Wednesday, 4 August 2021

A looong garden update!

Hihi! This is going to be really long so i'm going to dive right in! ... You might need to read this in 2 parts! Or at least sit down undisturbed with a cuppa first!

Saturday 3rd July:

Well life is about to get ridiculously busy from now on. We have so many parties, dates for landscapers to look round the garden, presents and other birthday stuff to buy, cakes to order, a holiday to book, dentists for mummy and doctors for Jessica coming up! Just listing this all exhausts me as much as doing it all! 

Today starts with landscape garden guy 2 looking at the garden to quote us on work. He is nice as we had him come and do our fences back when I was pregnant with Sophie. So the fence is only about 5 years old. He was nice but didn't go into things in lots of detail. The only useful thing he did say was that we could buy a block of bricks rather than them individually a bit like a slab of bricks. Which I didn't know you could do. He came at 830am!! - Yawn! I however marched back to bed after he left for a few more extra hours kip. Everyone else stayed up.

Once I surfaced for the second time for the day we did some research into chickens. This is the coop we are getting but in green and with a 3 metre run. This will be temporary as long term we will build a bigger run for them to "free range" into. 

Whilst doing my research I came across this message to an Ebay seller. Cracked me up! LOL! Geddit!!

After chicken stuff I went out into the garden to see how it's growing and have a little potter around. 
Checked on my lettuce I planted last week and nothing has come up so I resow again but with a different variety. This is the 3rd sowing if this doesn't come up I give up! (As it happens it didn't so I have given up for this year!)

Planted my stray Brocalli into this pot finally! Think it's too late in the year for it but we shall see. I'm not really having a good year this year.

Courgette is really taking off!

Got my first courgette. It's been nibbled at by something but I can just cut that bit off! So I pick it any way. Waste not want not lol!

Carrots are huge! These must be due picking soon?! I really should check when I seeded them and see. Although i'm not sure I wrote that down ... twat! (A quick look at my blog tells me it was Mid May and a quick look at google says 12-16 weeks so any when now really!)

The cucumber got ate by things so i've put a secondary plant in that I had as a back up. Let's see how this one does ...

Looking really healthy!

Still nothing out this bag of potatoes which is weird!

Tomatoes doing well although why one is much bigger than the other i've no idea!!

More potatoes and strawberries. I had stopped here before this picture to fill up the planter with some more compost.

More potatoes with yet another empty bag! The middle 2 should be ready for harvest very soon.

Strawberries just starting to ripen. Late in the year but everything is late this year!

These are some cuttings I took from the Box bushes that we moved out the front back in May I think it was. I took them in case the bushes we moved died (sure some have!) so when they are much bigger (hahaha!!) they can be put out the front! 

Beetroot doing well .. If it forms a ball! I tried late last year and failed!


Raspberries have little fruit! Some ready for picking.

The sun has come out at last so this cheers my mood up a bit. As the weather has been sooo gloomy under constant thick cloud here! I moan about it so much but ive never known a year like it!

I force myself to get to work again and I manage to weed this small patch on the right side of the darlick compost bin. (This has since gone completely to pot. I only managed 3 weekends in a row of weeding this before life went mad!)

The poppies have gone over and are pretty much done for the year now. 

This small rose looks relatively healthy but could do with a bigger pot! (This has since died I think!)

I fed this one as it was looking sickly. Looks like its all needed though as it has perked up with lots of fresh new growth.

Need to prune the stuff that isn't happy out of the middle mind!

Once I had finished in the garden I came in to get to work on J's room. Need to check that the mattress topper fits under the bed on J's mattress. The old spare one is broken so will put J's under (Which is cheap tatt) and buy her a new quality one that should last for years to come! First I tidy up and finally put her desk in it's final resting place by the wall!

Just about fits so job done!

Sunday 4th July:

Today is another garden day. It rains but sod it! If I didn't get out in the rain I wouldn't get out at all this blinking year! First up check the harvests. We have a few stray strawberries and raspberries. I picked raspberries for a few days but then I stopped and just left them on the plant. No one eating them but me. there is only so many I can eat and they were going mouldy in the fridge so why bother?!I will probably cut the bushes out next year or at least thin them drastically. 

Next job fill up my planter with more compost. A 50:50 mix of compost to vermiculite.

I check the other plants and see a small courgette. Looks like someone else has made light work out of trying it first though!!

Then on to finally starting to plant out some plants. I brought these last year! 

I get sidetracked by my teasel by this bush which is growing like mad. Need to tie it up as it's flopping out!

I then plant out this little plant. 

And finish by putting slug pellets down (organic ones before you all start worrying lol)

I am going to start on the area on the right next ...

But first I run round with the scissors to trim the borders. Yes I have border cutters but don't know where they area lol

I then get joined by a couple of gremlins! Who apparently are walking a rabbit on a lead ... As you do!!

Then the rain comes down big so I have donned my rain coat and thought so it i'm wet already so let's keep at it ...

Here are my tools. My gloves and my garden plant food.

The rain stops again and I get joined by a fairy ... !?

I move this little plant away from the edge and back a bit further. Aren't it's pink flowers pretty!

Sophie then starts creating a chair for the fairy queen ... Sellotape and leaves!

Meanwhile the queen has made herself a "hat".

Right it's tea time and i'm done for the day! I stop here. 

In the evening we play bingo. Not the traditional sort though but child bingo! It's quite fun and Jessica won both times! :-)

Come bedtime though some little person couldn't sleep! But finally passed out on me on the sofa. Had to message hubby to come down and peel her off me and carry her to bed!

Right that's it for this update! It's ridiculously long and now a month out of date! I started right this on the 23rd July! Life then went bonkers. 2 birthday parties, 1 sleepover, lots of research and planning and finally buying and we are getting chickens! Just waiting on the bark for their coop run (that we put up last weekend) and then we will be getting this probably this weekend! This is always mad long so i'm going to leave it here and say night night to all! Sleep well and take care! Don't expect many updates now until September as the kids are waaay off schedule with their sleep so i'm not getting any time to myself at all. Esp as i'm trying to sleep earlier. Which tbh I hate as it means I am missing out on me time. But everyone says to sleep earlier as its good for you. What do I know aye?! Yea only physically - mentally it messes with me more as I need time alone! Any way i'm off. Lots of love from The Mad House Xx