Thursday, 30 June 2011

Some dreams can come true!

Following on from my previous posting ... You can make some of your dreams come true. Maybe not in a gorgeous house like in the pictures. Without winning the lottery any way!
I can already do my home cooking baking cakes, pizza, shepherds pie and the like. I don't do this as much as when I was dieting and kind of miss it. I may go down the route of baking and selling cakes later on down the line. But first I need to get lessons in icing. Something that has been on my to-do list for a long time but have never got round to it as yet. I also have ideas of selling eggs from the chickens. And I have a fab little idea to add to the boxes when sold to help keep people coming back and interested in buying the eggs. I'm not going to post details though incase I ever do this as I don't want someone pinching my ideas! Speaking of chickens this is the best ever chicken webcam I've seen! I so want my chickens to have that space!! And goats for friends ... I want! I want!!
We already have a big vegetable patch the only veg in it this year is 1 sweetcorn, courgette and brussel sprouts. This area will eventually become the chickens home as we are indeed going to have 2 or 3 chickens. We need to buy/build/design/amend the house and get it all erected before we get them. We are also going to go on a chicken keeping course from here
At the moment most of my veggies are in some new boxes I've made that are on the gravel area and are looking quite good now.  
Whilst we don't have a stream going through the garden we are doing well with the pond construction! This is a long thin pond with a bridge going over it. It is having pebbles and big boulders round it to make it look natural. I need to work on the planning of the planting for it a bit more. It will also have a little pebble cascade at one end to help air it and give a little feature. You can't have a pond without running water of some kind! There is nothing better than lying by the pond with a good book in the hot sun listening to the running water. Sooooo relaxing! Aaaah. 
I am working hard on my making my borders look more pretty. There is too much pink and white in the garden. So I am trying to transform it into my cottage garden. I have already managed to get poppies, delphiniums, lavender, clematis, pansies, geraniums, sunflowers, hot pokers and fox gloves. In our current garden I want to add a little area at the end of the pond for tropical plants and house plants to come out over winter.
I would like a kitten or two especially now the two cats next door are gone. There is space for some new recruits!
Next time I post I will add up some more recent piccies of the garden's progress so far this year. Until next time ... Ciao!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dreams! Dreams! Dreams!

Everyone has their own dreams of how they want their life to be. Not being the most outward social type I like the quiet life. I dream of a big house in the country with lots of wooden beams. The house must have an ensuite bathroom. A bedroom that looks over the big garden with a working fireplace for romantic evenings. Two wardrobes ~ one for winter clothes and one for summer. A conservatory would be nice for those spring days when it's warm behind glass but not outdoors. Need a big living and dining room for entertaining. 

A utility room for all that laundry to dry in winter! I would love a nice big country kitchen pine and oak everywhere. A big wooden rack from the ceiling from the pots and pans to hang on. A big aga oven. A big table for food preparation like shepherds pie and pizza. I would love to be able to have my own business making and selling cakes and eggs from my chickens. In the middle of a u shaped kitchen. Marble top with lots of little wicker/straw baskets all around in on little shelves underneath. In my kitchen I will prepare lots of home made meals

Bathroom to have a big deep huge wide bath with spa jets in. Lots of plants and little fairy lights and candles everywhere. I would love a room as a library. My own study room for work. Another little room and cupboard for putting in all my crafting stuff and enough space to sit in and have a work room.
In the garden I would love a big vegetable patch. 

A separate area under some trees for chickens and ducks to live. A stream at the bottom of the garden to paddle in in summer. A big pond with waterfall and fountain next to a patio area. Lots of borders with country type flowers in like poppies and geraniums, fox gloves and red hot pokers. I might even want to have a few animals. Some puppies and kittens. A sheep, goat and a cow. 

A girl can dream!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


So another one of my pass times is gardening. I have always enjoyed looking at flowers as they are pretty but that was the extent of my "gardening". Look and not touch!

However all this changed once me and hubby moved to our second flat. We had a nice balcony that just called out to be filled with pretty things. So up went the balcony boxes and pretty flowers and then came the desire to grow tomatoes! It makes you feel all the better for the comments the neighbours would give us about our flowers being so big and beautiful and making them joyful. And the old lady in the downstairs flat commenting on our tomatoes falling off the plant. I told her to keep them and eat them if they did it again lol. The rest is history ...
We moved to a house 3 1/2 years ago with a nice garden. This is around 75 feet long so a nice lot of space to play in. The top is just a dirt area that we have. In one part we have put some bushes round to grow up and cover as a compost area.
The rest for the past 3 years has been used as a vegetable plot. Then we come down to the gravel area. I am currently building some boxes to be used for planting on this gravel area and on the other end we have a bench for sitting on. Right next to this is our pond which is progress. A big grass area with borders on each side which house bushes and flowers. And before the house another patio area which is covered in pots, the barbeque and my mini green house.

Here are some happy people enjoying a barbeque and looking up at a passing gust front where it was mega windy.