Monday, 28 June 2021

With the others away ... This mummy will play!

PST! Big news! We are getting chickens! Last night was the most ridiculous purchase of our lives. Over £1k the coop and run cost! Ouch! But it's plastic and from eglu so shouldn't have any mite issues and should be quick and easy to clean! I couldn't bring myself out right to say a firm yes lets do it. Too scared lol! But pets will be good for the girls as we haven't had any yet! I am somewhat terrified or all the what if's mind. I feel very much like the moment you look at your pregnancy test and think what the heck have I done LOL! But any way the deed is done and we shall have lots of fun. Remind me of this on a cold icy winters day when i'm cleaning them out ha!

Right time for a look back at May still. How on earth are we this far behind it's mad?! I've literally just said to hubby that it's only a few days of July and how the hell are we about to start July! :-o This summer has been seriously rubbish in the South of the UK so far and I feel like I am still waiting for summer to begin ... But any way here goes ...

Monday 24th May:

Well this week is going to be somewhat scarce as I haven't really taken many pictures!

Tonight after school Sophie wanted to play a board game. We also have an extremely rare moment of all 4 of us playing! This never happens ... It was a days of the week game. You have to move backwards and forwards based on suggestions from a card such as: "Move to Tuesday of next week" - "move to yesterday" - "Move to 3 days ago". You then pick a piece from the days of the week wheel. Whoever makes their wheel first is the winner. I've forgotten who won LOL! Oh and yes Jessica is wearing a coat! She was naked and cold but wouldn't get dressed ... Kids aye!

At bedtime Jessica decided to do some art work, Yes bang on bedtime!! And painted a sunset. I stupidly forgot to take a picture of it finished - Doh!

I don't have anything from Tuesday so we move on to Wednesday 26th:

Well look at that it's cloudy again .. We can't get rid of cloud round here this year!

Thursday 27th:

Look how boring my camera roll is for this week LOL! Yeeet mooooore clooooud!!

Friday 28th:

Sophie has been trying to catch a pigeon as a pet and so far failed. Although not much work has gone into this ... The plate of food is still there though so i've removed the box so at least the birds can eat it before the plate gets washed lol!

Well this weekend is going to be very exciting for me. Not only is it half term so the kiddies are off and no early mornings - yippee! - The kiddies are going up north to mother in laws house with hubby. Now whilst this seems minor news to some - or even expected to others ... It is the first time me and Sophie have been away from each other over night in almost 6 years! And only the second time in almost 9 years that I have been child free over night! I have lots of grand plans - think housework, gardening and even a bit of sunbathing as the weather is meant to start looking up. Yippee! So this week has also been spent frantically packing for the kiddos.

Saturday 29th:

And i'm awake early. The make a nice early departure and leave around 10am. They should be there around 3pm with stops. However things were really rough on the road and they weren't there until 5:30pm I think it was! The longest journey ever. I felt sad and guilty for them. Such a long journey but also glad I wasn't there as i'm a bad car traveller on long trips!

To make the food car bag easier I pack them a lunchbox of snacks each. 

I watch the live map of the car moving up motorways until it gets near to Birmingham then I make my exit and go out. I need to do food shopping for one!

I decide to walk down to Waitrose with the plan of busing back. I will be somewhat laden with bags after all! I got down the other side of the hill (I have to walk up to the top then down the other side!) and when I was near the round about I saw lots of pretty buttercups and dasies. Don't they look nice unmowed!

Here are all my bags on my return! I got the girls some birthday bits and some WD40 to attack some squeaky doors in the house!! It was on offer. After I undid all the shopping and put it away I sat on the sunbed with a newspaper and a chocolate cup cake! Ok it wasn't hot enough to strip off but it was lovely and warm as it was sooo humid! Just my weather!

I think our lawn needs a cut! It's not had one this year yet ... Need to get the whip out on the hubby!

I come in after a while and talk to the fam on webcam. They are having their tea and then we chat a bit more and the kids go to bed. They brushed teeth etc and then had a story with me on webcam but it all became a bit too much and both ended up crying so I made a hasty exit! Apparently it took hours for them to go to sleep! Poor hubby!

Sunday 30th:

The plan is to get all the veggies out this weekend. It's close enough to June and the weather has warmed so it's time! Just checking in on them before I take them down and all are doing well ...

Now as the sun is out today and with the humidity it's quite hot hot!! So it's time to defuzz the legs. Now i'm quite a lazy mare and my hairs were ridiculously long so I did a half leg job and i'll do the tops tomorrow morning lol! No one is here to see! Says she posting this on social ha!

Oh I forgot my tomato plants! Look how big they are getting. Desperate to get out so they are off this weekend!

It's the wekeend so I take a walk around. I planted some random cuttings off of my box bush before moving them. In case they happen to die ... Good job I did they aren't looking happy! These little cuttings look happy though. 

Everything looks good so todays job is to attack this planter! I need to clean, oil and then treat it before it can be used as a strawberry planter. I am using decking cleaner as the wood is decking wood.

There is something quite satisfying about an utterly and totally discustingly filthy job! You should see the state of me lol! I went straight into the shower after ...

I stopped for a very late lunch. It was like 4pm lol! Whilst sitting at my table in the shade little bobbin' the robin came for a visit. He was sitting on the peg box on the table right in front of me! I think he wanted my food. Just as I clicked he flew up into the bush next to me though. Gah! 

After lunch I decided to sit on the sunbed for an hour with some late afternoon sun. Still nice and hot but not too hot to get burnt! Nothing like a custard cream slice from Waitrose and my freebie newspaper for having the My Waitrose card. Never actually even used it before. I said no to a paper then realised it was free when she said it's free so I was like actually yea i'll have one! LOL. Us Brits never turn down a freebie!!

Here's the veggies from upstairs. Today is planting day! ... First up Courgette (I think!!) ... I have the courgette and cucumber next to each other and they look the same LOL!

Teeny weeny Carrots!

Tomatoes ...

I'll plant more later. It's starting to get late and I want to Linseed oil some planters to dry in the heat. Strawberry plants are doing well ...

And here's to the oiling after ...

It is now 10pm. I've not had tea and it's starting to get dark. However I want to weed my outside planter in the front garden to by some flowers to put in. I start but realised that it is sooo dry and root bound it's too much hard work, Meh I give up i'm off for tea ...!!

So that's it for this week. A slow week but busy come the weekend! The others won't be back until Wednesday so I have lots planned in the house and garden! I will sign off now and update more on my next posting! Lots of love to all - Love The Mad House Xx

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