Friday, 11 December 2020

Santa's Beeeeen!! And his minion ... and some unwanted visitors!

Yes the old man himself has been! Santa that is - nothing to do with me husband ;-)

He also brought his little minion along to have a nosey on the kids daily. You know that little elf thing. The thing that parents think will be fun until they run out of ideas of what to do daily!!ARGH!

I have been a horrific bore this year. So far he has just randomly appeared in the tree and one night was found reading to the kids doll under said tree ...


Another night he was found showcasing himself inside one of Jessica's lol doll cases. That was a pain to do and he had to be sellotaped in. Quite how she didn't notice i've no idea!

Friday was santa visiting the street on his sleigh time. We said there's a surprise and Sophie was full of wonder at what it was and Jessica said I know santa is here. So she is used to the annual tradition now then! She didn't even want to get dressed or go out for it. She had seen it before - Or more my ipad is more important than having fun off it ...!! Any way we managed to drag them out in the end. A big help was our neighbour also coming out to see santa. He is older than us and has no kids so your never to old for santa! Our kids adore him so getting them out was easy. Even easier once the kids laid eyes on their school friends all milling around the sleigh too! There was some vague attempt at social distancing but it's that thing where if you aren't close you can't really see but if your too close your in the thick of it. I ended up having to get closer to the pack at times to see where my kids were in the dark! We also did what you aren't meant to do and follow santas sleigh around out road to the end. They were trying to abate the gatherings for social distancing but not may actually listened to this! As he goes along he sends out some foam that is floating in the air like snow. It really is quite realistic and does give a good snowy christmasy atmosphere. I must say I was more into this and enjoyed it than I did the buying of the tree so that's one step closer! It was nice to see the neighbours and have a natter at least! 

Btw not sure if your aware but I think if you click on any of my photos they should come up larger/full sized? 

At bed time Jessica was complaining of being itchy down below - upon inspection (the things us parents do!!) it transpired that we have yet another dose of the worms - pinworms - threadworms whatever you call them! This is the second time this year as we had over lockdown in summer too! Always a horrible moment to see these wiggly things looking right back at ya! Although that's not as scary as the oncoming deeeeep cleaning that needs to come after!! Thankfully Daniel was in Sainsburies at the time so I rang him to go to the pharmacy for some Ovex. The magic medicine you take once then it kills them off. Or basically it starves them so they can't absorb sugars and just die within a few days. During this time you are meant to have super high hygiene of cleaning the whole house, changing all the bedding, towels and flannels and daily bottom washes! The eggs live 2 weeks out side the body so the deep clean is to get rid of the eggs and thus stop them going back into the body and making more worms! This is when I tend to go into panic mode and change all bedding daily for the first week or so and then as time goes on gradually taper off to every other day, every 3 etc etc. We then end with a second dose - that apparently is optional - of the medicine after 2 weeks just in case any eggs have gone in.! Gross aye! Well ... I hope you weren't eating anything! Maybe I should have given you a tmi warning pre-writing that ha! Sorry! This was all last Friday and we are one week on so I am going to do a last shower up and clean up by Monday and then I have to stop as we need to start packing ahead of going away for christmas. I can't have any more laundry hanging around awaiting a wash as I do now. 3 X beddings and lots of towels, bat mats, pj's etc etc. It won't all get done prior to going away due to lack of space to dry it. Yes we do need a tumble dryer! If only we had space for one ...! So it can stay in the bath and it will be attacked once again after christmas when we are home. Not nice but realistic. I've not touched any normal laundry this week so now that is behind! Need to catch up on that so we have clothes to pack in cases. Here are a couple of pages of my cleaning schedule. I have this is my filofax saffino folder that I can just carry around the house with me. It has some wipe clean acetate type sheets in it that I can scribble on and wipe off. 

After dealing with all of the above on the Friday night - and getting the kids down - I settled down for an evening on the sofa with some yummy candles! Much needed chill time! I don't need to update on the weekend as it was just taken up with cleaning and nothing much else! Sunday I pulled out all the christmas presents and started sorting what was for who. But that's all that got done!

Right i'm off to beddybies! Sleep well and good morning to those reading this in the morning! Keep your eyes up to the skies. You too might see santa! Stay Safe all! Xx

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