Monday, 3 March 2014

Spring begins!

So Spring is finally here! Jess and me spent yesterday preparing our chitting potatoes! She loved it. 
I ordered the kit through grow your own potatoes website which is a potato council?! It is mainly for education and you can select to get them as a home educator. Well I am educating Jess so far and she likes potatoes. A bit young for the age range of the kit but she is enjoying it! She even got a sticker from the kit. The kit contains - instruction leaflets - 2 bags of 2 varieties - 2 black sacks with wholes in in which to grow your potatoes and a bundle of stickers. The other side of the instruction leaflet is a poster for kiddies to learn where potatoes come from. Here is the link to sign up for free for 2015!
Here are a few piccies! ...