Saturday, 8 July 2017

ARGH! How to absolutely not sort your photos!

As a lot of you will have noticed I have taken to spamming my facebook albums again with photos. I have been trying and failing to catch up with this and I tend to do a load and then end up with more so seem to end up going backwards rather than forwards! I'm trying to get into the habit of posting to instagram more too. I really should try and use pinterest myself to post rather than just gathering a ton of exciting ideas I won't get round to doing! I am on twitter too but I find it too fast paced, a little lonesome and just weird. So i'm not a twitter fan. I do however love instagram - That is my favourite after facebook. If you don't have me on a form of social media and want me just drop me a line and i'll tell you my handles.(Am I the only one who thinks handle sounds strange?! And maybe a bit rude!Nope? Just me then!!)

Until recently I have had my photos stored in various locations - current camera, old camera, mobile phone. But since a a couple of weeks back that has extended to old phone and new phone!!! For those not in the know my lovely dd aged 2 - Sophie - Dropped it excitedly in the paddling pool!! I had my back turned at the time as Jess wanted help with something and I jumped off my seat leaving my phone behind on it to attend to her. It was literally all of about 20/30 seconds. Next I hear Jess pointing and shouting "Mummy! Your phone!!". My blood ran cold and I shouted many, many naughty words children should never hear and ran indoors with it! As the advice is to turn it off immediately that's what I did. I took out the sim card but the battery is underneath and would need a big job to screw it out. So I shoved it in a bag of rice and it was put in the hot cupboard!

So did you back it up regularly I hear you cry?

HA! Well yes - A few weeks before I had "backed up" all my photos - I say I had - I started then the damn thing got an error and I was dealing with kids and it got put by the way side. So I was missing photos from February onwards. But more importantly to me I was missing tons of notes on colornote. Again had I backed up? Nope I never knew how to do it with that so would email myself each individual one that took forever! I was also missing texts and half my contacts! But I was more annoyed with my notes as it had things like the girls birthday lists, shopping (exciting!) lists, funny sayings the girls were saying, blog ideas, etc etc. 

The phone was turned on after 24,48 and 4 days (Sorry too tired to work that one out!) but nothing happened. It would try to charge up but then cut out or would start to turn on and go straight off. It initially was doing a reboot loop over and over.

Hubby took this to work to a wizz friend who loves all things electronic. First a replacement battery was tried but all to no avail so they decided to take the memory flash card thingy out the phone. This involved a lot of faffing to break it to lots of pieces and find it and then unsolder it. It was then re soldered into a sd photo card so it could go into a pc to read the data. All very technical but after some faffing it worked and I was able to get back all my data- Phew!!!

Sort it out girl!

I have sinced google synced everything and set up back up on colornote! I have photos all over the place. Various folders on my desktop, on my phone, on my camera, facebook. Not the way to sort them out and store! So that is my work cut out for me!

My next job (it's on the bottom of my list!) will be to sort out videos on youtube, add more, and make it more user friendly.

Right I best get to it ...! Remember to post any comments below and add me for updates! Chin up and look to the sky! ✨X

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