Monday, 6 February 2012

We are pregnant!

So here's the start of my diary! This explains my absence for a few months!! And my inability to do anything until 3-4 weeks ago!!

Pregnancy Diary - First Trimester

10dpo. I am a poas (Pee on a stick) addict. It’s a fact! It’s surprising I can wait til 10dpo (days past ovulation) … Just tested and I think I can see a tlp (tiny little positive). Ladies on the pregnancy board agree. Oddly enough I am not shaking with fear! Probably because it is so faint I barely believe it. And yet deep inside I know I am. I have had none of my usual premenstrual symptoms. Infact no symptoms of any thing!

12dpo. Tested again. Ok I am definitely pregnant! That line is clearly visible. Wow is this really true. Out with a digi to confirm. That has another line too. No denying it. Can’t believe it. Had some slight cramping past few days. Only for a few seconds then gone. Maybe my ibs so not reading into it.

14dpo. Just to be sure I am testing again with a clear blue! Pregnant 2-3 weeks!! Flip. No going back now!!!

4 ½ weeks: Come down with a stinker of a cold. Feel like death warmed up only get up dressed and go to sofa. Head hurts, sinuses, ears and throat. Lasted 3 weeks! Taste has changed. Don’t like porridge, any juice is too strong and chocolate. Just don’t want to eat anything at all but am starving all the time. Not a good combination. Have taken on the eat little and often approach. I can see I am going to be living on biscuits at this rate! …

5-6 weeks: The sickness has kicked in! Thankfully I am not being sick but I just feel so full of wind and bloating that that makes me feel sick. When burping often feel like I am about to be sick. Had a good old cry one evening. Feeling very sorry for myself! Why on earth did I do this?! Never again  ... Dreading feeling like this the whole way through. If I did I could not cope!! On a scary but positive note – Week 5 – the baby’s heart starts to beat at the end of this week. Not sleeping well since 4 ½ weeks. Wake multiple times in the night. Often staving at 5am so go down for cereal. Hubby in America which is brilliant as this is my worst time with the cold and not sleeping. At least I am not disturbing him!

Weeks 7-8: Finally got rid of my cold!! Think it must have turned into sinusitis to last 3 weeks. Get rid of one thing though and another comes … Week 7 ½ we had to go to the epu (emergency pregnancy unit) as I experienced heavy bleeding. I had gone to the Dr at Week 7 who told me the midwife would ring me at week 8 to making my booking in appointment with her. She called just as I was waiting for the dr to call back about the bleeding. So she rang the hospital to arrange an appointment for the next day. Have to say I have never been so scared in my life almost! I think everything is ok as the bleeding doesn’t have anything in it and it then tailed off to spotting. But we need to be sure that it’s not the warning signs of blood coming from the sac or anything worse. The scan was very quick and easy. As we are under 12 weeks they don’t do an abdominal scan. It is similar to a smear test. They checked everything from ovaries and fallopian tubes to the lining of the womb and that the cervix was closed. All looking healthy. And we had a fast heartbeat on something that looked like a little leaf! All ok and we put the bleeding down to one of those things. Our guess is this would be when I would usually get my next monthly visit. So hormonal break through? All stopped after 10 days. Having a scan this early was so weird! I still haven’t got my head round any of this at all. I think as we have taken everything so slowly I never ever thought I would get pregnant. Heck I never even thought I would meet a fab guy and get married let alone have kids. I am mind blown. Did seeing the heart beat make it any real? No not really!! Feel a bit teary after but I think it’s from the shock of it all really. We only told the family the good news last week as I am so sickly when they come for Christmas they will pick up on it.

Week 8: I now have lower back pain which is a sharp stabbing pain. Mainly in my left buttock when I bend over. Sickness still here. I have resulted to trying anything! The ginger biscuits do help as I am hungry often and eat every hour or 2. If I get too hungry I feel sick. If I eat too much I feel sick from the bloating. So it’s a fine line to keep my stomach half full. Tired lots now. Just sleep as soon as I put my head down anywhere. I like taking a nap on the sofa. Bit hard to keep awake when at work with the hours I work behind when I’m most tired! Feeling really guilty about not feeling happy about this pregnancy. After wanting it for so many years on end the guilt is huge. What’s wrong with me?! I am meant to jumping for joy but I don’t seem to have had that feeling yet!

Week 9: Sickness seems to be taking a step back. YAY. Wind and bloating still there. This is Christmas week and I am so tired. Just to get up and do the washing up is an achievement! Feel sooo guilty. The house been abandoned since week 4 ½. So longs I can keep up with the basics laundry and washing up then the house can keep ticking over. Cleaning and major tidying can wait til later. It won’t hurt it. If anyone visits that doesn’t like it then they can clean it themselves lol. Stabbing bum pain still here and still sleeping on the sofa lots!

Week 10: Oh no the sickness is back. This time as well it is much more intense. Comes on very sudden and has me running for the loo. Deep breathing for a few minutes takes the edge off and I am never actually sick. Eat a ginger biscuit or 2 and it settles down a bit more again. The general sickness is there after lunch right up til bedtime. Still eating little and often. Have lost 4lb in weight. Started pregnancy at 8st 12lb now sat at 8st 8lb. Not a major loss but still annoying as last month I had my rings taken down in size from my weight loss so that they would fit. And now they are a bit wobbly again!

Week 11-12:  Looking for a bump not really got one yet. Definitely some shape change and I’m rounder rather than podgier but not bigger yet. Sickness still here but much reduced. Only shows up once or twice a week. Seem to have bad wind back again but again infrequently. Got hubby to massage my left buttock one evening and the next morning the sharp pain was gone! Must have had a square bum … literally! Whatever muscle was stuck is now released yay. I think this is mainly from how I sleep. I have slept sitting up since about 4 ½ weeks when I got the bad cold. And it’s more comfy for the sickness. But it’s not good for your posture! On the days I haven’t had bad wind, heartburn or sickness I have laid down with my dream genii pregnancy pillow so comfy! Thankfully it doesn’t take over half the bed as well otherwise there would be no room for hubby! Feeling more emotional around this time. Could cry at anything but mostly resist! Got upset over a few minor things but know that hormones are making it worse than it is.

Week 12: Had the scan. Arrived 20mins early and struggled to find parking so ended up being 10 mins or so late. Luckily everyone else must have been running late too as we didn’t get in til 30mins after our time slot. Told not to have an empty bladder but not to have a full one either. So as appointment was 1st thing in the morning I had 1 wee when I got up and then no more. Went in and found heartbeat straight away. Always a good start and the first thing you want to know really!! Then saw little baby with 2 arms, 2 legs and 1 head. Good! It was asleep and in the wrong position for taking measurements. After much probe bouncing on my stomach, coughing and tipping me upside down it still wouldn’t wake up. So was sent off to the loo and jiggle it awake with a wee. Came back and still asleep so more prodding and coughing and eventually it woke up. Funny to see little arms and legs moving everywhere. Scan lady was very nice and gave us 5 pictures instead of only 3. Had blood taken for the downs syndrome testing. The measurements were within norm so I wasn’t worried about the blood results to come.

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