Saturday, 6 May 2017

All about Jessica!

So today I thought I would write up a little update on Jessica.

Jess is still doing school and nursery until the end of the month. We love Farley and really are mega upset that she only has 3 weeks left! After half term she will be in school for 4 days until September. And she will continue to have her one day a week at home with mummy. (That said the other day she said she would rather go to Farley!!!) So that will be the end of Farley until October when Sophie will start.

Jess is doing fab at school. Parents evening's have reflected her strength in maths which is what we already knew. She loves anything numbers related - always has! And is slightly behind in knowing things related to time - this morning, last night etc etc. So we have an area to work on :) I actually have a board game that has this type of stuff on it along with days of the week so we shall be working on that :-D

She has just gone up a shoe size to a size 9.5e so we need to get her more new shoes. Not bad though as I was under the impression kids grow out of shoes mega quick and was expecting to be buying new ones before the new year! I also need to get her sandles for summer and a pair of crocs for the garden too. I shall look for those in sales and ebay etc too.

Jessica is on tapestry - this is a site the school sets up that they upload the children's observations and photo's to for you to observe their progress in reception. We have had all manor of pictures from her surrounded by boys in the mud kitchen making mud soup to a picture of her being the teacher and leading the "class"! She loves doing this at home and can often be found making a register and asking her teddies, the cup?!, chair?! etc if they are here ...!! Even mummy, daddy and Sophie have to sit in class ...!

We have a new sand and water table that both girls enjoy and Jess can be found making yet more soup in one of my saucepans - sand, water, daisies and compost are a real favourite! She also likes putting in dishcloths and washing them in the water side?! 

She is very into collecting nom noms at the minute and has made a bus for them to sit in - complete with seat belts with daddy's help.

Well that's it for a quick update! Next I will need to put an update up all about Sophie! Until next time ~ Chin up and look to the sky! 🌈

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