Thursday, 8 June 2017

New changes aloft?

So I have been meaning to research blogs more for a while. I hear that blogger just isn't cutting it any more and that you can really have more control and neat features over on wordpress. I had looked at this before I opened blogger way back when - yeeeears ago! However it looked cold and clinical to me then where as blogger looked more fun. I am now thinking that I can change and customise wordpress better as well as get hold of all the neat add on's. Who doesn't like toys to play with?! So I will at some point be looking into this more. I don't do changes though so this will be a real big thing for me both in terms of moving stuff over but also emotionally lol! 

I have got a site that redirects to blogger too. I like the idea of my own site and it's nice and easy to remember. We are parked at! I was suprised I could get it but also pleased that I did. So if I move over to wordpress I will need to redirect that. I was highly impressed with the service I received when I got this name. I brought it through 1 to 1 at 99p for the 1st year and then the 2nd at a cheaper rate than godaddy was advertising. It helps to shop around ... 
The next day a guy from 1 to 1 called me up and asked if I needed help setting stuff up. I said no I was ok and he said I can tell. He had looked at my site all ready and said it all looked ok and good to go. He was very friendly and to the point. More impressively he was happy to put the phone down and not try and sell me anything else! However it was only a few days before the annoying calls came in from random web development people all around the globe asking me if I needed help in making my site ... I am still fighting them off now!

So that's that - A little behind the scenes update. Oh and here is a fun fact for you all. In the month of May my blog received 550 hits!!! And here are the countries we are having hits from: UK ~ USA ~ China ~ Bulgaria ~ Canada ~ Germany ~ Ireland ~ South Africa ~ India ~ Ukraine ~ Poland ~ Singapore ~ Bahrain ~ Ghana ~ Netherlands ~ Philippeans!That is just barmy! My previous to that had been 238 hits in September 2011 so a long time ago! And all those countries! We really are worldwide! So thank you all for reading my mindless drivel! I must be doing something right! As always let me know what you want to see more of?? Pop this in the comments below. Hope all are well and enjoying summer?! Well it was a couple of weeks ago but I was in bed for all of the heat and missed it all!!! Any ways chin up and keep looking to the sky. ☀

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