Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New blog - New diary!

So this is my new blog. I am going to treat this as a diary just without the private bits!
I am going to moan, laugh, cry, vent and even write about my hopes and dreams for my life. And a lot of waffling on! Sometimes through the day you have random thoughts that you wish you could jot down so this is the place to put things like that too.

So who am I? I am Rebekah. 29 years old. I am an proud housewife happily married to my hubby for 18 months but together for 9 years. We have a fabulous time getting to know each other, having a lazy life and not rushing into anything. The getting married 7 years in is a real give away to that ;-) We have no children but have not dismissed the idea as yet. I work from home for a well known phone/bb/tv company. I only do 20 hours a week. So I have been extremely luck to do what I really wanted to do. Not in regards to my job but to work from home and part time. I hate the whole office where there is a fight to get to the top and a good old slagging off behind peoples back and the office politics! I do not miss that at all. Whilst you still get it from working from home you are physically removed so it doesn't get to you as much as in real in person.

I do not miss the getting up early. Anyone who knows me in person knows full well I am not a morning
person! I can do 10/11am! 7/8am I just cannot do!

So what do you do the rest of your time I hear you say. Well I am very lazy. By the time I get up its not far off lunch time. I sit on my laptop and watch the wright stuff. Attend to forums, emails, facebook, etc etc. A hour or 2 over my cereal and coffee to wake up and then up to do housework. Of course by this time I only have a few hours til work unless its my day off. I need to work hard on the housework more for sure. I am good at keeping the place tidy now. I just need more of a cleaning routine! I tend to only get half the house done and cleaned and 3 rooms don't get done. Now common sense would say the week after begin at the rooms that didn't get done. But being all or nothing, perfect or sod it person this is impossible! I like perfection so I have to follow my routine and begin at room 1 again lol! One day I will learn ...

Speaking of which! Well that is a quick intro or not depending on how you view it! I shall leave more for later. Time to get on with said housework!

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