Saturday, 10 June 2017

A review of Swagbucks!

So I have been Swagbucking for a few months now. Swagbucks is a website where you get to do "tasks" that then give you points. The points can be used for conversion into either cash or gift cards. Depending on how many tasks you do daily depends on how fast you rack up the points. As with most things on the internet this is no get rich scheme but more of a 10 minute daily time filler that will net you some dosh to withdraw as pocket money.

So what are the tasks? ... Tasks include doing a search in their search bar, "watching" a set of videos, answering the question of the day, watching 3 short videos and answering if you like them or not, and answering surveys. These activities are daily and if all are completed then you net yourself some bonus points of the day on top. There is also a deal of the day - Eg sign up to X and get X points. If you do this the points can be big. I purchased Jessica's school shoes using this site at Clarkes and my points came back to me fine. I suspect there are other activities that can be done but I am yet to find them! There is a To Do list on the left side of the screen half way down and it ticks things off as you go which is handy. You click on the task and it takes you straight through.

They have a refer and earn section where you can refer people and earn a certain amount of points for what they do - again daily! I already have someone on this and have points trickling in daily.

How reliable is payout? Well I earnt 350 points which then got me a pay out of £3. I chose an amazon voucher as other wise you need to earn more to get a paypal payout. I had my voucher in my box within 24 hours. I would say it was before this even! Within 12 or less ... I spent it fine and have also spent 2 x further vouchers of £5. So I've had £13.50 over 2/3 months. You could earn more esp if you do all the surveys on offer. I tend not to do these any more though due to time and focus on the videos as you can just leave these running in the background in another browser to accumulate points.

So that's that! If anyone fancies a sign up feel free to use my referral here:

Anyone using any other methods of earning online like this? Drop some comments below! Until next time ... Keep your chin up and look to the sky! 🌞

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