Sunday, 19 September 2021

The heat continues!

Well i'm still at it catching up on the late summer news! In other news we have been to view Jessica's new secondary school tonight. Yes she has just started year 5 but her friend was going for a viewing at the open night so she wanted to go too! Feels far to soon and yet I kinda feel ready at the same time. Probably because the reality of it is 2 years away yet ...! Ask me how I feel this time in 2 years ha! almost certainly different! Right on with the catch up.

Monday 19th July:

So summer is here for a few days. The heat means once school is done with it's into the pool for us. Even mummy get's in. It's around 30c so lovely enough out!

Not eaten out this year yet apart from last night so we go al fresco once again whilst British weather allows us to!

I left the patio doors open so when I went down around 1am it's nice and cool. One drawback is the wildlife that likes to come in ...

Tuesday 20th July:

Around 28c and once again we take to the pool after school. Jess was trying to be a mermaid in a zoo and we had to watch her. Video here: . Then everyone got in the pool but I was cuddled up on the sunbed in towels to keep warm lol. After this hubby discovered a child taking an ice lolly out of the freezer earlier had left the door open! Eek. Time to go through everything and mummy had half melted lamb mince for tea ...! Along with half melted peppers and half melted pasta ...

After tea the kids were playing with the bubble machine. The first time i've seen J interested in it for a good 3 years or so. The bubbles looked very pretty settling on the paddling pool.

Tonight I came down to shut my patio doors late at night and heard a loud scurrying sound. And what have we here ... A hedgehog just peeping out from behind the box. He was quite small too.

Wednesday 21st July:

Today is Aunty Zoe's birthday so after swimming lessons we drop into her house with some pressies to say hihi. So this is birthday 2 in 10 days. As it's Jessica's on the 16th, Zoe's 21st and Sophie's 26th! For once I was organised! Usually i'm rubbish with birthdays but i'm really trying hard this year ...! Before we went Sophie gave me a card. Telling me i'm the best mumma ever. Awww!

The children have been decorating the patio some more with chalk. Doesn't it look pretty ...!

And Jessica has created a very pretty picture card stand thingy. I love it. She is very arty.

At Aunty Zoe's house it was all about the cat! Everyone wanted a hold/stroke.

When I go to bed froggy is back visiting the dining room when it's time to close the patio doors at 1am!... 

Thursday 22nd July:

Another gorgeous sunny day! And another day where we get home from school and hit the paddling pool! 

I love how these 2 planes crossed and ... well ... made a cross lol! Gorgeous skies!

Guess whose waiting for me when I go down to close the patio doors again?? You should know the answer by now! It's froggy woggy again!

Friday 23rd July:

Today is the last nice day as the weather is breaking later on tonight. Booo!! When I got home from school run I was greeted by my messy lawn. This weedy bit was where I had a nice planter. Now I did try and weed it but all the weeds have come up through the card and the compost I had put down! So I've no idea what I'm going to do with it now ...! The front bit is where a pile of logs/branches had got  thrown and the weeds came up through that lot too. As messy as it is it does kinda look pretty too ...

After school Sophie had a birthday party in the park in town to go to. Whilst there I spotted this tree stump that large hole in the middle. It has a collection of leaves and pinecones in it. It looks really pretty and Autumnal! So had to take a picture as it's pretty.

When we got home Sophie was claiming to feel sick but thankfully nothing came of it!

Just before putting the girls to bed I spotted this sky. The clouds are rolling in and you can just see the weather changing. Booo!

Right that's it again! Do tell me if you are bored of these updates and want me to just skip to current times! But so much has happened over all that I like to share of it too. I'm ahead again and got a couple of updates in the bag ready to bang out but will do it every few days so not to bore you all too much! Hubby will be away for a few days at the end of the weekend so that should give me more time too to do some more catch ups. Right off for some down time now! Might even watch a bit of the old gogglebox. Lots of love to all - from The Mad House Xx

Friday, 17 September 2021

The Birthday Continues ...

Straight into birthday update part 2 ...

Saturday 17th July:

Well Sophie has been diahwoowoo free the past 48 hours or so so the birthday sleepover for Jess that was moved to today is on.

I wake up to my bed mate next to me once again. Aaah isn't she sweet!

My bed mate has also lost a tooth! So was wanting her picture taking of her gap!

The weather has perked up her again and the sun and heat has returned yay. Just in time for the girls to have the pool out. Once J's friend came over around 5pm it was time to get right on in ... I am of course on life guard duty!

After we had tea we had J's official chocolate cake from the bakery

The girls then wanted a late night trip to the park. So we got ready to go.

The evening ended before bed with Roblox party boxes/bags. They didn't go down too well and they looked bored with them (except Sophie) so I think we have now reached the age where party bags are no more!

J's friend was tired and asked to go to bed at 10:30 so we went down early. She passed out around 11:15 but Jess was still up gone midnight as she was so excited! Thankfully I didn't see them too early in the morning and it was around 7:30am which brings us on to ...

Sunday 18th July:

Once up the girls wanted to do sleeping bag racing down the stairs. This a noisy affair so i've no idea how delighted the neighbours were to hear all this going on! But fun was had by all. 
Late morning saw the girls in the paddling pool. And then there was the demands for nails to be done and tattoos to be put on! Then back in the pool to wash it all off - Doh! 

J's friend went home around 5pm before tea. So we decided as it was so nice and summer was so rare that we ought to have a BBQ outside! Hubby rigged up some weird contraption to hold it. No this doesn't look safe I agree!!! LOL

Ending with marshmallows and a selfie lol! Was a good but busy weekend so got no gardening done. Expecting similar busyness next weekend as it will be Sophie's birthday!

After tea hubby watered the bushes - well dead - in the front lawn. Or should I say he let Jess loose with the hosepipe. Then chaos took over with water fights just as it's time to go to bed!!! Video of the madness here:

Right i'm off. All still good here. I've been banging out posts daily. Got 2 more lined up ready to go out to you all - all finished - so i'm in good stead! Got a tooth annoying me a bit over the past couple of weeks. Hoping it's not going to go the route of my other tooth that I had to go to the emergency dentist for back in April. (That one is still going btw! Ended up I had undetected infection in it and needed root canal. I had root canal on emergency last month but part 2 to finish the root canal isn't until December because they are so busy!!) But yes this other tooth is giving me sharp pain on biting down on occasions but not all the time. I have a general check up booked in for 2 weeks time so I am praying it holds on until then! I am going to use some corsodyl mouthwash which is a antiseptic to try and keep infection at bay so it doesn't go the same route as the other one! Nightmare! It's so bad because we see our dentist annually for check ups and I haven't seen since March 2019! So that's 2 1/2 years! We were due March 2020 but due to the rona we didn't get there. Then everything was shut. So I was only really forced to go in April this due to the pain I was in. So my poor mouth is now playing catch up on missed treatment. Not to mention how bad my eating was over lockdown - so much chocolate!! So this all self induced! 

Right I really am off now lol! Sleep well all. Lots of love from The Mad House Xx