Saturday, 20 January 2018

So what else have we been up to in 2017?

2017 was a really hard year all round for us. We all had bad health and got every big going up til middle of December. Well apart from the the sickness and diahrea. I feel we are loooong overdue that one as we have never had one yet!! Hubby was up and down to MIL's house a lot as FIL passed away in March. This was obviously hard for all all round too - the lowest being trying to juggle 2 ill children alone whilst being ill yourself. I think the hardest thing for him is trying to sort out all the paper work and practical stuff. Things never go easy and out hate for virgin was renewed due to their incompetence! I found summer and early autumn really hard trying to juggle the house and remember all the appointments, surgery, and school stuff. Even with a diary lol! Jessica had a bit of a hard time when one of her friends school friends left to move to Scotland. And Sophie struggled a bit with starting nursery as it ended up only being 1 day a week for sometime due to repeated illness.

2017 saw Jessica leaving reception where she ended the summer term on a 4 day week. She was on 3 days from easter then went up to 4 after half term. She had her first 5 day full week in September and was tierd but not really bad so I feel this was good timing. So would I flexi school again? Yes, in a heartbeat! Every stage for her was brilliant. The school said she would not making friends as quickly and that she would miss out on her foundation for learning putting her behind the other children. We have reading eggs at home where she does learning online so she has some other learning going on. So how was her report on leaving reception? Did she suffer? ... Well no! She came in the middle of everything. Perfect just where I want her to be. Going into year 1 and she is middle for everything except for spelling where she appears to come last. However she is making the progress just slowly. All the time she moving on that is ok. Remembering she is one of the youngest as a summer born too she is going to be a little behind on some things. Oh and Maths she is a little ahead but this is no suprise as she has always had a massive love of numbers. So with flexi schooling mothers instinct was right! Only you know you child best. I would do this again with Jess should the opportunity arise and will definately do the same with Sophie in a few years time!

So what does 2018 have in store for us?

Well I hope to spend more time with family, more time learning new things and making dosh. I plan to move this blog over to Wordpress at some point. I know I mentioned this brieftly last summer but life got ridiculous so this went to the bottom of the pile.

We will most likely put Sophie in one full day a week at nursery around easter so this will give me one full day. I am finding that 2 mornings just isn't working. It is working in that I get a few hours for me but this doesn't help with me catching up on this house. There is so much to do in here so I really need to get on top of that at some point. And sell more on ebay! Already got some stuff on there last week so that is back in action!

As it is now January it is time to start thinking about what we are going to do with the garden this year. My main priority is to pay some attention to the front garden this year. It has been highly abandoned the past few years! One bush is absolutely massive and hidden any flowers I once had in a border. I haven't really thought too much about the back garden. Veggies and general maintainence. There was an idea to cut down the bamboo and create a small play area with slide etc but not sure if this will come to fruition as dealing with the bamboo will be next to impossible!

Sophie will turn 3 so I think we will also have her returning to mini professors. These are science classes that are designed for preschoolers with little experiments. It's great fun!

We will almost certainly take a trip abroad at some point. Most likely Majorca again as we went to a really nice calm beach last year. The hotel was good but we do like to try lots so will go to the same strip but try diff accomo.

We will do the usual family days out to zoo, farms etc from easter hols onwards.

Once Sophie turns 3 I also plan to do more stuff for me. Maybe take a trip away somewhere for a weekend or something for some freedom! 

Other to that it's just a case of see where the year takes us!

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