Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gardening contines - All be it slowley!

Well here are some more pictures. I have done a lot of weeding and digging over of both the veggie patch and started on the borders. The veggie patch is finished and I have now moved onto one of the borders. That is mostly complete so ready for planting in. Very warey of what I put in though as we are still getting some hard frosts.

Need hubby to cut the grass now so I can do the borders:-D


I have bright pink and yellow primroses - It look like they have made babies and a made new variety! Pretty light pink and yellow.

Entertaining the baby on a gardening mission out in 10'c in March lol.

Do I have to stay here while you garden?! Got 20 minutes before she wanted in.

Playing with mummies flowerpots!

Bash! Bash!!

Veggie pots in the greenhouse beginning of April.

The fishies live! We have 4 babies from last year. 2 shubakins 1 is bluey and the other is more of an orange and white mix. And we have 2 black ones. One is very small only about an inch long.

Jess playing by the pond on the sunbed.

And having mummies icecream ...

Plants I brought last year when pregnant to put out! A I was too busy and B the weather was sooo pants before I had her that I just didn't get out to plant them. Thankfully some are coming up again so are going out this year before anything else!

Lots of forget me not - reminds me of my nan as this comes up at the the time when she died and reminds me of her :-)

Jess having lunch!

 Sitting by the pond with daddy watching fish

Daddy letting me touch the reed.

A nice bush in flower 

Yesterday I hung out the washing for this first time this year. Here is Jess enjoying daddies sock and the pegs!

Pretty flowers on a pond plant.

Plants to go out after a spending spree at B&Q at the weekend. Got some plants for 20p, 30p, 50p. We like cheapies!

The greenhouse end of April