Tuesday, 9 May 2017

All about Sophie!

So Sophie is now 21 months old! This has gone soooo quick and so slow all in one for me. I am very traumatised as it means that she is almost 2 and we can no longer call her "the baby"! :( However it also excites me as we can ditch all the rest of the baby stuff either in the loft or in the ever growing "to sell" pile. Need any baby stuff up to 2 years anyone???! ...

So they say that when you have another child they will be completely different to the first. This I got but by heck I didn't appreciate just HOW different they would be! Jess was a 5lber new born and is still tiny - measuring on the 25th centile like me. And Sophie was 7.7lb at birth and raced up to the 91st centile by 16 weeks old or so. She is still huge now! With weight comes added challenges for mummy. Until literally the last 2 weeks she would only go to sleep if rocked. Whilst I still rock her for naps (oh my poor back, hips, knees and pelvic floor!!) hubby has found that he can rock her for 5 to get her sleepy then she will let him put her in the cot. This results in her self settling if she lays still or a bit of rolling around then going to sleep. Or needing a bit of help from stroking/patting. But again this is a step down from needing to be rocked off. So we have some progress! We last gave her a try with sleep training - gradual retreat - before christmas. This didn't work as she was also going through the 18 month sleep regression so we gave up to come back to it at a later date. The imminent death of father in law became of prime importance.

Baby 2 newborn period was dead easy!! Much easier than I worried about. I had already mastered breastfeeding and cosleeping. As I was in hospital again after having her like with Jess as she was a Caesarean due to breech I knew the drill. I hated harrassing midwives to keep passing her to me for feeds every hour so I just took to cosleeping. They tucked us in and pulled the side up so we were safe which was very sweet! This time I was in a high dependancy room for the first 3 days/nights so just me and her. So once again I pulled her into bed with me and we snugged up. Every time she wanted a feed I would just latch her on leave her to it. Soooo pro :-D

This continued when we got home. Jess took to her like a dream.

I had prepared a new box of toys and books for Jess as a suprise so when I was breastfeeding I could just whip it out to entertain her. Sleeping was a case of Sophie in the moses basket for the first part of the night and she came into our bed around 3am when I was sooo tierd I didn't care so longs as I got sleep! She ended up cosleeping until she was around 10 months old when she started sleeping though the night without needing night feeds.

12 weeks til around that 10 month time I had PND and Anxiety so took on cbt. This seemed to help if for no other reason that to give me a reason to get out the house once a week - baby and child free! We had home help come in from home start but tbh they were useless over all and if anyone was as desperate as I was for someone to just take the kids and regular then I wouldn't really recommend it. If you need practical help in the house and don't mind missing out weeks at a time then it might work for you. 

Sophie has mostly been behind Jess. So not sleeping through til 10 months but Jess did this from 12 weeks. Not doing any self settling really until 21 months - Jess gained this skill around 5/6 months! She also started teething later than Jess too. I think she was around 9 months where as Jess was 8. She started solids at 26/27 weeks as that kinda crept up fast on me and I wasn't prepared for it! Jess was raring to go by 24 weeks. In regards to breastfeeds they were about the same by day but once Sophie stopped the morning feed she didn't want any substitute. Jess had cows milk Sophie just has water. With food Sophie loves all things veg and mostly all fruit - brocalli is a massive favourite! Where as Jess to this day will not touch any veg at all. And has become fussy with fruit.

Sophie is very cuddly and kissy where as Jess is quite standoffish. She doesn't really like cuddles as much. She will come up for them sometimes but gets bored quick. She is very sensitive so needs treating gently and for me to plan in cuddle times.

Sophie loves water play now. She can often be found tipping water from her drinking cup all over the place! Into bottles, play kitchen cups, over her dolls face, books - just any where!

Her favourite thing to say right now is "car," "ride". When she stands on the changing table she likes to watch what is going on out the window. And I am often fighting a madly waving arm to get her into a top whilst waving bye bye bus! She loves birds and is always saying hi birdy,

If she can't find you she can often be heard saying "where yar you". If she does something like make a mess she can be heard saying "oooooh did it" ...

So she is right little character now! She loves books and we do story time separate at bed time so that they each get their own mummy/parent time. 

Sophie sleeps funny on some of her naps. Look at these 2 pictures of her hands tucked in and her little feet crossed over lol!

She can count very well. 1-2-3-4-5 ... 9 7 8 9 ... ?! But this good as they are only meant to be mastering 1-3 pre 2 years old. Jess is a numbers girl though so recon she will follow likewise!

She has just started doing puzzles now.

Her hair is much longer than Jessica's was at this age! And it also straight. Jess has these most gorgeous curls so I am missing those for sure! The other big thing is hairclips or bobbles. We put them in and she immediately pulls them out!This is why she looks somewhat feral in most of her pictures ...!

Right that will do for Sophie! Here are a few piccies to end with :-)

Chin up and look to the sky! 🌸Remember to subscribe for updates! Until next time take care! X

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