. After the zooms were done around 12 I went up to Jessica's bed and into a deep sleep for a couple of hours. Got up and fed kids snacks. Sat on my laptop with coffee watching some Big Jet TV again whilst I was waking up and then pottered around the house a bit. Didn't do as much as yesterday - todays the opposite of yesterday. The day has run away with me and it's gone 5-6pm before I know it! We had chippy for tea as Sophie has been asking for ages. They over salted my pineapple fritter so I didn't enjoy it much really! We watched some Yorkshire Vet on tv which was good. Then the kids wanted to do some learning - at 9pm! So Jess went on purple mash a bit but soon got bored again and Sophie on reading eggs. I pottered around tidying the bedrooms and landing. There is play dough all over Sophie's carpet! :-o Can't be arsed to drag the big hoover upstairs - too big and heavy so opt for the hand one. But tbh it's useless and lifts nothing up!

I started to get tummy ache which was very tight and squeezy. Quite painful and was starting to make me feel sick from the pain so chucked down some buscopan for IBS. Quickly got kids in bed so I could settle with a hot water bottle. But they picked up on me being in pain. Jess was very concerned and came out with a hot water bottle for me. She told me off that I need to look after myself and rest but I said I can't as I need to get you two in bed! Did a number 2 and that helped to take the worst of the pain off after. Either that or the drugs were kicking in. Fought kids back to bed but then Sophie was complaining of tummy ache! Shes a rubbish eater at the moment so most likely hungry. When asked she said a bit so made her some cornflakes. Whilst she's eating them I put the kettle on for a hot water bottle. Settle on the sofa and sigh from the amazingness of the burning heat! Sophie re-appears - Still got tummy ache and asks for a hot water bottle. Well with the pain i'm in I ain't giving up mine! So I look for the tiny one we have and give her that. Jess appears has a sore and is more likely checking on me. Finally ship them both off and see no more of them at 11pm! Watch a bit of a dog rescue programme with the RSPCA on tv for half hour then I really need to plan school stuff. So I plan - easy! Sophie gets all of yesterdays stuff she didn't do! And Jess didn't do what I had planned either for today as I was too tired so that's that sorted. Just need to print Maths and English for J then done. Then it's time to come here and write to you guys! I've been sparse on the photo front so i'll try to remember to take some more! The only photo I have from today is this race ending ribbon that Sophie put up!? Nothing happened with it so i've no idea why it's there lol. I just came down from my nap and found it. Felt bad untapping it to go to the kitchen for my caffine!

Right that's it for our update. Sorry it's not more exciting! I guess this is life in lockdown ...!! Same old, same old and being totally our of routine and an emotional mess! Settled myself down to bed last night with a meditation from headspace and then put some relaxing music tv on you tube on the tele. Not that it helped I still saw 2:30am! When I do finally get a good night's sleep it's going to kill me. That rough, really tired feeling you get after good sleep! I dunno what's causing me insomnia. I'm not actively worrying about anything at the moment May it's delayed from last week or something when everything all went up in the air. Who knows! Oh got offered a laptop from school today but declined it as hubby found an old one we had forgotten about when rummaging in the cupboard for something. So it's all updated and being used for purple mash and online work. Right i'm off now. Going to try some more relaxation before sleep and see if it helps me. Take Care all. Hope your coping better with lockdown than we are this end! Keep safe and follow all the rules please! Chin up - We are now half way through winter! Lots of love - The mad house Xx

Sunday, 10 January 2021

A VERY lazy Sunday! And a reverse back to Christmas Day!

Today was suppppppppper lazy! Up around midday and then climbed back in bed with laptop and cereal again. Messed around online and watched some more Big Jet TV whilst sipping my warm caffine nectar!Whilst messing around I found - c/o Facebook a new You Tube channel! It is called Apronful of Stones. It's very hygge and about the slowness of life, eco living, baking and minimalism etc. So very me! Today I watched the video about how to make banana bread. I really want to try it now as it looks good! Surprised she has 10k subscribers with only 14 videos mind! That is some good going! I got out of bed around 1:30pm and went in the shower - as you do! Then got back onto the bed to put some relaxing Yout tube music on and read some more of my Nigel Slaters Christmas Chronicles. This book is nearly done! It's set out in a form of diary and the next day is the 15th January with the last day around the 21st I think it was. It then has 1 further day on the 1st February but tbh I will probably read that last day around the 21st when I read the rest. Unless I end up being late in which case I will finish in February lol!

After some book I got up and made the kids snacks and myself some lunch. The house was very noisy with people on various devices and video calls so I moved to Jessica's room as no one was there! I set up a little nest, shut the door and ate my grub whilst browsing the web again. Caught up on BBC news. Did you all see this noisy ice - How weird is this!! I would be really freaked out by that if I heard it!

After I had chilled for a bit I thought it was time to get some people of technology and go for a walk. It was around 5pm and dark but a walk is a walk! You would have thought I had suggested killing the children with the response I got but I took no hanky panky and off we went! Up the hill, down some back pathways down a little wood tree lined path/alleyway and onto the back road. Walked down the back main road and came in our road the back way. Needed the torches on our phones for the back road as there were no street lamps half way down. We broke the walk up by saying every time we got to the end of a road we all got to choose whether to go left or right or head. So Sophie started - chose right, Jess chose right, I chose straight ahead and hubby straight ahead etc etc. So we had no plan on where to go! Sophie claimed 30 second after leaving the house she wanted a pee but hubby said no going back and tough lol. She seemed to forget half way when the kids were chasing their shadows under street lamps.

Got home and snuggled up on the sofa with some more book to catch up to todays date and then got my knitting out. Knitted 2 ears for my little dog whilst watching songs of praise - Christmas carols so a little out of date LOL! 

Snacked on some pizza for tea then went up and did some tidying up before putting kids into bed. Sophie was up til 11pm but passed out in the end. Then planned school for tomorrow. No zoom meetings so much easier for me! 

Now I might write up about Christmas day! We never go round to it before. But if this is too long i'll break it up into a separate post. 

So I was awoken at a decent time - Wanna say around 8am so a nice lie in. I went up to lie in the double bed and watch the grand stocking opening. I was really tired as couldn't sleep til late so prob had around 6 hours sleep. There was various tatt including a fit bit for Jessica and a set of walkie talkies for both. 

After they had done with their stockings they went down for breakfast and I stayed in bed and slept for another hour or so. Got up and had some breakie then a shower to get ready for the day. Then we opened a few presents before lunch.

We gave Sophie some chicken play dough. It has play dough eggs come out its bum! A typical kid thing!!

I gave hubby some socks in a pizza box. Teased him by saying it was pizza hut lol. Although of course it obviously wasn't that or dominoes! We try and get something surprise for each other every year so this was it. I loved the surprise but tbh I don't like the socks LOL!! At least they are practical if nothing else!

Sophie got some foil art that we couldn't work out. Only realised when we got home I had been trying to put the foil in the wrong way round - Whatta donut!

We gave Jess a flying ball. Now this thing caused chaos! Mother in law wasn't having any of it and tried to take it away but couldn't catch it. I was joining in with the fun of Christmas day and tried to have a go. Need less to say I was useless and couldn't get it back when it went over the tree. So I stretched my hand out to reach it before it broke something ... BUT ... Too late ... Shatter went a prize Christmas tree decoration!! The kids looked at me to see my reaction and we all put our hands to our mouths and reverted back to our 5 year old selves! It was a big OOOP's moment!

Here is a video of it in action:

We brought Sophie something flying too but it wasn't a ball but a flying fairy. It's actually called a Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyer. So they had something each. This thing was twice the size I thought it was going to be!!

Here it is flying too- Bit rubbish quality but gives you an idea!: ... And ...

After this fun and jocularity we had one of mil's neighbours turn up as she lives alone. So she came for Christmas lunch and for some pressies after. She came just before it was time for lunch! To aid social distancing she went one end of the table in the dining room and hubby and mil the other. And I camped in the kitchen with the kids. Here we all are! You even get half a view of my lunch! LOL - Goodness knows what happened there ... My photography isn't the best for sure so sorry!

And here I am! Wishing you a happy Christmas and much more appropriately happy new year!! 

The present opening continued after lunch and we made quite a mess but a good day was had by all! I will sign off here for now. Need to get in bed for tomorrows lesson. Take care all, stay safe, wrap up and warm and keep looking to the skies! Love us! Xx