Monday, 15 May 2017

We have become THOSE parents!

Saturday we went to Sparsholt countryside day. This a college farm that opens it's doors for you to look around. We arrived at 10am which is about 30 mins after it opened. The queues weren't bad at all however it was cloudly and lightly raining. This soon turned to a quick bout of heavy rain just as we were paying to go in! Thankfully within 5 mins it was all over and no more rain for the rest of the day - Horray!

We decided to get a trailer ride up the hill to the top rather than walking. Partly due to having to push a heavy Sophie up a field and mainly due to having to drag a tired Jessica up. So rather than set off on the wrong foot with an exhausted child we chose to cheat :-)

We saw cow's being milked, a fish farm, horses in a show ground, sheep being sheered, monkeys, rabbits, hamsters, rabbits and mice and reptiles of alsorts.

We found a hidden jumble sale which was good as I picked up some books for the kids for 25p each. Bargin! 

Jess found the fun fare and had a 4 minute for £2 on both the big slide and the mobile soft play unit. She wanted a go on the tea cups but the machine was broken so they got given a refund.

We then searched down the field with all the vans of food. We all chose something different so I joined the fish and chip queue for the girls, Someone else in the hog roast queue and hubby in the hot dog queue! We all queued up for 50 minutes! So nooot impressed with that wait! Thankfully I always carry snacks so handed out crisps to the girls to tide them over as it was almost 2pm when we were done!

The sun was starting to come out by this time so we sat on the grass and ate our food. Jess then had a play with some nearby toys and I had a look in the craft tent and found some more cheap books. We then headed over to the plant sale where I struggled to carry a lot of plants and push a pram! This limited me to what I could get. In the meantime the others were at the "crazy golf" which was just hitting a ball on a bit of grass. We decided to head back to the car so started walking down the hills. We diverted into a tent to buy some cheese cake for a snack. Again this was just crushed crunchie with some cream and then a choice of whatever toppings you wanted. We chose strawberries, twix, chocolate sauce and mint aero. After eating this we went back to the car. We ended the day with a mini nap on the sofa and then doing some gardening. It wasn't until bed time I realised that despite taking the sun cream we had forgotten - first time ever - to apply it to the children. ARGH! Jess was ok but Sophies face was some what red! It had gone down by morning and better by today. Deary me we have become one of those parents! ... No pictures today i'm afraid as I wasn't efficient enough this time! Well except for this rabbit asleep in a hole I saw.

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