Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Week 29-30:

Still in a lot of pain. Seems to alternate. When the hips aren’t too bad the buttocks are! And then I can’t walk far at all. The exercises do seem to keep it ok when I keep them up. But miss a few days and I know about it. Am doing yoga as well which seems to have me in some odd positions! Have now got the travel system so we had this up and down. Was fun learning how to put the thing together. As with anything there is a knack! Recent purchases include nappy stacker, duvet sets x 2 – 1 for cot, 1 for single bed, border for bedroom wall and I am looking out for the curtains to complete the set. Not going to bother getting a new wardrobe will just buy those shoe storage shelf thingies. Put her clothes in that and I plan to get a changing table with drawers. Preferably one that can be converted to standard chest of drawers later and has a removable top so I can put in a baby bath. But that bit is optional really. Should finish work within the next couple of weeks. Once that is done I can pack up my desk and work computer and finally start changing the room into a nursery! Right now it just looks like a messy office surrounded by piles of baby stuff.  Most of the baby stuff has been sourced second hand so far. This apart from some of the clothes sourced from the likes of Tescos and Sainsbury’s and my maternity clothes from earlier on. So how much have we spent on the baby so far?  Including maternity clothes and the like I would guestimate around £600-£700. The big bulk being the Moses basket, stand and the travel system which came to £350 for those. The rest has been clothes, nappies – reusable & disposable, and nursery equipment & decoration.

Weeks 30-34:

Everything is all blurring into one now that time is racing on! Baby is in the breech position and shows no sign of turning. I am still suffering with this hip pain although the buttock pain seems to be minimal now which is good. I do notice I am worse if I have missed out a few days of doing the exercises the midwife gave me. She was happy to refer me to the hospital any time for physio but I am one to put things off until I am about to die lol. And as it seems a bit better I just do a lot of sitting and rocking on my ball and also my daily pelvic floor exercises!! We have been planning the colours of the nursery and emptying out the room completely. I gave up work at a few days before I hit 32 weeks pregnant. Hubby has had the carpet up and tracing a floor board that gives the loudest creaks ever. Mending that was a must as there is no way we can listen to that racket when one of us is in there at 3am!It seems the noise was from the wall partition and on his googling and being on hands and knees he located the offending nail. Over an hour later and he had sat there with a mini saw thing wrapped in bubble wrap that went under the skirting board and he just sawed and sawed til it broke. Ah silence … but we weren’t prepared for our hypersensitivity to all other noisy floor boards in the house for a few days after!! Lol. We have purchased a changing unit that contains a built in bath under the changing mat, 2 shelves with 4 wicker baskets and liners – all for £50! This is a mama’s and papa’s make and in very good condition! It only just fitted in the car by a matter of an inch or 2! Was extremely annoyed at missing out on our nursing chair in the babysrus sale that was on. Annoyingly it’s still not back in stock either. The only other purchase we need is the cot which again is not in stock. It is the babysrus Winnie the pooh cot. Other recent purchases include a matching sleeping bag for both the Moses basket (0-6months) and the cot for 6-12 months.