Thursday, 4 January 2018

The quest for making money online!

So carrying on from our disappearing act! The other thing that very much took over my life was a quest for making money. This has always been a facination of mine. As to how someone can sit here in front of the tv on their laptop and make shedloads of money! Yes it IS possible. But it is very much a put lots of work in thing! By far my biggest earner has always been Matched Betting. Pre-Babies this made me £7k. I spent a massive portion on my independant midwives when I gave birth to Sophie. Totally worth it and would do it again in a heartbeat. The rest just living. I was looking around at matched betting - Which I haven't consistently done since 2012. As I was so busy at the time I just dismissed this though. Mainly because the forums I used to visit for the up to date info had either closed or gone deathly quiet! Also it seems things had changed a fair bit so I needed to relearn new stuff in order to keep up with the bookies!  Things came to a "head" as it were in July/August when my bank dipped into the red and I realised now was the time I HAD to start making some kinda of money. My usual go to is moneysavingexpert. So I revisited the how to make money online type articles and rediscovered Swagbucks. I had seen this previously so thought it was minimal effort and that it wouldn't harm to join it. Appears I already had an account with around £3 in ... I remember now how previously I thought this looked ridiculously hard and gave up. This time I somehow stumbled upon a swagbucks facebook group. Amazeballs! Tons of people in there giving tons of advice, starter guides - The lot! So since August I have made a total of: £325!
That may not seem like a massive amount but it's a survey site and generally a site I don't spend more than 20 minutes max on a day!

So what is there to do on there?

Well ... 

* Answer surveys (Always the back bone of these sites. Personally I hate them so very rarely do them! If your happy to you can make a lot more money than I have).
* Answer a daily poll
* Watch videos
* Play games
* Sign up to offers
* Download app's
* Search the web
* Gain cashback through shopping
* Enter sweepstakes
* Take part in competitions & team events

And probably some other stuff I have forgotten!
So it's quite complex but lots of variety and by far my most favourite survey site due to the ease of earning consistent daily money and quick payout's that do actually pay! I have been paid through Paypal, Mastercard and Amazon vouchers all mostly hastle free and where I have had a problem sorted ok!

Just incase anyone does fancy having a nosey or signing up for some extra pocket money here is my referral link :-) Thank you very very much if you do use it! Please do message me either here or on facebook/instagram so that I can give you the links and starter guides to make the most of it! 

I will put up another posting about other sites I am on and how I am getting on with those too! One not as great the rest ok!

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