Saturday, 6 January 2018

We're all going on a summer holiday! ... Or did ... x 3 ...

So summer saw us going away 3 times. Firstly we went to Hoburne Nash and had a cabin on site by the sea. Then we were back a week or so and went up north to mother in laws house. And then we were back 10 days or so then went off to Majorca for 1 week. 

We partially went to Majorca because of Hoburne Nash being such a flop in terms of me being ill for all but the last 2 days of it! But also because we just love to round off summer with some hot sun then we can come home and just concentrate on winter incoming! Yes we took J out of school and yes we paid the fine ;-) 

Here are some piccies of Hoburne!

When we were in Grandma's house we took a visit to Knowsley Safari Park. Here are some shots of our day! The day went well despite the car breaking down half way around the safari!!  It was more than an overheating issue so it meant that hubby missed half of the day sorting that out which was sad but at least we went home in our own car! Phew!

Yes they did get it on - On our car!!! Frinkin' Hilarious!!

Our last holiday was to the Family Life Alcudia Pins hotel on the north of Majorca. This was also some what marred by illness! This time Sophie caught hand foot and mouth whilst we were out there! I put it down to heat rash for a few days until I spotted the spots in her mouth then put 2 and 2 together. The photos were taken around day 3. We still managed to go to the beach as we were a beach side hotel - just chose a quiet spot. We also did a walk to the nature park then back along the beach. The donkey ride for J was just outside the hotel too. The girls had fun making their own beach "swimming pool" and slide! All quite low key and kept around the hotel and immediate area. Really nice strip as the beach is perfect for tinies. Will return next year but try out a different hotel next time.

Here are our last set of pics!

Over all great fun was had by all. We just had to fight around the illnesses to make the best we could out of our trips. Let's hope 2018 is better!

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