Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter with the Flylady!

So life has begun to settle down nicely the last couple of weeks. I have made a dent in the house and the clutter once again. Having seen off the worms we completed the backlog of sheets and towels when we got home from FIL's funeral. Yesterday I cleaned a mouldy bin (it had been touching window and gone manky on the outside with the condensation) and a wooden car run that had gone manky underneath and I hadn't noticed. Must have had water spilt on it by the kids at one time or another. Monday was a bank holiday here so we boxed up loads of the kids clothes/toys and took them up to the loft. Much to hubby's annoyance as we aren't having any more babies so he doesn't see the point but I can't emotionally detach from them yet. I have thrown some that will go to sell on ebay/facebook/nct. I say thrown ... This is literally ... Thrown onto a huge mountain of a pile that reaches up to the ceiling almost! We have no less than about 14? big boxes of stuff to sell. I am soooo gonna be busy ... at some point!

Our downstairs table is somewhat clutter city right now. I have worked through some of it. This consists of a pile of stuff to photograph to go on ebay - a box of stuff that is to be put on ebay and then a box of the kids craft stuff that I need to find a home for ... Some where?! We just don't have enough space in this house to put things! We will one day get the garage converted but all we seem to do is think and talk about it and get no further. It's a big job! The garage is a room built into the house. We have all of our garden stuff in there right now. So we need to get a shed/summerhouse type thing up the garden that we can relocate all that junk into and then we have any empty room to go for the conversion. This isn't going to be anytime soon and I can't see it being in the next couple of years which is a pain as we need the space now really whilst the kids are tiny and have sooo many toys!

So how am I managing to get all this done with the kids around?! I have clamped down on Jess and her bedroom lately. She must tidy up her toys on the floor before bed otherwise they will be taken away. She has 3 chances then they are gone. (Another bag full of junk just chucked in the nursery pulled out a few weeks later ...!!) So this helps a bit so I have less to do in that room. But other to that I follow Flylady.

Flylady is a house system whereby you break tasks down into tiny areas/jobs on a daily rota of routines. You start with baby steps - cleaning your sink, making bed, getting dressed etc etc. You then progress to things like setting a 2 minute timer to do a hot spot (anywhere that clutter accumulates quick), a 5 minute room rescue - running around picking up those toys! - a 15 minute declutter ... Pull out a cupboard or something to sort out. You have different zones for house cleaning and different daily missions eg - clean the fridge today. I have never manage to do the zones or the house cleaning. But hey ho one day ...! If you struggle in the housework area check it out! We even have a UK Flylady group on facebook where we support each other and help each to meet our goals :-)

Right that will do for today. No pictures i'm afraid as this is just a quickie update. I'm also frantically trying to sort through a backlog of photos of the girls so facebook will be somewhat spammed from time to time ...! I aim to go through youtube and label all of the video's properly at some point too so that they can be view in a sensible order and are easier to find. 

That's me done - Til next time - Chin up and look to the sky! 🌈 😁 Don't forget to subscribe for immediate updates about the mad house 👾!

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