Friday, 25 June 2021

Eurovision and Operation Kallax!

Hi All!

It's time for another update. I'm just going to launch straight in there ... 

Saturday 22nd May:

This feels like forever ago now! Well it was - Over a month! I keep thinking about stopping looking back posts and just picking up from the present. But I like it to flow consistently so i'll stick at it and just try and post more regularly. Ha! We all know how well this works out ...!

Any way today is Eurovision day! This always causes much excitement in the mad house household as it's a good excuse for lots of yummy food and Sangaria! Not that I feel there should even be an excuse for Sangaria tbh! 

The day started out with more gardening from me. The men went out to various shops for food (or maybe this was done the day before - I forget now! They also took over the kitchen to cook and prep food for the evening. So out I go ...

First job of the day is always to check the veggie patches and their progress over. The top veggie patch is minimal now as we are awaiting a landscaping dude to come in and do the fence and shed + path work for us. We have so far been quoted two lead times of 3 and 9 months. So either way its a long wait. One guy is coming to look in a couple of weeks and i'm waiting to hear back from the other guy. I need to email some more as I like to work things in 3's. Either way the minimum I can expect is for a new clean start in the garden next year!

Looking at the spinach here it has well gone over. Well I say gone over it's bolted like mad! I might keep one plant to fully flower and go to seed so I can collect this for next year. 

The picture below is of the potatoes coming along. I put them in so ridiculously late this year so they won't be ready for ages yet. In fact I ever even took note down of when I put them in so goodness knows when they will be ready! I will have to go back through this blog I guess to find out! The greenery is coming along well so I top them up with compost.

Look at my teeny tiny carrots! :-D Aaah they be cute!

Next I see Bobbin' my little Robin flitting down into the top veggie patch. Can you see him? I do love them. Robins are my favourite bird :-)

Here's a look at my new veggie patch that i've built this year. I'm going to call it the bottom veggie patch as I have to come down over the sleeper as the top patch is raised. So there we have it - top veggie patch and bottom veggie patch! It's such slow progress but most of the bark is down now. The top left corner is empty as this is where my 3x3 planter will go when I have cleaned and oiled it up ready for use. Everything is so behind this year due to the weather too. Normally I have managed to oil stuff during a hot spell in Spring but not this year! 

Today I took to my darlick compost bin and emptied it ready for use. I pulled out around 100 litres of compost. It is bitty so needs sceiving before use. I need to empty both bins somehow ready for when the shed gets put up. They need to move from this corner but that is a job for another day. So one down one to do!

Today I plant the rest of my main crop potatoes. Again ridiculously late!!They are in the 3 green bags over by the sleeper in picture 2.

Oooh look the cloud from a few pictures back is starting to break! Yippeee here comes some blue sky. That is definitely lacking the South of the UK this year!

Oh no! The rambling rose bush we cut back last year is trying to put out shoots again! I definitely don't want this so knock these off straight away! Shame we can't cut it out but that's the neighbours fence not ours!

Taking a wander further down the garden and look at all these weeds! It's ground elder which apparently was brought to our country as a food from the Romans I think it was. Can't say I want to eat it!! And i've no idea how on earth I'm going to get rid of it either! Long term solution it will have a patio on it!

Checking in on my new rose I got last year. It should be yellow but doesn't look happy still from all the late frosts we had. You can see it has caught the edges of new leaves.

By this time it is getting quite late - around 7pm - So I come in to get ready for Eurovision! We have a raclette tea. For anyone who has no idea what the hell that is - It's basically a grill and a hot stone that you can cook/melt food on to eat! It's great fun and always a favourite round here! Here we are tucking in! 

Below: I have some cheese in a pan underneath and strips of chicken and beef on the top. Hardly anyone touched the chicken but we all went for the beef!!

Below: Sophie has a bit of bread for toast and a tomato in hers. 

Then we ended up by melting marshmallows This seemed like a good idea but became quite nightmarish trying to get them out - not to mention the cleaning of the pans after!!

Next it's time to seat ourselves in true slob style and get started! Here is my lush sangaria! I want some right now!!

Now when we have Eurovision we try and have a sophisticated scoring system but this year we opted for a house only excel spreadsheet to work out our average. Here it is:

And here are pictures of us all slobbing with snacks and the TV LOL! 

Sunday 23rd May:

Hubby's uni friend made a very early departure. Before 7am! He is a vicar so has to be back home for church services with a 2 hour journey ahead of him. We all sleep soundly so miss this! Today we are going to build the Kallax in J's room that we brought on Friday in IKEA. 

Just checking on my Tomato plants in the window and they are starting to look at bit sickly. I suspect they need feeding and bigger space to grow. They are ready to go outside but the weather is still cold! If they can hold on I will put them out next weekend regardless I think!

I clear and hoover the wall in J's room that the unit is going to go against. And then building begins! It only just fits in the floor space it's so big!!

Job done! No doors on it as hubby got fed up. We also need to buy some more and maybe some drawers so will be lazy and put those off until much later! The desk will stay there permanently but for now must live next to the window as we still have the white (empty) wardrobe in here. The wardrobe is for selling (which I actually only got round to putting up for sale yesterday! It's on ebay. facebay/marketplace and gumtree!). The wardrobe will only fit in side on so it's a bit of a squeeze in here for now. So the piccies below are of how things stand for now!

Right that's it for this weekend's catch up! It's been a busy but very productive one. Hope you enjoyed it! Off to bed now as per usual for me. Keep looking up all. Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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