Sunday, 30 April 2017

The erection of the greenhouse - How not to do it!

Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed the website change ... Yup I am now hosted on my own website address! This is akin to the feeling you get the first time your parents hand you the front door πŸ”‘when you are 13 years old ... You know you go swinging it in your hand down the street so every one cane see ...! NO?! Just me then ... πŸ™€ Any way's I have been researching and realising you can do a lot more and change things for the better over on wordpress so I plan to investigate that a bit more with a view to moving over. *Better start packing the blog boxes* (Researching how to move a blog to wordpress ...!)

So I thought I would drop you all a line to tell you about the garden work going on.

We currently have 2 projects on the go. Hubby has decided that the grass needs levelling off in preparation for summer so that a paddling pool actually stays level. As part of this it involves completely removing all the turf ... I only agreed to this on principle that we replace it with new turf.That said I will miss the daisy's, buttercups and those things that you flick at each other!
I'm sure that they will soon return - Although not as soon as the bind weed and couch grass will i'm sure!!

I have been working frantically (I say frantically as frantically as you can with a 21 month old cuddling your leg and a 4 year old tipping stones at your feet ...) on weeding the garden borders. 

My heather has died so I need to replace this with a new one :( It was my favourite too as it had pretty blue flowers on. It got some white sort of mould on the leaves so no doubt diseased.

I have also been trying to erect a walk in green house. I have treated myself to an upgrade from the basic 4 tier level!  
A - I fancied one to feel more ... gardenly ... is that even a word?! ... And B - I have a side line hobby of selling my over grown cast off's on ebay :-D So I will be using this to nurse them all in pots ready for selling on. I do like my little money makers! 

Plants I have sold so far include: Teasels, hellibores, bamboo root stock, ferns and something else I forget the name of right now. I haven't put anything in ebay as yet and I really need to get my socks up and get on with it as it is well into the season now and I have some of last years teasels good to go! If you want any little plants just let me know and i'll send you pictures of what is available :-)

Putting up the greenhouse has been somewhat a tricky affair. Being that typical woman who is useless at diy i'm suprised it didn't fall down after the first pole! I had treble dug over the ground - raked it - bashed and stomped on it to "level it". Then I went round the garden collecting odds and sods of slabs to try and make a base for it. Here are some pictures for your amusement!

Any way this very rickity unbalanced thing is definately going to have to have some husband treatment on it next week to sort out the ground! Hopefully then we can finished the sides and get the roof on! 

Until next time ... Chin up! And look to the sky! Don't forget to subscribe for immediate updates πŸ‘€

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