Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Small spaces project? Don't mind if I do!

So I have been indulging in George Clarks Amazing Spaces tv prorgram. Now apart from the wonderful eye candy before me I am also amazed at what people can do with a little space!!

So what would I do with a little space? Well ... It would be kinda cool to have one massive space that does everything. Think one part an out door living area - one part a litte play house for the baby - one part a chicken house and another part a shed.

So there I am sat on the veranda (it would be like a big summer house with sections) next to the play house where the baby is playing and watching the chickens ... Wishful thinking?? Maybe ... But who knows what can he done with a little space!

Here are a few of the projects I really enjoyed watching!

The converted bus! Sheer genuious! ... http://scrapbook.channel4.com/bookmarkBar/508672e3e4b0dd8247a18689 

 The shoffice. Hate the name - wouldnt have one in my garden but I love the way its made with the outdoor and indoor space. Again sheer genious! http://scrapbook.channel4.com/bookmarkBar/524c3b8be4b076c79f8a14a0

Tree tent! Awesome idea. Dunno how I would cope with it rocking around and making me feel sick though! http://scrapbook.channel4.com/bookmarkBar/50a0db94e4b096591980d747

The egg! Finking awesome! http://scrapbook.channel4.com/bookmark

The cob house! This dude is awesome. He built his house with £150. I love it. Gets his water from a stream and alsorts! http://naturalhomes.org/cobhouses.htm

So thats fit for my dreaming! Maybe one day I will have my own little space I built myself? Who knows!