Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Two weekends of action!


Lazy! Oooh Sooo lazy! Was our weekend! Nice long lie in then sitting in bed on laptop til gone midday. Kids happy on ipads. Daddy happy on whatever screen he was on at the time. I eventually surfaced around 1pm and had a shower. Then got an attack of the guilts so decided I better do something. So I sorted through Jessica’s suitcase and got her winter clothes out. Summer ones back in the case and some too small stuff chucked in the corner of Sophie's room behind the nursing chair ready for later sorting!

Sophie decided to make some kinda keep fit video to put on you tube (no it’s not up but let me know if you wanna see it and I’ll add it!)

And I ended the evening by making some Mulled Apple and Brandy. It was quiet alright too if I do say so myself. Couldn’t have more than a few sips though as I was high on codeine at the time!

Sunday was a proper lazy one too.  I slept til almost 1130! :O Got up and spent the day dossing around, reading the Christmas chronicles with some relaxing music on youtube on Tv and then started knitting a little dog. Isn’t he cute! I’ve done his body and started his head. Done it on bigger needles 4mm instead of 3mm though so expecting to run out of wool soon and he will end up being a odd dog!

The highlight of the day however was Sophie coming running upstairs to tell me her tooth had come out! Much joy as this thing has been hanging around for months and months! And her 2 back teeth are already out behind. I couldn’t get behind to clean them properly either so there is a lot of plaque on the one behind it so now we can get a dentist appointment – if they will take us as not an emergency?! And get it cleaned up.

I had wanted to get this post out earlier in the week but the past 10 days or so has been pretty rough. My bad back, ill Sophie, increased Anxiety about various things (no Christmas please!) and now this week I’m on a bad IBS flair up. Urgh! Any way I’m going to rewind now …

The weekend before last we held out bonfire night on the Saturday and had a chilled creative Sunday.

I can’t remember if I posted Jessica’s pupil of the week award so I’m popping it on now as well. The teacher wrote some nice stuff on the back.

Saturday saw a lazy day. My leg pain from my back was bad and struggled to do anything so was quite restless. I read some of my Christmas chronicles book. This is wrote by Nigel Slater who is a chef/cook in the UK. He adds recipes to the book but in a hygee gentle way. Focusing on smells, textures, setting the scene. He describes Christmases and winter of old. Log fires, 6ft of snow and icicles that hung from all round the house. He describes about nature and nice warming drinks for cold evenings. So if you want to have a go at a few recipes or just reading about them in a heart warming way this book is for you 😊The book is a nice hardback that will last ages and has some textures on the front. This is what Amazon says about it: “The Christmas Chronicles is the story of Nigel Slater’s love for winter, the scent of fir and spruce, ghost stories read with a glass of sloe gin, and beeswax candles with shadows dancing on the ceiling. With recipes, decorations, fables and quick fireside suppers, Nigel guides you through the essential preparations for Christmas and the New Year, with everything you need to enjoy the winter months.

Taking you from 1 November all the way to the end of January, The Christmas Chronicles covers everything from Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year to Epiphany. Throughout the season, Nigel offers over 100 recipes to see you through the build-up, the celebrations and the aftermath. Here are much-loved classics such as goose and turkey (and making the most of the leftovers), mincemeat and the cake; recipes to make the cold months bearable, like ribsticker bread pudding with Comté and Taleggio, salt crust potatoes with blue cheese and goat’s curd, and hot-smoked salmon, potatoes and dill; as well as bright flavours to welcome the new year, including pink grapefruit marmalade, pear and pickled radish salad and rye, linseed and treacle bread.

Packed with feasts, folktales, myths and memoir and all told in Nigel’s warm and intimate signature style, The Christmas Chronicles is the only book you’ll ever need for winter.

“ You can find the book here :-D :

I however forced myself to make raspberry pavalova for the occasion. The raspberries are from the garden that I froze - yippee yummy! 

Winchester had organised to let off fireworks from 4 secret locations across the city. I tbh was expecting this to be rubbish and in the centre only meaning that we wouldn’t see them so I really wasn’t bothered. However to our surprise bang on 7pm it all started so we ran upstairs to watch it out our bedroom window. The girls saw the neighbours out in the street watching it so they wanted to go and join them. They put their shoes on and just went out. 

We were half way though tea at the time so downed tools as it were to go and watch. When they were finished we came back in to finish tea then go in the garden and set off our own fireworks per our annual tradition! We always have meat and potato pie with beetroot for tea so Daniel cooked it ahead of time and we had my pavalova after all the fireworks. 

              We had sparklers too which the kids loved and I always do too. Photo’s attached!

As is my favourite I crawled into bed on my laptop and put on the lava lamp and pretty feather light in the window.

Sunday saw a down day of lots of relaxing things. I finished off my pumpkin - Yippee! Doesn’t it look good?! :-D 

I then read some of my Scandi at home magazine and then did some colouring in my wellbeing book. I had already started one page so finished off the other one. Doesn’t look too bad for a felt tip job! What shall I do with them now I have coloured them in?? Any ideas?

So that is it for now. A little review. I am still loving this slow pace to life. So calm so peaceful and just living for the moment. This is what we should be doing rather than rushing everywhere and filling life with meetings, timings to be kept to and stress. We only have one life try and reduce your stress as much as possible and just enjoy it! Fill it with things you love! Right I better start cracking on with the evening routine here – do a bit of tidying upstairs, hang some laundry then come down and prep tea. Sophie won’t want to eat too early I reckon as she had a big snack when she got in. She was starved! She hasn’t eaten breakfast for the past 3 mornings as she allegedly hasn’t been hungry.

Right keep looking to the skies – Not that there is much up there but lead right now! One day the sun will return and pretty clouds. Winter is around the corner – less than 2 weeks metrologically - and this tends to be when things get crisp and even again. Chin up! And in the meantime lots of little lights and candles can brighten things up indoors! Love to all X


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