Thursday, 6 July 2017

Scary things here! Bump, Croak & Snuffle in the night!

I have mostly been concentrating on the left side border of the garden and trying to deweed and destone that with a lot of sieving. I took all the plants out and have put them in a big tub in water whilst I complete this. I have just finished this and put them back in. Unfortunately it took a couple of weeks though so a few plants look very sick! :-s Hope they pull through. One I am giving a chance but I am convinced it's not going to - Or if it does then not this year. The roots look ok and green though so I am giving it a go.

Rubbish finished pictures but it was late. I will get more and add to my next update.

After completing this I thought it was time to go round the garden again on take 2 as the first lot is now weedy again - ARGH! It's never ending!

So yesterday I delved back into the veggie patch where I took everything off the greenhouse shelves and then moved it. Last year Jess grew potatoes in this patch - and yup! Up has come a ruddy tata plant ... In the middle of me bleeding greenhouse! Now not one to give up on free food it is staying ... That and my big girl put hard work into growing that. (Dropping a potato in a hole is hard right?!)

I have moved all the slabs and I am thinking of trying to level off the ground again and then put the greenhouse directly on the soil. I know due to weeds this is by far the worst option however I can't think of anything else I can do. As I couldn't do any hard work in professional levelling off.
Last night I dug up and de-weeded the first half of the whole veggie patch and tonight I finished it off. No pictures of this due to it being well after dark when I came in - 10:20pm! Again I will add to my next garden update.

The new grass is settling in well! Here is a piccie of it at the weekend.

Often when you re in the garden late at night just as the last slither of light is going things take on an eerie atmosphere! I had 5 minutes left before I was done and with face to soil I heard a massive crashing and banging noise going on in the alleyway behind out garden! It sounded like a person as it was so heavy. I suspected it might be a rat or something so I cautiously opened the back gate to peer out. Then I saw a hedgie-hog! Here he is! :-D

Coming back down the garden to go into the house and I heard plop, plop, crunch as something moved on the stones by the pond. I knew what it was! Walking down the grass I was surprised to spot one here ...

Froggies!! The garden is full of them this year! :-D

One has made a home by the back door. I have an emergency tub of water to add plants in quick that need a drink/soak. The other night I took a plant out to go and plant it and look what I saw ...

He's totally loving it in there! So I added in a pond plant pot and a stone for him to stand on to get out. Right once again that's it for a quick update! Chin up and look to the sky! 🌞🌝 XX

How does your garden grow?

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