Monday, 21 November 2011

With the man away the housewife shall play!

So hubby is out in Las Vegas. I didn't go various reasons includng not my scene and not having any holiday left from work any way. So whilst he is away I had many plans of things to do. You know the stuff you put off like sorting out cupboards, throwing things away, tidying up hidden corners that you ignore and other general stuff you put off til later. And later never comes ... The list contains thus:
* Clean flower pots
* Get out winter clothes
* Repot house plants
* Tidy garage
* Tidy spare room & Cupboard
* Clean kitchen walls/cupboards/skirting boards
* Deep clean shower
* Attack dining room floor
* Cook cakes/christmas cake
* Sort book shelves

Some of these jobs are of higher priority than others. So far I have completed repotting the plants. Have the clothes out in neat piles need putting away. And half the flower pots have been washed up more to do ... So not really doing well! That said I have come down with the killer cold from hell so am lacking enthusiasm really!