Saturday, 26 December 2020

It's Boxy Woxy Day!

Well boxing day is here! (History of boxing day below*). This is the start of the weird period between Christmas and New Year where no one knows their name or if they are coming or going! It's not Christmas anymore but it's not the start of the New Year. It's that weird time of nothingness! Nothing is happening. You kinda feel like something should be happening and yet aren't too sure what! It's a time for catching up with family except we can't as a nation due to the corona. Some treat it as time for gentleness and calm with self. Lots of reading, walking and crafting/project time. And yet some would still feel like there is only so much walking, watching films and down time one can have! I think there is the weird feeling too added to it that we are going to be returning home to lockdown. So we can't even go shopping like I usually would do with the kids when they are on holidays. Take them to down and go round the shops. Need to measure their feet for new shoes and yet the shops are closed so not sure how we are going to do that! Our current plan is still to travel home tomorrow. There is talk of snow Monday so if there is any vague chance of us getting any I wanna be there for it! Now we will see nothing will come of it lol!

(* For those of you not from the UK and the like Boxing day dates back to Victorian times. Rich people used to box up gifts of things for poor people. Rich people used to give boxes to their servants too as a Christmas gift and give them the day off. And Churches used to hand out gifts in boxes to people who were poor. You can read more here:

I won't update on Christmas day today as I obviously have some pics to share so will do that in a different one. Needless to say it was a quiet but good day. We are at mother-in-laws house who lives alone and she invited around another old lady who also lives alone. She was most happy to be invited with us so she wasn't alone and I think the kids brightened up her day! Christmas isn't really Christmas without kids around! The kids had faaar too many presents and there is still more at home to open as I didn't pack them all!

Right reverse back 2 weekends ... Jessica was having fun with some play make up she had got with a magazine a while ago. She decided to make me up. There isn't lipstick all over my face so she did a good job lol!!! 

I curled up later in the evening with my Nigel Slater Christmas Chronicles book and put on my Christmas log fire channel. We had got down the battery operated snow picture too. My camera refused to take a nice picture so it's a bit blurry but you get the idea!

In the evening I snuggled up in bed with my laptop and put on some relaxing carols. Made a good start on wrapping presents too. You can even see my advent candle lit here too :-)

The children decorated their Christmas tree's. This involves baubles not lasting very long as they get knocked off. I put them back on a few times then I give up and just put them back in the Christmas box for the loft! For some reason I only took a picture of Sophie's tree and not Jessica's - Not a great picture mind due to the light. Although there is a possibility I was taking a picture of all that rain on the window instead!!  I then spread myself out in Sophie's room on her bed to wrap some more presents and write cards. I have a folder that I use every year for both making a card list and a present list. And when it is Christmas at our house I also have a job/to-do list in there too that is week by week. This is based on this site:

Later in the afternoon I pulled out my dog knitting to do some more of his legs. I got sidetracked by Sophie however who wanted to learn finger knitting. This didn't last long before she got fed up though so I relocated downstairs.

I snuggled up under my cosy blanket put on the relaxing channel and knitted 2 back legs for my doggy before tea. 

Sorted some laundry before bedtime. With the worms in the house there is a lot!

At bed time I read some more of my Dwell, Gather, Be book ... For those of you that don't know about this amazingly, calm, read you can look back at this blog post where I did a book review of it. I HIGHLY recommend it! If you just want to look at the book on the likes of Amazon then there is a link here:  Here are a few pictures to look at from it.

The Cosy Issue is a very Hyyge magazine style book that is from the USA. It is as it says on the cover very Cozy! Little stories, inspirations and talk of nature. I paid ridiculous money and got it for £20 off ebay. That said there isn't a single advert in it and it is like a book so is very readable over and over again. I have pulled it out to read again over this winter. What is really annoying is that I packed a bag to bring up here over Christmas of entertainment - quiz book, reading book, this book and some new beading work. But somehow I forgot to pack it!! ARGH! So annoyed as I wanted to read this gah! 
Right that is it for today. The next update will be heavy laden with pictures from our Santa visit! It will be hard to choose what to post up! 
Might drag the family out for a walkies in a minute down the farm or somewhere as we are right on the edge of the country here. An opportunity for me to take some pictures for you all to post up in a few weeks when I've caught up lol. 

Right! Chin up guys! New year is just around the corner and there is talk of snow! Might miss some snowflakes falling!! If it does - Ha! Hope you managed to find some joy in Christmas even if it was just the food and the trash TV! LOL!! Lots of love to you all and your families. Until next time - Byeee! Xx

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