Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The pregnancy continues - All is well!

Week 13-14: Hello second trimester! No sickness this week only heartburn and wind. Finally tidied the whole house! I seem to have shed loads of energy at last. Love it. I finally feel human again! I even cooked the second meal since I’ve been pregnant. Hubby has been fantastic in cooking and looking after me up until now. Think men underestimate how much the little things really do help at this first trimester stage!!! Finally feeling more positive about the pregnancy since the scan and all the sickness has gone. Don’t think I could enjoy it whilst I was feeling so ill. I do have a small bump now although it looks more like expanded fat than anything.

Week 15-16: YAY I have finally put on some weight. Ok so it’s only 1lb … but still better than nothing! Feeling much rounder. Bit weird that “bump” appears to be smaller in the morning and larger in the evening. But think this is due to the bloating. Feeling very creative lately. Wanting to cook and invent new meals. Also wanting to tidy things up and get prepared. Have tidied up a bit more on my computer. Filing and deleting things. Spamming facebook with photos and video’s I have put off put up for ages. Went to do the rounds of mothercare, mama’s n’ papa’s and babyz’ r us. Got lots of catalogues this week so now we need to start thinking about what to buy. Got a couple of camitop style bras and some pregnancy tights. The tights are deffo a perfect buy!! Much comfier! I am still awaiting this promised pregnancy glow! Infact my face was better during the 1st trim. And now I’m in the 2nd my face is having a real spot party! Middle of week 16 and I have come down with my 3rd cold since the pregnancy! Thankfully doesn’t seem as full on to make me feel as ill as the others I’ve had. Felt first baby movements I think at week 15. Similar to wind a little tap tap here and there. Kind of dismissed it for a few days but seems to occur at regular times so after a week figured this must be it!

Week 17: Started measuring waist. Have grown 1 inch since last week. My poor wardrobe  I really need to buy new bras, pants, trousers and skirts! Might do a trip round the charity shops as maternity clothes are sooo expensive for only a few months!! Have put on another 1lb this week. So now 2lb up from the sickness loss but not yet at my starting weight. Need to remember to keep moisturising tummy as I don’t want the dreaded stretch marks although I know I will get them any way! Cold still with me. Feeling overwhelmed over the amount of stuff that needs doing this year. Not only decorating, baby related but garden finishing off the pond and embarking on our chicken adventures!! Baby still moving. Hubby ran me a nice bath and I felt it a bit stronger when I got in. More than just a tap and more of a couple of prods. Rest was mainly squirms like worms. Assuming it didn’t like the heat one added more water and it settle after 5 mins or so.

Week 18: Baby movement getting stronger. Some of the kick/pushes are enough to make you jump. Keep forgetting I’m pregnant at times! Then it reminds me. Baby tends to have its own little routine now. Mostly being active when I have eaten and the most active time is late afternoon. We can also tell where it is lying especially in the morning. I got up one morning and my stomach was visibly bigger on one side than the other. If I am lying on my back I can feel on my right side a hard lump and on my left it is all soft. It likes to sleep on this right side so there must no longer be any room low down. Took a trip round mothercare, babies r us, and mamas and papas. Spent my £5 off voucher in Mama’s on a baby swaddling wrap. Didn’t need any muslin’s as have had loads of hand me downs from sister. Also brought 2 pairs of maternity jeans from new look. One was on sale for £10 and the other was £15. One I can wear now and one will fit me later as the elastic panel comes up very high over bump. Couldn’t get any leggings so brought some in Sainsbury’s. Size 14 should fit for a little bit.

Week 19:  Heartburn and wind is rife. Much pain from the stretching muscles. Aching hips if I sleep on 1 side too often. Still get dizzy occasionally but I’m good at getting up slowly now so this is mostly better.
Physically saw my stomach move a couple of times during some prods from inside! Kinda cool and really freaky all in one! Had backache on and off but I’m so used to it by now and it’s not major. Waist measurement is up and down like a yoyo. I guess this very much depends on how and where baby is lying.

Week 20: Put on another 1lb this week. Definitely looking more bump like but not enough for people to see unless I wear tight clothing. Had our scan on Tuesday. All went well. We are team pink so having a little girl. Although of course not 100% guaranteed! Nowt to bother us we got boys clothes from sisters little man and having a girl just means I get to have a spending spree :-D Have to admit to feeling a little disappointed for a day or two. I think this is primarily due to being surrounded by boy’s stuff I had subconsciously though perhaps it was a boy. And I always wanted a big brother myself to look up so it would have been nice for any girls to have one. But sister only has 1 child and won’t have any more so little man can be our little girls’ big “brother” in cousin form! I really can’t wait to see the two of them together it’s going to be mega cute! She was moving well on the scan. When looking at her hands she had one hand with all fingers curled up except her little pinkie. She looked like she was drinking a cup of tea all posh with her finger stuck out lol. Temporary name is now little lady. Hubby thinks this is too stuck up to call her this but for now its fitting! Hubby first felt little lady move this week. Just a little bit of squirming on the right hand side of bump. Not been feeling any movement on left. According to scan this is where the placenta is so that would make sense that I can’t feel movement as it is cushioning it.