Sunday, 4 June 2017

The garden rescue continues!

Well I have been MIA for a few weeks as I have been ill. I somehow managed to get food poisoning. Any way I am back on my feet now and starting to catch up from everything that got behind during this time.

I started this a few days ago but have been somewhat struck by writers block again! So many things to write about none of them feel right to do right now.

So I thought about giving another garden update and as this is where I have spent most of my time this seems best fitting.

OK So once I had recovered and started to regain some control on the house I then ventured out into the garden to continue rescuing it from the weeds!

I tend to most of my gardening in the evening. Get the kids down to sleep and get out there to it! I am that figure you see moving at the bottom of the garden in the almost dark LOL! I get out around 9 and can whip in an hour before bed whilst the days are still drawing out for the next couple of weeks.

I have been working my way up the left side of the garden. This started as basic weeding to try and find the plants that existed there. It has now moved onto digging a spades depth and sieving the lot to destone it aswell ...! Ever ambitious me! Some of the bigger stones I have put by the fences at the bottom We have some large gaps which often lets weeds and over growth through. So I have been bunging some there in the hope it might keep some of that back too.

Last month I put in some new plants into my right side border so I shall add piccies of that here. They have obviously somewhat grown since then so I need to do another posting showing those and all of the garden in flower at a later date!

The grass - aka weeds - have got somewhat tall! As the lawn has only been done twice this year I'm suprised that we haven't been tripping over them before tbh! Just so much to do out there.

My veggie patch at the top is full of weeds again following the rain so once I have finished this left side I shall be going round the whole lot again!!! This time it should be easier though ... should! Ha!

I planted some carrots in about a week ago. I can't say they are looking to happy with the transplantation though so not sure they will live. I have courgette and beans to put in too at some point. I have a raspberry plant I planted last year which has some fruit on! YAY! Got it cheap on clearance so am excited about that!

I also need to finish going over the pond and stripping back some of the growth. That is a pain to do though as the kids want to get their hands in too which obviously is not a good idea!!! Once everything is under order I can then venture out into the front garden which hasn't been touched in years bar the lawn. I really don't know what to do with that it's just one unattractive mess really and I would like to do something nicer but at the same time I don't have the time. I've even thought of growing veg etc out there but I know people would steal it lol!

We have a stone area outside our front door which is unattractive too. And whilst long term this area will be built over for now I want to do something nicer with it.

Today I started listing up my teasels on ebay to sell. I am somewhat behind on that as I have just been swamped with other stuff but they are in stock and need to go :-D I had a bid on one a few hours after putting them up too! Happy day'z!

So that's it for now! Hopefully updates will be a bit more regular from now on.  Here are my pretty poppies in full bloom to end on ... Take care all and keep looking up! 🔆

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