Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Air Freshener

So I have just interrupted myself from swish n' swiping ( the bathroom to come and post. Whilst lifting the air freshener to clean underneath I was brought to ponder upon its existence ... Who uses this stuff anymore?! I for one ... I think it is kinder on my nose as well as others using the bathroom after you! Not that I have smelly poo's being a girl! That said I do have IBS so when they are smelly the whole street can smell it! Some would open the window but that's just cold ;-) and having a nice smell makes the whole thing more pleasant and cleaner. Maybe I only use it as I was brought up with it. 
I find that my visitors never use it and I just wondered why people don't. I can't even get my husband to use it - because he "can't smell". Maybe I need to invest in a posh thing that will work when pressed on the wall or if it's triggered if it notices a smell is bad. If one exists! Maybe I need put a sign up reminding people of its existence. But I do think its time to RIP air freshener from the can.


  1. Wonders if you have ever heard of these wonderful inventions ...

  2. That's the one that attacks you! Per here:

    Well almost the one lol. Similar.

  3. Attack of the killer air fresheners ......makes opening a window seem like a good idea !