Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pregnancy diary catchup!

Week 25: Ready to start thinking more seriously about purchases now the 2nd trimester is coming to an end and we are viable. Have only brought clothes and small things up til now. Some days are mostly pain free now. But it very much changes. Walk more than an hour and I still begin to suffer in my right buttock stabbing pain. Exercises are quick and easy so can do once or twice a day depending on how I’m feeling/timing etc. Brought an exercise ball. I love it! Keep sitting on it to help posture a bit and also leaning over it on hands and knees which is very relaxing and takes the weight off my hips for a bit.
Finished watching my yoga DVD I brought this week so have started doing this so that should help too.
Now on to 2 day weeks with work. Using up my maternity leave before I go. I work 20 hours a week normally over 4 days so this is halved. My plan is to get a grip on the house. I just never seem to get much done and what days I book seem to have me being busy with family and going out.

Week 26: We have a travel system for £330 and Moses basket and rocking stand for £12. I have seen a really cute Winnie the pooh set that is in cream/light brown so brought this too for £16! Yes expensive but I’ve become obsessed! At least we will have spare bedding set with the one that came with the basket. Need to buy a new mattress for her but looks like this won’t be much more than £5-10.

Have been reading a book called three in a bed by Deborah Jackson. Not because I plan on co-sleeping. Barely enough room for us two never mind three!! But I would like the Moses basket by the bed for the first 3 months and then move her out. Whether this comes to fruition is a matter!!! I was reading it out of interest more than anything. And in this book she talks about how in small tribes all over the world the babies co-sleep and are offered the breast regularly throughout the night. Baby is never away from mum and always being held by someone day and night. We westerners are too busy for that lol. The children co-sleep up until the age of 5 in some tribes! But this reminds me to buy a sling. I would like to give it a go for a bit. So better get researching.

Week 27-28: Two new things popping up this week! Can finally feel her hiccupping. And sharp stabbing pain in pubic bone. This comes when she is doing a lot of kicking and squirming and leaves me feeling bruised for a day or two after. Washed lots of the baby clothes and got dry. Have started buying reusable nappies to try. We have bambino mio, Chinese cheapies, bamboo nappies, lollypop, bum genius, and cooler baby. Have 10 in total which should do us for a starter. Plan to use these after the initial two weeks mess but not to out do disposables completely as they will be more practical for when we are out or away. That and hubby isn’t on the reusable wagon yet! If I am even successful at getting him to change a nappy! Went along to the local nct sale. Spent £100! Got a lot of clothes from birth – 9months range. A door bouncer, my bambino mio nappy, towel, a stool for bathroom for toddlers, a lot of maternity clothes for me including summer dresses and skirts – gosh so much stuff. I will have missed some out. But it was a good spend and a good starter for us. Some of the baby stiff was brand new like 3 sleep suits for £2 from next! I will take lots of pictures are some point and post them up.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Long time no post!

Phew life is busy as you can imagine right now! I want to do a post away from the obvious baby stuff. I know lots of you like piccies and the garden news so I’ll try and concentrate on that this time. Not a lot has really gone on. Spring was bad in the UK. Very wet so this meant I was unable to get out in the garden and do anything until May. Once I was out I found it quite hard work due to my size and really needing to slow down. But I managed to dig over the old veggie patch, prepare the veggie boxes and start digging one border over. We went on a chicken course back in May which was fab. I got to hold a chicken, cut its wing feathers and learn how to put lice powder on it. Damn thing kept escaping but it was jolly good fun and we got a book to take away with us. The old veggie patch - which right now is a mess pile - will eventually become the chicken home. Maybe not this year with the human arrival but hopefully next year! Primary job in the garden this year is to finish off the pond and then we can move onto planning the chicken patch. I have managed to get all my veggie seeds in on time although some I had to give 2-3 sowings as they didn't come up. Wanted to get a water butt as we didn't have one - incase the hose pipe ban hit us! So we invested in a very cheap dustbin. Turned the lid over and drilled holes in it so that the water drains in. Clever hubby! Managed to get this in just before all that rain came too so it had a nice filling up. I've been trying to create a kind of netting frame out of bamboo that we cut down and some balls. Looks fragile so needs some tweaking. Also need to buy more netting as it's really not wide enough. Too long and not wide enough but will do for a starter. Enough nattering here's a ton of pictures from May!