Thursday, 2 December 2021

My beautiful field!

Oooooh i'm doing well! This is post number 6 stacked up ready to post up for you all to read on the catch ups! I'm trying not to bore you all by posting too often so i'm putting them up about every 3 days right now. I keep having ideas of posts I want to write about - topics - so it's less diary like with some more variety. But think that won't come this side of next year with all this catching up going on! Right lets dive in ...

Monday 4th October:

Today is a wet day. It always rains on school run right!? So here's my wellybobs and all the brollies at the ready. How on earth I have only recently discovered wellybobs i've no idea! I still can't make out if I love them or not. They feel very welly like - yea what do you expect woman they are just short wellies! But I am used to Bogs which are not rubber but made of neoprene so have a different feel! Either way they are for a short trip and do the job! And yes my living room floor is well overdue a hoover!! So not just you if yours looks anything like mine!

Once were home from school the rain had stopped - obviously!! So it was straight out to get the chickens for Sophie. Here is Peachy in for a cuddle. And here is a really funny video of Sophie holding them outside. The way she carries Peckers is sooo funny with those dangling legs. Here look for a giggle!:

Tuesday 5th October:

Today we were a little late arriving at school so I had to go out the main gate home instead of the side gate as it was already closed. One positive of this is I get to look at this gorgeous view as I walk down the hill. I could stare at that field in the distance all day! It's beautiful. It makes me feel so happy to be so close to the country where we are. We are lucky. So I couldn't resist a snap at it to show you all. 

I was sat on my laptop after my lunch time nap and realised this box of sanitiser has been sat here since we got the chickens! I really need to get round to getting some more storage outside to move this into. And the bedding that is in the garage!

After school run I sorted through this basket and bag. Random tosh that had come down from upstairs. It's mad the amount of rubbish that ends up there that is mean to be downstairs. Shoes, brollies, and play food from the play kitchen to real things from the real kitchen like sauce pans and tongs! I do some washing up - yes there are potatoes on my draining board! And then I clean around the sink and leave it to dry. I end the day by having a quick declutter of the coffee table.

Wednesday 6th October:

Jessica got sent home with this form to fill out for school. I thought it was far too intrusive so this won't be filled out and sent back!! Could just be me being over sensitive but why on earth do they need to know her sleep times, screen times and everything she does on and off it?! I dunno doesn't sit well with me so i'll ignore that!

In the evening Jessica set up a shop and wanted me to go and buy things. But I had to have my own bank card. I was somewhat scared when she came to me to ask for my credit card! I was like what on earth do you want that for! But she wanted to copy it. No those are not my real card numbers before some random man in Nigeria gets excited ...

Thursday 7th October:

As the days get shorter and the weather gets gloomier I find my mood drops. I suffer from SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder and really notice it. The sunnier days are ok but the never ending cloud gloom is sooo doomy! So when I saw this notice on facebook it really echoed how it is for me! 

Friday 8th October:

Today is tackle Jessica's bedroom day. Man look at the sight of that! lol. So here are the before and afters. The suitcase is actually left over from when we were away last month! Yes i'm one of those I tend to leave it, walk around it and forget it's there! But it is on the to do list! The clear boxes are for the loft. The clear boxes on the landing are to sort through and put more stuff in. But mostly all to sell to go up in the loft in a few weeks when sorted. Looking into Jessica's wardrobe there are clothes all over the floor too. But I can't be bothered to deal with them today so they can wait til Monday!

Right here endeth another wind up of another typical week in the mad house! To current times and we went to the Christmas light switch on today. The girls sang in the choir and i'm guessing did well. I only say guessing as we couldn't see them due to too many children there!! There were 75 children on stage in total so it was very busy! We didn't stay for the light switch on as it was another hour and 15 mins later after the kids had finished. Just too much waiting around so we went home. Tomorrow is children in need day. So this marks non school uniform and pizza hut for tea as our celebration! I'm sure you will hear all about it in another update! Right bed time calls! Keep looking up. Lots of love to all from The Mad House Xx

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