Saturday, 6 February 2021

Crackle Crackle!! Hisssss Hisssssss!!

Crackle Crackle!! Hisssss Hisssssss!! No I haven't gone completely mad! This is the sound of the radio silence from this blog once again. I lost my mojo guys. Wanted to post but too emotionally exhausted to type anything. We have had school on our back about not posting work and attending many zooms. So i've had to compromise and say J will attend English at 11am only. Maths I can print off and do with her and Sophie's teacher is't bothered id she is there or not but I print out her work to do with her any way too. We have the worms back in the house ARGH! Is there ever an end to threadworms?! We had them at the beginning of December and treated with 2 doses of the meds. And 3 nights ago J was saying she was itchy and low and behold the little blighters were back! Thank goodness we keep the medicine in the kitchen cupboard as I know they will resurface again at some point! So we have another spare bottle now too. Just means the nightmare of daily bed change, hoovering, damp dusting, spring cleaning argh! I'm trying to work out the timing of it and whether we had actually successfully got rid of them pre-christmas or we had somehow reinfected ourselves despite 2 treatments ... Or whether J caught them 4 1/2 weeks ago on her 1 day at school after christmas?! Is it possible to catch them on one day only? Seems a bit far fetched. 

Any way what have we been up to? Well as we are 2 weeks behind i'm going to have to refer to google photos as a reminder!

Monday 25th January: I apparently made a bed! ...

Jessica photographed some melting snow ...

And the kids decided the only place to do school work was in a tent or tunnel ... As you do!

Tuesday 26th January:
Sophie on her zoom call at 9am ... Maths

Jessica's school English - Something to do with the Iron man...

Jessica's random Maths sheet on statistics I think 

Sophie got fed up of school and wanted to do science. So made the volcano experiment

And she ended the day by going on a date which involved her getting married ... Again ...!

And mummy found this pretty picture of these gorgeous balls of wool! I want to cuddle them they are so pretty!

Wednesday 27th January: A hack for the books with the black covering on the pages. Your meant to use a pen to write on them to reveal the colours underneath. No not for my kids! They have long lost the pen so resort to using wet wipes ...! 

Jess had a rubbish day at school not putting in much effort. Messy writing and 
the Maths was mostly wrong! Ooops!

Thursday 28th January: This was a better day! Mummy drew on the children ...

Sophie did the following sheets and keywords and spellings:


And Jess did the following sheets. Maths, English, Spellings and some Science:

Here's Jess at her zoom meeting:

Sophie tried to get distracted from school work by setting up a hospital

After school Sophie really wanted to play in the garden. But despite it being about 5c she still wanted to go out in just her nighty!! She was then joined by Jessica who mummy kicked out there (not literally before you get the Social onto me!!) She had to go out for 20 minutes before she could skype her school friend. 

Hahaha! Look at that picture! The kids are bored and want back in before the 20 minute timer went off. 

During this time the door bell rang and it was the lovely lady from Bella crafts delivering our order! We had ordered 2 unicorns to paint and I didn't realise it was a bag full of stickers and activity books too! Very sweet of her to home deliver! It was really nice to talk to a human too so we had a little natter on the door step for 10 mins or so.

After tea mummy was watching George Clarkes Amazing Spaces on TV. Hmmm George Clark! He's a bit of alrighy he is! Jess claimed it was her favourite show and she had to watch too and paint at the same time. I had brought the unicorns for tomorrow - the Friday as it was inset day! But alas they could not wait!

Friday 29th January: Inset day for real school so we took it off too! We walked to Waitrose in Weeke to go to the park for a change of parks. We took the scooters with us. This was eventfully and had Sophie crying for most of it as she was really hungry. Gah kids ... I thought she had eaten before we left but it appears she hadn't! I didn't check what she had either so a bit of a parenting fail there! I messaged hubby after we had had a play in the park and he came to Waitrose carpark to pick us up. He had the kids in the car and I went up to Waitrose to do a small shop and get some sandwiches for the starving child! My mummy found a Hycinth for £2.95 reduced so had that! 

In the evening mummy chilled in bed with some nice candles and my new book! I have a new candle which is a Woodwick one. As it burns it sounds like a crackling fire! It's really nice and quite realistic actually! I got it on Amazon - as I do most stuff! Here is what it says about it: A blend of juicy citrus and sparkling champagne grapes refreshing as a cold drink on a summer shore.

Famous for their soothing sound of a crackling log fire when burning, these luxuriously scented candles are ideal for traveling, candlescaping or to test different fragrances. Made of a high quality soy wax blend which produces a slow, clean burn and available in a wide variety of fragrances. Burns Time approximately 8 hours.

They are definately right about the crackling it is soo good but you don't want to have the TV on or something otherwise you won't hear it. Here's a piccie of it stolen from Amazon:

If your interested in it they do a range of colours and smells. Here is a link to the Cinnamon one that I shall be getting next! The yellow one is out of stock at the moment:

Here is the book I am reading right now too! It is a classic love story with a real Hygge twist to it! It took me a chapter or 2 to get into it but then I was hooked. She works in an office, has a boyfriend in the office and they have a secret romance. She is annoyed as she wants it public but he doesn't. She ends up being made redundant and her flatmate suggests she heads off to stay at her mums cabin in Northern Denmark. Whilst there she stares the cabin with another girl and 2 guys that are also staying for holidays and well yea the obvious happens I think! I've only got to the bit where the 2nd guy has just come out to stay and she fancies him so we shall see where it goes from here on ... It's called Hygge and Kisses: The first warm, cosy and romantic hygge novel. And this is the description of it: For readers everywhere who are embracing the Danish art of hygge – the first warm, wise and romantic hygge novel! Hygge and Kisses is about 26 year old Bo who is following her life plan. She has a career, she has a relationship - albeit a secret one, but that's the fun surely? - and she is happy in her careful, cautions and straightforward day to day routine of work, going out to dinner with Ben and her seeing her best friend Kirsten.

But then things start to spiral out of control. She is made redundant and it is also very obvious that Ben is not as committed to their 'relationship' as Bo would like him to be. Kirsten takes control and arranges a trip to her mother's summerhouse in Skagen where it might be dark for 17 hours a day but will give Bo the change of scene she needs to reassess what it really is she wants from her future. Everyone needs a bit of hygge in their life every once in a while, but will a trip away to Denmark help Bo move on and mend her broken heart and bruised feelings?

The perfect feel-good novel to curl up with - light some candles, wrap yourself in a blanket and relax ...

You can see more about it over here:

So I think that's me done for a wrap up of this week before last. Plodding along and surviving! I shall try and update sooner next time but it just depends on whats happening this end both in terms of kids but also my headspace and mentally. Hope the rest of you are coping ok? Would be good to hear from some of you!! Keep looking up. Lots of love - The mad house Xx

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