Thursday, 19 April 2012

Well into the Second Trimester

Week 21: Life pretty much the same. Keep putting a 1lb or 2 on and then loosing it. Still not officially gained anything from pre pregnancy. Backache is here most days. Can’t walk for more than half hour to an hour max without getting sharp stabbing in my buttocks along with the lower backache. Finding knickers hard to wear now! The elastic is too high and cutting into bump. Went into primark and looked for some really cheapies. Got some with lace around the top band instead of elastic. This is much comfier. Brought 2 sets of bra’s but the sizes are just not right. Looks like I will have to invest in more expensive bras after all. Quite proud to have jumped up from a B cup to a C cup. And of course once milk comes in after birth I will probably go up another one. They advise to be fitted for feeding bras as late as you can after 37 weeks pregnant as you can keep changing size right up to then. The only way I can justify all this bra and maternity clothes expense is that we will just have to have another baby after to make good use of it!!! Hubby felt little lady again she was right down kicking on my right hip at 4am! So laid on my tummy and put his hand on the bed and laid on it so he could feel it. It’s quite cool being able to see my stomach moving! It’s like rippling jelly.

Week 22: Had 3-4 days of severe wind that just got trapped from top to bottom and heartburn again. We have looked at some baby names but nothing is really jumping out at us yet. So more work to do on that one! Collected more baby catalogues and have been researching pram systems and Moses baskets. So much choice! Collected another pack of free nappies from Tescos at the weekend. Really didn’t want to join up to any of these baby groups as getting the spam mail is a pain. But to get lots of free goods with it is worth it! We got lots of free nappies, free wipes and baby hat in one box from Asda. From Sainsbury’s we got shed loads of stuff ~ nipple cream, breast pads, nappy cream, free swimming with your baby guide, Persil and washing conditioner samples and a lilac changing mat with pockets in it for wipes and nappies! Anyone thinking of having a baby must join up to these! And of course it includes vouchers for free or money off on nappies and stuff too with them. I’ll post up the pictures of what was in them here. Also got a free bottle through the post from somewhere! Goodness knows where lol. Hubby had his head on my bump and got a good kick in the face this week. Was really funny! He has felt 3 movements this week. This should only get more. Finally put on an official 1lb over pre-pregnancy weight. 8st 13lb – go me lol.

Week 23: Put on another 1lb up to 9stone now. And a week later it’s gone again back down to 8.13.
Taking a lot of time on eBay looking for cots and prams now. Think we will go for the silver cross surf as this is very light, the break is dead easy to use and the handle comes up really nice and high for hubby. Not a chance I am paying £600+ though so will buy second hand on eBay. Going to look for a Moses basket and rocking stand too for the 1st 3 months. I am feeling mostly well. My biggest issue is the hip and buttock pain still. Will mention to midwife at next appointment. Still getting the wind and heart burn regularly. My taste has heightened much more lately. I can taste the wind from my stomach which is just weird as. All I can describe it as is being able to taste the smell similar to the smell of the gas you can smell when you open a fizzy bottle. Not yet found a cure for this either!! Drives me insane.

Week 24:  Saw the midwife this week. She is retiring which is sad. Just as I got used to her! All is well. Said there is no problems with this baby growing she was visibly stuck out the right side of my stomach when she was palpating. No measuring bump yet as I’m still tiny. Little ladies heart rate was a steady 145bpm which is about normal for her. Blood pressure about the same still low. Not really had an issue with dizziness which is surprising as I thought I really would as I have low bp naturally. So that is a nice surprise. Got given leaflet to book a breast feeding class. And got exercises for my hip and bum pain. If these don’t work she will refer me to physiotherapist at the hospital. So want to avoid that if I can! Mentioned not really putting on any weight and she wasn’t bothered. So long as baby is growing well and I eat when hungry then that’s the main thing. Happy to be in viability week. So if anything happens and she comes early at least we have some chance she will survive now.