Saturday, 7 July 2018

Pocket some money with Matched Betting ~ How do you make money from Matched Betting?! - Part 2

So last time we talked about how to back a bet at a bookie. Now we are going to look at laying an event, odds and how to make money from this using the freebets bookies offer us.

So we said that you could back Man U at odds of 2.00 with £10 to make £20. This would be £10 returned of your money (1 part of 2) and your £10 winnings (the second part of the odds of 2).

The same works on higher odds say backing £10 at 5.0 - You get £10 back (1 part of 5) and then £40 winnings (4 parts of the odds of 5).

If we are also going to lay this off at the exchange we really want to be looking at close LOW odds for a qualifying first bet. This is when the bookie says something like bet £10 of your own money then get a £10 free bet. Bookies also often have minimum odds to use either on the qualifying (your own money bet) or on the free bet. Say this is bet £10 at minimum odds of 2.00 to get a £10 freebet.

If we bet £10 at 2.00 we get a return of £20 at the bookie. So we don't lose our money if the bet doesn't win here we go over to the exchange to lay a bet. This is saying that this bet will not win or that it will draw - thus meaning it hasn't won at the bookie. We would want to look for low odds around 2.04 or below.

So lets say we have found we can lay at 2.04. We have something here called a lay stake. This is the money that we want to win back from the exchange if the bet loses (to even out the loss at the bookie).  It would win at the exchange as a draw/loss where we are laying it down (betting for it) that it will loss.

We work out our lay stake by using a calculator online or in a spreadsheet. This can be also be done manually. Whilst it is ok to use a calculator for speed - and you 100% will ... I feel it is also good to have a back ground grasp of the maths of HOW things are calculated and you know what all the figures mean in the spreadsheets and how to get to those figures! The odds change your return on a bet paid out at the exchange. The higher the odds difference between your back and lay the less money you will receive back. So always look for close odds. Ideally you want to look for a 95% return on a qualifying bet and 80% from a SNR free bet. A lay of £10 at 2.00 returns back £10.00 When you lay you essentially say I want £10 if my bet wins at the exchange (as a loss/draw over all). However if you don't win this £10 that you want from the exchange then you will pay out to the exchange. The amount you payout is called a liability or lay risk. You are acting as a bookmaker for someone elses back bet on the exchange. So you pay out odds X stake. However the stake was someone elses in the first place so you include this as a -1. This is how you work out your lay risk manually.

So say it is £10 at odds of 4 (ignoring the commission at this stage)

If your backing at the bookie you risk £10 to make a profit of £30.
Profit = £10 x (4 -1)

If you are laying you risk £30 to make a profit of £10.

So liability at the exchange would be £30

This is worked out by: Lay Stake X (Lay odds -1) = Liability or Lay Risk

(lay odds of 4 - 1 = 3) = £30

So this is the amount of money we need to have in the exchange to cover the bet incase we lose it and it wins at the bookmaker.

How do we work out our lay stake??? Lets pretend our exchange has a commission of 5%.
We work this out by also factoring in the exchange commission. This is how they make their money. If you win a bet you pay a certain amount of commission on it. The most common exchange is called Betfair. The commission here is 5%. There are other such as Smarkets and Matchbook who charge around 2/3% commission but also offer 0% free offers from time to time.

The amount we need to stake here is worked out thus:

Back odds / (Lay odds – Exchange commission) X Back stake = Lay stake

4.00 / 4 - 0.0.5 (for the 5%) * X 10 = £10.126 (round up to 13)

* = 1.012

This is all quite complex and will take a fair few reads to get your head round it! As I say it's not essential as there are calculators that will work this out for you when you are "live". However it helps to give you a background and to know where all your money is going and why!

I will give a quick low down on the next article on how the freebet works now you have had an introduction to the back and lay betting.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Pocket some money with Matched Betting ~ What do you need to do the job?

Match betting whilst can be very profitable long term is also hard work on the brain. You need a lot of concentration, organisational skills, ability to learn thoroughly and work very fast on the keyboard! I said this in the previous post but it's imporant so i'm saying it again! :-)

I tend to do this on a "seasonal" basis. I come on over autumn and winter when it's cold, dark and there is nothing better to do in the evenings! This is also in football season - I come in around October and I leave after Cheltenham in March. I find by the time March rolls around i've had enough and am getting a bit bored and brain fried. Thus I become less productive. It is also when gardening is in high need as things begin to kick off out there so I don't have the time to be indoors on the pc any way so it works well for me :-)

You will notice I called this a "Job" in the title. If your coming into this to make money you need to treat it like a job. Get down to the business! You can't faff around and say oh I just want a little bit of a flutter to see if I win. This is not how it works. Matched betting is about using a system that will make you money consistently and over and over when used properly.

Yea we've all heard of "systems" that make you money right LOL! Well this ain't one of them quick get rich in 5 minutes thing! Although that can be done ... I've made a few £100's in a few minutes work before but that is not consistent. This system is a way that you teach yourself about how it works and then apply that system every single time to make more money.

So what do you need for this "job"?

1 - Concentration: There is a lot to learn! And besides the learning you will be then having to apply what you have learnt in a changing second by second environment! Tricky at times! But do-able if you start low and on easier stuff but work your way up once you have perfected those skills. You need to be able to concentrate not just on one thing. There can be a lot of screen flipping between multiple screens for record keeping, and multiple accounting.

2 - Organisational Skills: When you are moving lots of money around you need to know where it all is! To aid this I use a spreadsheet. It tells me how much is in each bookiea and exchange. How much is in withdrawl from each bookie/exchange and where it is destined to - Eg: Bank, card, Paypal. When you complete lots of offers you also need know what those offers are, how much betting is left to do, at what odds and when any refunds or free bets are due in. Once again my spreadsheet tells me all of this too. Record keeping is essential. I have to do tabs and general notes. SIGNING UP TO BOOKIES: Always always read the free bet terms and conditions and save it to notepad and print screen sign up offers. Incase things end/ get changed then you have proof of what you joined under. I have a Matched betting folder on my laptop desktop. In this I have a file for every bookie I have signed up to. I save T&Cs, Free bet T&C's and screen shots of everything I sign up to. Most of the time I won't need them but a good few times I have called on them and sent them to customer services to prove I was in on something!

3 - Ability to learn thoroughly: It's not ok reading any guides through once and then diving in without fully understanding it. You can make easy mistakes this way: Betting on the wrong outcome/team at the bookie and the exchange, betting the wrong amounts, and even betting on the wrong matches on the wrong day/time! Take it slow. Read a bit one day for 20 mins or so digest it and then come back the next day and re-read. I had 3 reads one of which included a different site to get my head round it!

4 - Work very fast on the keyboard: Odds can change very quickly. You will also need to input data into spreadsheets, calculators and multiple websites at once So you need to be able to work fast, be able to concentrate and be organised ;-) The later 2 well help with the former!

What items do you need physically to do the "job"?

* A spreadsheet: I personally use the goons Ultimatcher. You can use a spreadsheet on excel or make your own via pen and paper!

* A odds matcher: This helps you to know how much you need to back and lay at the bookie and at the exchange. Again this can be done manually vie pen and paper or via a matching  program. Utimatcher has a tab for this - I also use a stand alone matcher as a exe file. There are basic excel ones kicking around the net and also websites that can aid in this.

* Forums: These are amazing and your main source of help! You can also find some facebook groups kicking around. I am also going to add paid matched betting sites to this.

* Bank Accounts/Online Wallets: Ideally to keep this clean and business like you would create a separate bank account for matched betting ingoings and outgoings. However if you are not in the dire straits and can mix your funds then a main account is ok. I tend to use my main one although I do have a spare! I love online wallets too as these are pretty much immediate. So I started off using what was Moneybookers (now Skrill). I used this for matched betting alone and nothing else. However I don't advise this anymore as they have a huge withdrawal fee and a lot of bookies have the terms that they won't give free bets out if you deposit with Skrill! Some might send out physical security keys. I would recommend getting these and if they don't then using the highest possible security - Eg 2 step security system like Paypal. You will need to end up with a lot of money you need to keep safe! :-)

* Email account: As with a seperate bank account is highly recommended to get a seperate email address for this alone. I have one and get a lot of mail that I would just hate to see in my main email. Would clutter it up too much for my liking!

And lastly ...

* A mobile phone: Some bookies have free bet on mobile offers. And some require that new accounts are validated as yours by sending a pin code via text to your phone to activate a new account.

So, What can go wrong??

~ The biggest thing to go wrong will be user error as I stated earlier. Betting at the wrong match, time, outcome.

~ Not having enough funds in the account to cover both out comes.

~ Bookies closing your accounts before you can complete an offer (called being gubbed!) Or limiting how much money you can bet on events.

~ Bookies not paying out a free bet (rare but has happened!)

~ Messing up odds - betting without double checking! - and either losing money or ... making money

How to avoid errors

* Always double and even triple check bets. Even get someone else to check if it helps! Esp when new.

* Never put any real bets on until you fully understand what you are doing - again get someone to check before putting a bet on.

* Check your figures and make sure you have money in your accounts - Especially before backing and laying! Nothing worse than having backed but not enough money to cover your lay!

* Don't always take the best odds, bet close to the off, or deposit the exact amount required. Throw in the odd bet here and there that is not related to the off you are doing. This is to make you look more like a real punter and thus more likely to not be gubbed!

* Bookies not paying out free bets: Use the one above this. Also it should also help protect from being limited or not receiving free bet reload offers.

So that is a preparation guide! I just wrote this as a first post and then thought actually I should write a what is matched betting before putting all this help up! So I shall go and write and post that prior to this ...

Monday, 29 January 2018

Pocket some money with Matched Betting ~ What IS Matched Betting?!

So what on earth is Matched Betting?!

I have been matched betting now for almost 10 years! The majority of this time was spent taking rests and having the children however!

Match betting whilst can be very profitable long term is also hard work on the brain. This can be minimised through use of various tools to help you (Seperate blog post will cover this). You need a lot of concentration, organisational skills, ability to learn thoroughly (NOT speedily!) and work very fast on the keyboard!

Matched betting involves betting on 2 outcomes and making no over all loss.

An example would be a football match. You might want to bet on Man U to win over Sunderland.

There are 3 outcomes here when betting on Man U to win - Man U win, Man U lose and Sunderland win or they draw.

In betting a draw and a loss come under the same outcome so the three outcomes are - Win, lose or Draw.

Another example of betting would be something like this: Person 1: "I bet she doesn't sleep tonight!" Person 2: "Nah I bet she will sleep fine she's tired". These are 2 outcomes. Either she will sleep and one person is betting she will! And she won't and another person is betting she won't. They are opposite outcomes but one outcome will happen.

In matched betting you can bet for an event to happen: She will sleep, Man U will win or She won't sleep and Man you won't win (or will draw meaning they also haven't won so this comes under the outcome of not winning). This brings the outcomes down to 2 win or not win!

You bet for an event to happen at a place called the bookmakers - Eg: Ladbrokes, Coral, Betfred etc or you can bet against this happening (It won't win!) at a place called the exchange  Eg: Betfair or Smarkets.

Betting for it to win at the Bookmaker is called Backing an event to happen. You think this event will win so you want to put a bet on it and back it!

Betting for it to lose and not win at the Exchange is called Laying: You are laying (betting against it winning) this event down as either a draw or a loss meaning it has not won.

When you bet on an outcome it has a selections of odds. These are how likely it is to happen. The lower the number the more likely it is to win and the higher the more unlikely it is to happen.

Eg: Man U - 2.00 is a more likely outcome that it will win rather than odds of say 14.00.

Book makers give you the option of betting in Fractions or Decimals. Decimals are much easier to understand so always set to decimal.

You can calculate how much you win by the odds and how much money you want to put on a bet. You want to spend a tenner.

So say you are backing Man U to win and you want to put on £10. The odds the bookmaker are offering is of 2.00 for Man U to win.

So £10 back amount of money X 2 (odds the bookmaker is offering) = £20 return to you.

Next time we will talk about how laying a bet works and just how we make money from this over all! This involves making use of the FREE money that the book makers offer us to walk away with this free money and thus make a guarenteed profit.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

So what else have we been up to in 2017?

2017 was a really hard year all round for us. We all had bad health and got every big going up til middle of December. Well apart from the the sickness and diahrea. I feel we are loooong overdue that one as we have never had one yet!! Hubby was up and down to MIL's house a lot as FIL passed away in March. This was obviously hard for all all round too - the lowest being trying to juggle 2 ill children alone whilst being ill yourself. I think the hardest thing for him is trying to sort out all the paper work and practical stuff. Things never go easy and out hate for virgin was renewed due to their incompetence! I found summer and early autumn really hard trying to juggle the house and remember all the appointments, surgery, and school stuff. Even with a diary lol! Jessica had a bit of a hard time when one of her friends school friends left to move to Scotland. And Sophie struggled a bit with starting nursery as it ended up only being 1 day a week for sometime due to repeated illness.

2017 saw Jessica leaving reception where she ended the summer term on a 4 day week. She was on 3 days from easter then went up to 4 after half term. She had her first 5 day full week in September and was tierd but not really bad so I feel this was good timing. So would I flexi school again? Yes, in a heartbeat! Every stage for her was brilliant. The school said she would not making friends as quickly and that she would miss out on her foundation for learning putting her behind the other children. We have reading eggs at home where she does learning online so she has some other learning going on. So how was her report on leaving reception? Did she suffer? ... Well no! She came in the middle of everything. Perfect just where I want her to be. Going into year 1 and she is middle for everything except for spelling where she appears to come last. However she is making the progress just slowly. All the time she moving on that is ok. Remembering she is one of the youngest as a summer born too she is going to be a little behind on some things. Oh and Maths she is a little ahead but this is no suprise as she has always had a massive love of numbers. So with flexi schooling mothers instinct was right! Only you know you child best. I would do this again with Jess should the opportunity arise and will definately do the same with Sophie in a few years time!

So what does 2018 have in store for us?

Well I hope to spend more time with family, more time learning new things and making dosh. I plan to move this blog over to Wordpress at some point. I know I mentioned this brieftly last summer but life got ridiculous so this went to the bottom of the pile.

We will most likely put Sophie in one full day a week at nursery around easter so this will give me one full day. I am finding that 2 mornings just isn't working. It is working in that I get a few hours for me but this doesn't help with me catching up on this house. There is so much to do in here so I really need to get on top of that at some point. And sell more on ebay! Already got some stuff on there last week so that is back in action!

As it is now January it is time to start thinking about what we are going to do with the garden this year. My main priority is to pay some attention to the front garden this year. It has been highly abandoned the past few years! One bush is absolutely massive and hidden any flowers I once had in a border. I haven't really thought too much about the back garden. Veggies and general maintainence. There was an idea to cut down the bamboo and create a small play area with slide etc but not sure if this will come to fruition as dealing with the bamboo will be next to impossible!

Sophie will turn 3 so I think we will also have her returning to mini professors. These are science classes that are designed for preschoolers with little experiments. It's great fun!

We will almost certainly take a trip abroad at some point. Most likely Majorca again as we went to a really nice calm beach last year. The hotel was good but we do like to try lots so will go to the same strip but try diff accomo.

We will do the usual family days out to zoo, farms etc from easter hols onwards.

Once Sophie turns 3 I also plan to do more stuff for me. Maybe take a trip away somewhere for a weekend or something for some freedom! 

Other to that it's just a case of see where the year takes us!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

My journey with Irritable Bowel Syndrome ... And a suprising use for Buscopan!

So some time ago now I had a request to write a posting about Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This is something I have had since before I had the girls.So this would be around about 7 or so years ago. I had a really stressful time with some family issues and this is what triggered it off for me. A diagnosis from the GP basically is a case of do you have the red flag signals? If not then it's just IBS sort of thing!

Here are the red flags:

Ask for an urgent appointment if you have:
  • lost a lot of weight for no reason
  • bleeding from your bottom or bloody diarrhoea
  • a hard lump or swelling in your tummy
  • shortness of breath, noticeable heartbeats (palpitations) and pale skin
These could be signs of something more serious.

I had fecal testing for any longstanding infections or something that might need antibiotics. I also had blood tests - I'm assuming these were for inflammatory markers to check for things like Crohn's. After that I was shoved a sheet of paper telling me what IBS was and sent on my way. No real follow up, what to expect or what to do if it gets worse etc etc.

So like everyone else on the planet I took to Dr Google. I joined facebook groups and searched forums for more info. It didn't take long to realise that stress was my number one big trigger. Food doesn't seem to be related although I haven't gone into that too heavily.

Getting pregnant for me worked wonders and I didn't have any symptoms during both pregnancies. For the 1st this extended for about the first year after aswell as I was breastfeeding. The second time round I was really stressed out due to PND & Anxiety though so this was only about 6 months.

I have noticed that my symptoms will be occur around 2-3 days after a stressful event. Or if it is something very stressful coming up then it could be within the week before it aswell.

My main symptoms are cramping pain- with or without pain. With or without a bowel movement of any kind. A very noisy stomach. Passing Jelly sometimes instead of a movement. During really bad flareups I will have a lot of pain also I would be shivering and my stomach would mimic a stomach bug. This could have me impaired anything from 20 minutes to 3 hours in the bathroom. After I would have a lot of pain for several hours after. These attacks to happen when I was working so around 4-7pm then late at night around 11 then they went to mid afternoon. Now they will occur either mid afternoon - an hour or so after lunch or late/in the middle of the night. I prefer the middle of the night as this doesn't affect me dealing with the kids! After I will grab a hot water bottle and lay in bed until the pain has subsided enough to be able to go back to sleep.

I have had some humour with both a close friend and also an IBS facebook group. So if i'm sat there at 3am I can message her or the group and we can all talk about what we are suffering with in "real time". Quite funny!

How to both cope during an attack and help prevent an attack.

During an attack:

* Some people will take something like loperamide - This slows down the muscle activity in the bowel. I have seem people use this primarily for going away or out. Esp during train, car, plane travel! Caution must be to not over use this esp if you are IBS C&D (constipation and diahrea) as this can make you constipated. I personally chose never to use it. I don't really like anything that interfers with my body's function unless vital. I like to keep in tune with my body. Feeling the pain etc means I can keep up with the pattern and know whether its getting better or worse. This is a reminder to me of a need or more self care!

* Buscopan. This is a known antispasmodic drug in the UK that stops muscle spasms. It is marketed for IBS alone but did you know it helps with the following conditions: Irritable bladder (both benign and caused by Urinary tract infections ... Period pain and my absolute saviour and only use of this drug ... Esophageal spasms!! I found this by mistake one day whilst having the worst attack ever and took one wondering if it would help - Sure enough 20 minutes later I was no longer gripping the window sill in agony worse than labour pains! For me however as IBS this does practically nothing.It appears to be 50/50 if it will help.

* Mebrevine: This is a prescription drug. Dr's were reluctant to give initially but a different one did. I've not used it enough to comment on how good it is but I would say it helped a bit.

* Peppermint: You can get this in drug form or in peppermint tea. I have never used this as I have    GERD/Reflux issues so this would just kill my stomach. If you are in good health though - Worth a try. Don't use at the same time as Ibruprofen or another NSAID/anti-inflammatory as they alone can fry your stomach and i'm sure the combination would give you bad heart burn! Paracetamol would reduce this though. If in doubt - don't use it.

* Hot water bottle - A hot water bottle is good at calming and relaxing both your muscles inside and you mind. There is nothing like cuddle a hot water bottle! (Unless it's 35c in the middle of summer!!)

* Chamomile tea - I drink this for not other reason than it's calming - often my IBS can affect my GERD and really upset my upper stomach so this sometimes helps this and if not well it tastes ok!

* You can buy a card or key from The IBS Network shop or Disability Rights UK shop that can help you access public toilets if you get symptoms while away from home. I have a "Can't wait" card. Never used it though!

* Have a just incase pack in your bag. Spare pants, tights, nappy sized bag, wipes, cream. I have knickers - mostly due to being female a period can catch you out but also this too! Cream and wipes etc I have anyway from having a toddler still in nappies.

How to Prevent:

* Taking time out for you - Take a bath, read a book go for a walk, anything that you find calming and destressing . It's a bit catch 22ish in that if stress didn't cause IBS then IBS will cause you stress which can make it worse!

* Mindfulness/Mediatation - Yes this comes under taking time out for you but it's also so important that I feel this should be something separate. It's not just a case of shoving some music on to listen to or listening to some calming voice in your ear - You learn coping skills. I personally love headspace. Not only is the guys voice so amazingly calm but it has little videos and things that teach you why and how you react to xyz. Knowledge is power!

* Know your triggers - Only time having IBS will help you see this. Keep a diary both of daily symptoms, what you have eaten and what is happening in your life around you. This should over time help to show you what might be triggering it off.

* Take a probiotic - Can help gut health in general - Eat healthy food and veg blahdy blah. We all know it! Also try porridge oats. It has been proven to boost the good bacteria in the gut also. Avoid tea, coffee, cakes, processed food, chocolate etc etc.

* Learn about the Low FODMAP diet. The IBS network website has more info on this. I've read it but not followed it as mine is not diet related. The only food I know does set me off is fizzy drinks. So I don't have them.

So that's just a few hints and tips i've picked up over the years! Feel free to share yours below. Take care!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Update on the girls!

So I thought I would give you all an update on the girls as it's been some time since i've posted much about them.

Sophie started nursery in October. This however did not give me as much time as I expected! The plan was 2 mornings a week so that I could spent one morning to myself and one spent on catching up on stuff in the house. After CBT I learnt that the biggest priority needs to be a happy mummy = happy household so I have always put my day before the house day. It has mostly worked out from October - December that I only had 2 mornings to myself in 2 months! This was mostly due to illness of someone in the house or appointments. Thankfully since then things started to settle down a little and now christmas is out the way I hope to do a bit of a catch up tomorrow before yet more appointments take over my Thursday meaning I will lose that. Hubby said that at easter last time we put J into nursery one full day so I'm thinking we should repeat that again.

Any way she has settled into nursery really well. We have had tears probably only a handful of times. Up until beginning of December she was only in once a week due to illness which meant a slower settling in time. She has recently been doing walks down the farm to see the cows and sheep. She was spectacularly wet and muddy up to her waist last week from puddle jumping. Literally dripping! Had to strip her before getting in the car lol.
She recently made these pretty flowers too :-D

She saw the health visitor last month who confirmed she is doing well. They would like to see her weight a little more under control but as when I last weighed her she had lost some i'm not bothered. Just going to keep an eye on it. She also can't jump up and down with 2 feet together yet or hop on one leg. I'm sure this will come with time though. I don't remember when J did it.

She continues to love eating all veg, fruit and salad. Seeing a toddler eating lettace is bonkers!

She is far more mischievious than Jessica was and likes to get hand or nappy cream and plaster it around the house ... She also likes to get felt tip pens and decorate the house with those. She's had paint out and got that over the carpet, play dough and plastincine! The problem being here is that whilst she can't reach her big sister can!!

They very much do conspire together! Last week I was hoovering in the nursery when I stopped I saw my bedroom door had been shut. It was silent - Silence = mischief! Opened the door to find out Jess had got down my nail varnish from up very high and rowed it all up (plus other make up etc) and made a dressing table. They were decorating themselves and the chest of drawers in blue nail varnish!

Jess loves showing off and putting on shows. At christmas she sang in the school choir in town on stage. Since then they have been standing on kids chairs and putting on "singing" shows for us to watch and listen too. Often this involves dressing up as the queen and using standard household items as mics.

Jessica is very into creating. Just as she was in reception. She loves making things out of card and paper from nothing! We are currently making a tudor house for her school project and she turned to me last night and said "mummy I love making things with you. We never have time together any more." It was very sweet. A part of the mummy guilt that all mums have. Dividing time x 2 + is hard.Often impossible! 

She loves to try and make her own food and lunch for people now too.

We had parents evening in November and they said she is doing fine. Middle of the road for everything. She appears behind to me in spelling but is fine on reading and maths so i'm not too bothered. So longs she keeps moving forward. She is one of the youngest in the year so it's no suprise really.

She is definately a high needs child emotionally and if really over tierd can be like a hormonal teenager. She just turns into a blubbing mess! She still asks for lots of one on one time with mummy. This is especially worse after Grandma or someone else has been here where she has had one on one before. We most get at bed time when we read her school book or she reads another book to me. I tend to try and send Soph downstairs so we can have 5 mins or so one on one. She reads really well and thus wants to read every night. This however brings a new dilemma on those nights where you are really late and want to read a quick book yourself to get them down quick lol!

She loved getting involved in christmas preparations. Writing cards, choosing, buying and wrapping presents. With her doing all these exciting things it means that Sophie is missing out a lot of toddler toys and learning. She isn't really interested in drawing and colouring as much as J was. She just likes to play with the older child stuff! Argh no one warns you about that! She has grown up quicker. I've had to sell lots of older baby/toddler stuff that was never really touched.

Oh and Jess has her first ever wobbly tooth! Since November ... It's got to fall out soon surely!!?

Here are a few more to end on! See you next time ...

Sophie loves to stroke Jess "to sleep" at bedtime

Monday, 8 January 2018

Sites I make money with ~ A review of Grabpoints

So after I had joined Swagbucks I saw and offer to sign up to Grabpoints for earning money on Swags (as I call it!). It's basically a smaller version of Swags but not as good for offers. 

It has the standard offer walls. I completed a few but didn't get any points so didn't bother again i've also not touched the surveys as I like to work in the background and have things running for me so I don't have to do anything :-D

I mostly use the videos here. This is my main earner followed by the Lockerpoints app which sits on your phone and give's you free points for unlocking your phone! It also chucks you daily points for the sheer hell of it.

You can also earn by listening to the radio. Set it running and get points every half hour of "listening". I say listening as you can just mute your pc ;-) I also have flight searches which pay out and can be done daily. 

There are other videos, surveys etc that can be done but they aren't for me personally. 

What I do is leave the videos running over night and then wake up to points in the morning. It takes me about a week to get up to 2nd cashout amount. First is £3 but I like to cashout at a around a fiver and this is roughly weekly. My laptop is pretty slow at the moment and the wireless keeps breaking and dipping out argh! So it means that I can't have too much running at once so I really need to figure out getting another one/another device to try and run this off of. I tried on the tablets but one is too old and the other one it doesn't seem to work too great on.

Cashout is via paypal or some giftcards and can be done from £3, 5, 10 etc. 5500 points gets you around a £5. 

So this one isn't a fast earner but seems to be consistent. I've been using it since August with no major issues. Really easy to just shove the video page on and leave it running. It occasionally needs a nudge if a "are you still watching" message comes up. But other wise all is good and very passive which is just how I like it! This therefore puts Grabpoints as my second earning site as it gets 10/10 for ease of use.

The main goal in doing these sites is to have quite of few of then that you are proficient at using so that you can set them all up to run quick and make good use of your time. The main goal is multiple streams of income. Thus meaning you have money coming in from lots of places to keep you going.

Should you fancy having a try at some passive income then feel free to sign up here: and enter my code: CIUU3V. This gets you 500 free points :-)

Saturday, 6 January 2018

We're all going on a summer holiday! ... Or did ... x 3 ...

So summer saw us going away 3 times. Firstly we went to Hoburne Nash and had a cabin on site by the sea. Then we were back a week or so and went up north to mother in laws house. And then we were back 10 days or so then went off to Majorca for 1 week. 

We partially went to Majorca because of Hoburne Nash being such a flop in terms of me being ill for all but the last 2 days of it! But also because we just love to round off summer with some hot sun then we can come home and just concentrate on winter incoming! Yes we took J out of school and yes we paid the fine ;-) 

Here are some piccies of Hoburne!

When we were in Grandma's house we took a visit to Knowsley Safari Park. Here are some shots of our day! The day went well despite the car breaking down half way around the safari!!  It was more than an overheating issue so it meant that hubby missed half of the day sorting that out which was sad but at least we went home in our own car! Phew!

Yes they did get it on - On our car!!! Frinkin' Hilarious!!

Our last holiday was to the Family Life Alcudia Pins hotel on the north of Majorca. This was also some what marred by illness! This time Sophie caught hand foot and mouth whilst we were out there! I put it down to heat rash for a few days until I spotted the spots in her mouth then put 2 and 2 together. The photos were taken around day 3. We still managed to go to the beach as we were a beach side hotel - just chose a quiet spot. We also did a walk to the nature park then back along the beach. The donkey ride for J was just outside the hotel too. The girls had fun making their own beach "swimming pool" and slide! All quite low key and kept around the hotel and immediate area. Really nice strip as the beach is perfect for tinies. Will return next year but try out a different hotel next time.

Here are our last set of pics!

Over all great fun was had by all. We just had to fight around the illnesses to make the best we could out of our trips. Let's hope 2018 is better!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

The quest for making money online!

So carrying on from our disappearing act! The other thing that very much took over my life was a quest for making money. This has always been a facination of mine. As to how someone can sit here in front of the tv on their laptop and make shedloads of money! Yes it IS possible. But it is very much a put lots of work in thing! By far my biggest earner has always been Matched Betting. Pre-Babies this made me £7k. I spent a massive portion on my independant midwives when I gave birth to Sophie. Totally worth it and would do it again in a heartbeat. The rest just living. I was looking around at matched betting - Which I haven't consistently done since 2012. As I was so busy at the time I just dismissed this though. Mainly because the forums I used to visit for the up to date info had either closed or gone deathly quiet! Also it seems things had changed a fair bit so I needed to relearn new stuff in order to keep up with the bookies!  Things came to a "head" as it were in July/August when my bank dipped into the red and I realised now was the time I HAD to start making some kinda of money. My usual go to is moneysavingexpert. So I revisited the how to make money online type articles and rediscovered Swagbucks. I had seen this previously so thought it was minimal effort and that it wouldn't harm to join it. Appears I already had an account with around £3 in ... I remember now how previously I thought this looked ridiculously hard and gave up. This time I somehow stumbled upon a swagbucks facebook group. Amazeballs! Tons of people in there giving tons of advice, starter guides - The lot! So since August I have made a total of: £325!
That may not seem like a massive amount but it's a survey site and generally a site I don't spend more than 20 minutes max on a day!

So what is there to do on there?

Well ... 

* Answer surveys (Always the back bone of these sites. Personally I hate them so very rarely do them! If your happy to you can make a lot more money than I have).
* Answer a daily poll
* Watch videos
* Play games
* Sign up to offers
* Download app's
* Search the web
* Gain cashback through shopping
* Enter sweepstakes
* Take part in competitions & team events

And probably some other stuff I have forgotten!
So it's quite complex but lots of variety and by far my most favourite survey site due to the ease of earning consistent daily money and quick payout's that do actually pay! I have been paid through Paypal, Mastercard and Amazon vouchers all mostly hastle free and where I have had a problem sorted ok!

Just incase anyone does fancy having a nosey or signing up for some extra pocket money here is my referral link :-) Thank you very very much if you do use it! Please do message me either here or on facebook/instagram so that I can give you the links and starter guides to make the most of it! 

I will put up another posting about other sites I am on and how I am getting on with those too! One not as great the rest ok!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

What is it about 28th December?!

So another long gap of long time no see (speak or even write!! )

My last blog titled about ebay taking over my life. This ended up being somewhat incorrect!

What mostly took over my life from the end of July was health issues of alsorts! Closely followed by money making.

At the end of July when the kids broke up for school I went and got a ruddy chest infection. We happened to be going on holiday at this time and thankfully (or not as the case was ...) I started antibiotics 2 days before we left. Once we got there I felt worse so rather than give me an out of hours GP appointment the NHS decided I needed to visit a round of local hospitals. Where eventually I got my antibiotics changed for stronger ones and thankfully no concrete sign of Pneumonia which I had had the previous - practically to the same date!!! So I missed Sophie's first birthday because I was in bed with Pneumonia and I missed her second with another chest infection! Awful! August and September saw a never ending round of hospital appointments for me and Jess. I was finally confirmed in September as definately having severe acid reflux and a very loose spincter muscle between the stomach and the esophagus. Also was the added suprise but relief to be diagnosed with esophageal motility disorder (diffuse esophageal spasm.) This in short means that my esophagus muscles do not work in rhythm all round and up and down but that they can contract violently (yes this IS as painful as it sounds!) and even stop altogether in places as a muscle spasm. This basically means that food gets stuck in my esophagus during this. It also confirms why I have been getting suck pain and why this is worse after eating. I assumed PPI's were not working and thus the pain was reflux. However the pain is from things that cause the reflux (on a flare up) thus making this worse and causing the spasms to get worse. The only option to improve it from here is (please no!!) surgery :( . She was somewhat unhelpful in telling me what surgery though and what the options were. So left to Dr google I found out that I would be in hospital for some time and unable to eat properly - starting with just fluids/pureed food for a total of around 6 weeks!! Also the surgery can leave you with worse symptoms than you start out with such as being unable to burp or vomit! Yea I don't need that with 2 tiny kids so i'll keep on suffering for now thanks ...

My other appointment was for my bum! Since having Sophie and the 4th degree tear I have had issues with the repair down there. I basically had a big skin tag/flap over the anal entrance. This was causing issues so in an attempt to relieve this I had it surgically removed at the end of October. They weren't wrong when they said recovery would be long and painful. It was around 4 weeks before I stopped having any kind of bleeding/weeping from the area and thus pain going around the same time. I would say 6 weeks before it started to feel "normal" again. Unfortunately it seems this didn't solve the problem. It "may" have helped marginally at best. So I think the issue is either pelvic floor based or also to do with the anal ring muscle where it was cut through, Just not being as strong as it should be after. Either way PF exercises I think do help a bit. But never relieve it completely. So it may just be something else I have to live with or something else that would need a further surgical fix. Not willing to even think about that route right now though so will continue with pelvic floors!! I have other issues down that so hopefully they will continue to help that too but flip it's hard to remember to do them! Especially as I am so damaged that I really need to do them 3 X a day+. I think the extent of just how damaged I am has only just hit home since this surgery failed tbh. 

Jessica's appointment was for her eye.Since last March she has had a chazilion type cyst on her eyelid. I very much ignored it due to knowing these last at least 6 months.In the end school + family pressure had me making her a DR's appointment. Finally got to see them in December where they said try some new drops come back in March if not surgery on it. So I suspect we shall be back for surgery. But we shall see ...

In unrelated stuff I've have a nosey at my blog and there was a massive spike in people viewing this on the 28th December?! LOL! What is it about that date??! I'm suprised so many people have been coming in daily still as I haven't posted in 6 months. Obviously the trend month by month has been downwards but goodness knows what the 28th is about lol! Can anyone that came in then tell me?? ...

I shall update again soon about other stuff we have been up to + money making ventures!