Wednesday, 1 June 2011


So another one of my pass times is gardening. I have always enjoyed looking at flowers as they are pretty but that was the extent of my "gardening". Look and not touch!

However all this changed once me and hubby moved to our second flat. We had a nice balcony that just called out to be filled with pretty things. So up went the balcony boxes and pretty flowers and then came the desire to grow tomatoes! It makes you feel all the better for the comments the neighbours would give us about our flowers being so big and beautiful and making them joyful. And the old lady in the downstairs flat commenting on our tomatoes falling off the plant. I told her to keep them and eat them if they did it again lol. The rest is history ...
We moved to a house 3 1/2 years ago with a nice garden. This is around 75 feet long so a nice lot of space to play in. The top is just a dirt area that we have. In one part we have put some bushes round to grow up and cover as a compost area.
The rest for the past 3 years has been used as a vegetable plot. Then we come down to the gravel area. I am currently building some boxes to be used for planting on this gravel area and on the other end we have a bench for sitting on. Right next to this is our pond which is progress. A big grass area with borders on each side which house bushes and flowers. And before the house another patio area which is covered in pots, the barbeque and my mini green house.

Here are some happy people enjoying a barbeque and looking up at a passing gust front where it was mega windy.

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