Thursday, 30 September 2021

The first week of the summer holidays!

Ello Ello! It's another update time. I'm slow at getting these out as i'm still going to bed earlier around midnight instead of my old 1-1:30am! Going to bed early really eats into my me time. And writing blogs and uploading all the pictures takes aaages!Taken me about 3 nights to do this one. Sat here with my oil burner and candle on that I brought over the summer holidays when away on hollibobs. It will feature in one update ... When we get there!! Nothing new to update except the turn of the seasons weather will see me concentrating more on the house this weekend coming. I plan to get kids clothes out for next ages up - a bit late here! And Autumn decorating the house! Right on with the update back to Sophie's official birthday ...

Monday 26th July:

Today is Sophie's official birthday. Not many photos are shareable as she doesn't wear clothes these days!! But here are a few of her opening pressies ...

The girl got a new pram. This had more to do with mummies nostalgia and that she should have a proper little pram! 

Mummy tried to encourage some doll play in the garden but it didn't go well ... Jessica is not into dolls at all! She just wanted to throw them around! Or pretend to cut their legs off. 

I gave up and went to make some lunch when Jess said she wanted to play McDonalds for Sophie to come and buy some food ...

After lunch I boiled and peeled my beetroot. I then put them into the freezer. These will come out on bonfire night for meat and potato pie! Now I know I can grow them i'll grow more next year.

Sophie wanted to do some of her birthday stuff so did some aqua bead work outside.

Tuesday 27th July:

I had forgot to mention on the birthday bus Sophie managed to get some burns going down the slide! They have come out well - ouch! 

Jess showed me a bag she had sewn at school. She hates it because it is messy but I think it's cute! :-) She was also disappointed because she wanted it all in the cream colour but her teacher said no it had to be 2 coloured. 

Here's a rare picture of the girls actually playing together nicely with Lego! ... (Didn't last long ...)

Wednesday 28th July:

As  this is the first week of the summer holidays it's a pretty lazy affair. The weather is also cloudy, cool and rubbish.

I sort through some school stuff and come across this 4 chaptered story that Jess had wrote about aliens lol. It's not really legible lol!

Sophie wanted to do one of her birthday presents some painting

It was evening and then the sun decided to come out. A recurring theme of summer 2021!

I was feeling a bit antsy and the Sophie wanted to go to the shop so we went out and had a mini walk then went to the shop. Just caught a small rain shower whilst out and got the rainbow.

Thursday 29th July:

Sophie decided to try and clean the kitchen and patio windows today ... I love it when kids do this its good learning for them. And any effort blesses the family :-)

Mummy cooks some chicken thighs in the oven with veg for tea. These usually go down quite well - with Sophie at least. So we bring in some carrots from the garden.

Here is a pic from yesterday of me cooking the beet root. Forgot to add it lol!

Tonight's tea start with some Aunt Bessies roasties ...

Add some Veg ...

Chicken thighs in the oven 

And the end result! 

Friday 30th July:

Today was an exciting day! We took delivery of many boxes from Omlet! What is it? Well there's a clue in the name! Chicken coop is here - Weeee exciting now to build the thing! Look the pile of boxes is half higher than me lol

Looked through some more school stuff. Looks like J has been doing sex education. She got quite a ew right on her sheet. And look at the other one so funny!! A penis releases a sperm ... and scribbles out penis and wrote males private part LOL! Too funny!!!

Jess doesn't want this pot in her bedroom anymore. She made it a good 3 or more years ago. She put water and sequins in to make a water globe thingy. It's held up well over the years.

Right that's it for this update. Now can you guess what the next update will be??! Oh yes Omlet related! I'm not giving you any clues as it's obvious lol. But that will be in the next weekends update. Until then ... Keep looking to the skies - Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

Monday, 27 September 2021

Weekend 2 - It's Sophie's Birthday!! But what do we do for it? ...

Well actually the title is misleading as it's not Sophie's birthday! It's her birthday party. Her birthday falls on the Monday after this weekend. But it's close enough! The below - Sunday to be specific - is very photo heavy so sit down with a coffee and some cake before you get stuck in! Here goes ...

Saturday 24th July:

Blurgh! It's raining!! So I do nothing but lay round the house doing ... nothing ... and playing with Sophie a tea party board game. 

Once the kids are in bed I set to work setting up the decorations for her party tomorrow. We are expecting 12 children. Due to the Rona and not knowing what things were going to be like we arranged it for outdoors. However people might come in for food - a wee etc so we prep any way!

That's it all set and ready. Off to bed ...

Sunday 25th July:

The big day has arrived! We have to be up early as a big bus is arriving at 10:30am.
The kids surprise me by snuggling up to watch some You Tube together in Jessica's bed. Now this never happens! They are usually on killing each other mode. 

Once up and about I set to work prepping some snacks whilst hubby trotted off to the bakery to pick up the cakes for the kids. Can't be bothered with cutting up a big cake so cupcakes it is! And blinking amazing they were!!

Half way through the bus turns up. Look at the view out my bedroom window lol!!

It's a party bus!! Sophie is mega excited!! Here's a video of some action:

After the bus left Sophie opened some pressies from Aunty Zoe and Uncle Sean and her cousins.

As the party was in the morning we had the rest of the day ahead of us so after a good rest I went in the garden for a smooch around. 

My little cuttings I took from the bushes we moved out front are doing well. Some even have little shots on them now.

I had some mint that had sprouted up in a planter so I took it out and put in a pot. I actually liked this mint so glad to keep it. It's Spearmint and has been in the family since I was a kid and mum brought it from Woolworths!

Checking on my raspberries and they are starting to pop out into the alley way and get in the way of the neighbours gate so I need to tie them up

It's still putting out fruit but i'm not picking it as no one is eating it! I will cut this side back later on in the summer. Because no one eats them and because I need to keep this side clear for when the landscapers come to put the new fence up too. We have contacted them to say we want them but awaiting a date. Last we heard was March but we took a while to take them up on it so suspect it will be longer now.

Sweetcorn is doing well. Lots of lovely green tassels

Checking on my beetroot and it looks ready. So i'm going to pick it! Need to cook it and then get it in the freezer and I want to use for bonfire night.

Still no lettuce so i've given up now. Just weeds lol!

Carrots are doing well still.

My 2nd cucumber I put in is starting to really take off now and you can see little yellow flowers

Here comes the Courgette plant ... 2 ready for picking!

Really late but I finally got round to planting my sprouting brocalli plant

Tomato plants are going up still. Got some fruit that isn't rippening yet. Have removed leaves to allow sun (hahaha!!) to get to them to ripen. If we get any!

I have tied them all up as they got taller. Accidently snapped this one look! ARGH! So that was the end of that!

Some little evening primrose seedlings have popped up randomly in loads of my pots. Whilst now looking like weeds I am secretly delighted as I've been trying to get this plant in my garden for ages!

Still got pots of plants waiting to be planted in the garden flower borders. Not quite sure what i'm going to do with them now though!

A evening primrose has even randomly popped up out of my stony area!

By the ping some little - somethings! - have popped up. No idea what it is but I know the neighbours have some. I want to say some type of Geranium? I like it though.

The pond is looking VERY wild and in need of attention massively!! Just haven't had time and with the weather being so rubbish hardly been able to get out in the garden in big style.

The neighbours plant that seeded itself in our garden is doing really well. So many flowers!

I cut back my potted lavender earlier in the year to try and get it to do something so was rewarded and surprised with how well it IS doing!

My rose is still throwing out some small buds. Doesn't look massively happy though. In the background a bush we cut down to the roots has come up again! Guess i'll be attacking that again - ha! Won't be til next year now.

My red hot poker has done something to itself! It used to be red, orange and yellow but not its only coming up as yellowy/green! I don't like it any more!!!

Fuchsia is starting to come out awesomely!

The Rudbekia I transplanted from a pot to ground is doing well and I can see a little bud for a flower coming up - Weeee!

The other plant I put it is still alive too. Forgotten what it's called!!

Right that's it for this update. Well done for getting to the end! I don't have anymore stored up to post so will need to write them all from fresh from here on. Lots of love to all - From The Mad House Xx