Monday, 25 March 2013

Splosh smells nice!

Ok so I tried the kitchen cleaner and it did indeed smell of clementine and lemon. Tbh the clementine came across much stronger than the lemon to me but that is ok as im not a massive lemon fan. The smell is fresh and doesn't smell strong of any nasties like some commercial cleaners can.

Here is a picture of the bottle after the water has been added. It needs to be hot to melt the sachet. This sachet has floated to the top. After 2 minutes you shake and here is what it looks like ... Nicely mixed!!

Once it had been mixed I got to it! I tend to use 5 squirts on my kitchen side of a general cleaner that has been mixed with water and that works streak free. However 5 squirts of this left me streaky. So on my second side I only did 4 squirts. Better but still a slight streak. I haven't tried again since but it would appear that 2-3 squirts will surfice! The cleaning job itself was good. Just as good as any normal cleaner. However part of me was slightly disappointed that when I shoved my moosh/mush up to the surface after it had dried it didn't smell of the cleaner. However not everyone will care or even test it by smooshing their moosh/mush up to their kitchen sides to see how they smell LOLOL!!
So all in all I am enjoying using splosh. Needing less squirts means it will last longer and it cleans and smells nice. I look forward to trialling the laundry liquids and also the bathroom cleaner ...

Monday, 18 March 2013

Splosh has pretty packaging!

Right sooo here is the box!!It came and I thought it was late but it turns out they delivered on a day I was out and had followed my instructions on the box to leave it somewhere. And there it was. Box nice and small. 

 Once opened you are faced with some very pretty packaging! Dunno about anyone else but I do have to admit to being a sucker for pretty packaging :-)

In each peice of packaging was each bottle. Here they all are standing together. The refills are inside each bottle.

Here is a quick view of the bottles behind with the instuctions on.

Glad they are on the bottles too incase you loose the instuctions! Todays task ... Put them all together and give the general cleaner a whirl! I will be back with the results ...

Saturday, 16 March 2013


So I have ordered some eco friendly washing and cleaning products to trial. They come with a sachet of the concentrated cleaner so that you can dilute it yourself and also reuse the bottles they send you. This keeps cost down on the cleaner as it is concentrated you don't pay for water like at the supermarkets and you get to reuse the bottles so is good for the environment!

I have ordered Clementine and Lemon kitchen cleaner - Lime washing up liquid - and Chamomille and Lavender non bio detergent and fabric conditioner. When these arrive you just put the sachet in the empty bottle and add water! And thats it! It mixes and the detergant is ready to use. When it is all gone you can order refills that are just as cheap!

When you order you get given a code so that anyone else who orders gets the products half price. A 4 bottle set costs £7.95 and the 2 bottle set costs just £4.98 I think it is. I ordered with a friends code and got them half price as advertised. I will be writing a seperate view both when they arrive and as I use them to let you all know how I get on! Should you wish to join up and trial here is my code to save you some dosh! 9C2B25 This will give you £5 off your first order.

From the blog

Our £5 Recommend a Friend promotion will expire in just 10 days time - that's on 26th March.

 This is what the website says about the product ...

What is Splosh?

Splosh is the great to new way to buy your laundry, dish washing and home cleaning essentials. By utilising brilliant chemistry and the power of the internet we are better value, more convenient and miles better for the environment than everyone else.
Typically the main ingredient in home care products has been water. We think that’s unnecessary, so we took all that water out and just sell concentrates in neat little sachets.
Just pop a sachet into a Splosh bottle, fill it up with water from your hot tap – and in a minute or two you have a fantastic Splosh product in your hands. When the bottle’s empty – all you need do is refill rather than buying another one.
Our system is miles better for the environment than recycling. For a start we’re not transporting water around the country, so we cut transport CO2 emissions by up to 95%. And because our bottles are refillable you don’t need to throw them away, which means up to twenty times less landfill.
Splosh is also great value because we’ve cut out all the unnecessary stuff (like water, packaging and the supermarkets). You’ll be amazed at the prices of our naturally derived eco formulations.
Splosh happens online. On this website you find out about the latest Splosh products, check on our news and place your orders. Once you’ve set up an account, re-ordering will take just a few seconds.
We are based in the little town of Hay on Wye, in the Welsh Marches. It’s a beautiful place that inspires us every day.

 I will let you all know how I get on!!!