Monday, 8 January 2018

Sites I make money with ~ A review of Grabpoints

So after I had joined Swagbucks I saw and offer to sign up to Grabpoints for earning money on Swags (as I call it!). It's basically a smaller version of Swags but not as good for offers. 

It has the standard offer walls. I completed a few but didn't get any points so didn't bother again i've also not touched the surveys as I like to work in the background and have things running for me so I don't have to do anything :-D

I mostly use the videos here. This is my main earner followed by the Lockerpoints app which sits on your phone and give's you free points for unlocking your phone! It also chucks you daily points for the sheer hell of it.

You can also earn by listening to the radio. Set it running and get points every half hour of "listening". I say listening as you can just mute your pc ;-) I also have flight searches which pay out and can be done daily. 

There are other videos, surveys etc that can be done but they aren't for me personally. 

What I do is leave the videos running over night and then wake up to points in the morning. It takes me about a week to get up to 2nd cashout amount. First is £3 but I like to cashout at a around a fiver and this is roughly weekly. My laptop is pretty slow at the moment and the wireless keeps breaking and dipping out argh! So it means that I can't have too much running at once so I really need to figure out getting another one/another device to try and run this off of. I tried on the tablets but one is too old and the other one it doesn't seem to work too great on.

Cashout is via paypal or some giftcards and can be done from £3, 5, 10 etc. 5500 points gets you around a £5. 

So this one isn't a fast earner but seems to be consistent. I've been using it since August with no major issues. Really easy to just shove the video page on and leave it running. It occasionally needs a nudge if a "are you still watching" message comes up. But other wise all is good and very passive which is just how I like it! This therefore puts Grabpoints as my second earning site as it gets 10/10 for ease of use.

The main goal in doing these sites is to have quite of few of then that you are proficient at using so that you can set them all up to run quick and make good use of your time. The main goal is multiple streams of income. Thus meaning you have money coming in from lots of places to keep you going.

Should you fancy having a try at some passive income then feel free to sign up here: and enter my code: CIUU3V. This gets you 500 free points :-)

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