Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dreams! Dreams! Dreams!

Everyone has their own dreams of how they want their life to be. Not being the most outward social type I like the quiet life. I dream of a big house in the country with lots of wooden beams. The house must have an ensuite bathroom. A bedroom that looks over the big garden with a working fireplace for romantic evenings. Two wardrobes ~ one for winter clothes and one for summer. A conservatory would be nice for those spring days when it's warm behind glass but not outdoors. Need a big living and dining room for entertaining. 

A utility room for all that laundry to dry in winter! I would love a nice big country kitchen pine and oak everywhere. A big wooden rack from the ceiling from the pots and pans to hang on. A big aga oven. A big table for food preparation like shepherds pie and pizza. I would love to be able to have my own business making and selling cakes and eggs from my chickens. In the middle of a u shaped kitchen. Marble top with lots of little wicker/straw baskets all around in on little shelves underneath. In my kitchen I will prepare lots of home made meals

Bathroom to have a big deep huge wide bath with spa jets in. Lots of plants and little fairy lights and candles everywhere. I would love a room as a library. My own study room for work. Another little room and cupboard for putting in all my crafting stuff and enough space to sit in and have a work room.
In the garden I would love a big vegetable patch. 

A separate area under some trees for chickens and ducks to live. A stream at the bottom of the garden to paddle in in summer. A big pond with waterfall and fountain next to a patio area. Lots of borders with country type flowers in like poppies and geraniums, fox gloves and red hot pokers. I might even want to have a few animals. Some puppies and kittens. A sheep, goat and a cow. 

A girl can dream!

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