Sunday, 8 November 2020

More changes and some book reviews!

The kids are back at school! YIPPEEE!! This means I can get things done but I can also take naps in peace again! Ahhh!! However … This is not the only change as you will see! We are back to my proper blog at! I have been meaning to overhaul this and give it a new look for years but never got round to it. Some of you will remember me mentioning moving over to wordpress. Well that looks super complicating and my browser wasn’t supporting it as a download so I gave up and just redesigned this page! What do you think of it? Be honest! Tbh I think it feels a little drab and needs more colour. I just need to work out how to play with the background etc more. You can’t really do much on blogger so I’m a bit limited – hence wanting to leave! Any way let me know! Now onto my week …

Monday morning found me napping for another 2 hours. But then I got on with housework reclaiming the kitchen. Before and after photos attached. We came home from school run to find that Daniel had turned on the little fairy lights for us so it was like a Christmas tree. The kids brought this branch home a few year back – well longer than that actually! I wanna say Jess was 3? We used it for sticking chicks on one Easter as an Easter display. We never threw it and it’s now part of our house :-D (Later in the week Jessica picked up another one to bring home! It’s now outside the front door)! I love bringing nature in! It’s sooo hygee! Whilst we are on the light theme Sophie put up her own £1.50 fairy lights from Primark in her room. They aren’t bad for such a cheap price either! I got some for me just a bit bigger. Dunno where to put them yet but I have them at hand ready. Might put in the bedroom actually around my shelf …. Any ideas? Where would you put them?

Tuesday I can’t remember what happened and have no pictures to remind me so most likely run of the mill!  

Wednesday I began to get cold feet. The fact this was my last day of freedom and I could no longer shopping was nagging at me. I had a nap for 2 ½ hours. Woke up around 12:30 threw some coffee in me and jumped on the 1:05pm bus to town. I say 1:05 it was late so was nearer to 1:15! There were big queues going into town so the usual 15 minute journey took a bit longer. I got the bus home arriving at 3pm so had 15 minutes until school pick up. I got off the bus outside the school and sat at the bus stop to munch on a sausage roll I got at Greggs bakery as I hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Then marched round to get my mess makers. On the way home Sophie insisted on this photo under the tree being taken – I’m actually really proud of them they look professional! We got home and had 30 mins to chill and down snacks before rushing off to the last swimming lesson before lockdown. When we got home Sophie was given a ride in a box with wheels on it. I forget what she was now!

I ended the evening reading this amazing book! It is not one for lying down and reading as it is quite big – wanna say just under A4 size. It saw it advertised in a womens’ magazine back in September when we went away. I then gook to Amazon and read the preview. I don’t really buy books unless I can read a preview. But it was one where I got hooked immediately then was somewhat annoyed I had to wait for it to be delivered before I could carry on reading it LOL! It is called Dwell Gather Be. An American lady is married to a Dutch man and learns all about Hygee. She basically talks through how you can bring Hygee and calm into your life and your house. Ideas for how set out each room for just living and dwelling, to how to welcome guests hyggeligt and then a section about just being – in the moment. She draws on comparisons between USA and our fast pace of life in the West and how things are different in Denmark etc. It’s a really nice hard back book – full of pictures with these really nice dividers for the 3 sections. I really recommend it as its so easy to read but also easy to put down when you need to and pick up again without losing where you were. I’ll take some pictures and attach for you to see 😊 If you do want it – Get it on your Christmas list now!! Here is the link: (Warning: It’s affiliated to get me some extra pennies. So if you do use it – Thank you so much!)

 It’s priced at £25 so not a cheap one!! But I got mine on the marketplace for £16 and tbh it was worth it and is one I will dip into again and again annually. It’s very well made being hardback and does not feel like it will fall apart at all. The little dividers inside it are a really nice touch that just adds to the feeling of this book being worth money. And the outside of the book is textured for those of you that like touchy feely!

Thursday saw another standard day – napping – rushing at the housework – school run. However in the morning I thought of you all on my walk home. It was a gorgeous Autumnal morning where there was a heavy fog. It hung in the sky like a cloak covering everything. And yet whilst being dark and close at the same time it was lighting things up. Lots of little spiders webs everywhere. That you never normally see. There was one massive one on a bush which I took a photo of. It looked like nature had decorated for Halloween a little late! The sun was trying to burn its way through and this could be seen by the change in the light. I also stopped by the bus stop over the road to take pictures of some of the beautiful leaves that came down. And even some that hadn’t yet come down on some saplings. Jess brought home another tree branch today – picture attached! And I ended the day reading another Hygee book – Comfort and food for the soul! This one is paper back and contains some ideas for food for the Soul: A cosy collection of comfort food, drinks & lifestyle recipes for you, your friends & family to enjoy. It’s a cheaper book at only £4.49 or if you can get a decent one on the marketplace for a couple of quid. I haven’t finished it all but the intro about Hygee is good and it is a good all rounder of ideas of how to hygee. So a good one for beginners to Hygee. I would recommend it and here is another link to it in case you would like some lighter reading:😊

Again it’s dead easy to dip into and I’ll show you some pages! For the price it’s actually a really good little book. Only draw back is that it’s paperback. However it has a really nice feel to the cover – so soft 😊

I read this book in bed whilst I had my log fire youtube channel on!

Friday morning saw the fog cleared and beautiful blue skies – why do we say skies when it’s just a sky?! I also savoured the walk home stopping lots to take lots of photos of leaves and tress. The added bonus was that it had got down to below freezing so there was a nice hard frost to look at! I stopped to take a photo of some little decorations someone on our road had done and put in their bush. It looked like those beads that you iron together to make pictures and 3d creations to hang up. Here they are: – They are called Aqua beads and can be picked up for a tenner. Both girls like them actually. You just need to be careful that your child is old enough to use them without putting them all over the floor! Sophie was 2/3 when Jess had these and wanted to make her own. Big mess!!! So beware but otherwise a really good crafting activity without a massive price tag!

Friday evening Jess brought home a pupil of the week award! So this time it was her turn! Funny it was the week after Sophie had it LOL! But she needs it as she had a bit of a rough start to the year as she kept falling out with some friends and there was an element of bullying involved. I don’t think it was proper full on but more “the age of 7-8” where girls can get really nasty! But so far ok this term although apparently they aren’t friends but they aren’t fighting either …!

You know what I love about being back over here? It's sooo much easier to upload photos in order! And they have now changed it so I can pull them in straight off of google photos - This means no downloading and then reuploading. Time saver!

Right I better sign off and get to bed. Morning will be here before I know it! Thank you so much for reading this! I hope you find it interesting and not too boring. It’s quite therapeutic to unload the week and leave an empty mind to start a new one! Do feel free to add any comments or ideas on other topics I could talk about? Open to suggestions! Keep looking up to the skies and enjoy the crisp beauty of Autumn! Lots of love to all X 

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