Wednesday, 23 December 2020

We escaped!

 Hi Again!

Well we are away for Christmas in a bubble visiting mother in law who lives alone up north. The whole decision was very traumatic for me. I swinging wildly on the fence between wanting to go and not wanting to go. I wanted to go for a break from the norm, to see her at Christmas when she lives alone, and for some small amount of Christmas day normality. However I was also massively aware of the new coronavirus variant that is causing mayhem on the country! I had a massive feeling after the weekend briefing that we should not go and therefore I said no. I then swung 2 days later to feeling too guilty to not go. Hubby was looking forward to it and tbh I didn't really want to leave an old lady alone at Christmas either. Although she does have a friend coming on the day who also has no family so wouldn't have been completely alone (another reason I thought that we didn't really need to come). But any way guilt got the better of me and we are here! Thankfully apart from the girls going to school and swimming lessons and Daniel going food shopping there are no other incomes for corona to get a hold on us so we should be ok for her! I still don't know though if we have made the right decision - especially with todays briefing that back home we are going to be a tier 4 from boxing day! Tbh I could see that coming though with part of Hampshire in level 4 already. We got here last night and went food shopping an hour or so after arriving got all the Christmas stuff and hopefully all the food we will need whilst here (We plan to leave on Sunday). So that should be us with no further need to leave the house until we drive home! 

We managed to pack the car very well with no additional bags out of the boot except for the kids car bags of toys and the food bag for lunch and snacks plus my rucksack (In the olden days I used to have a handbag!!). We packed Sophie's suitcase full of Christmas presents for the kids and Jessica's case was used for both the kids clothing so that helped. We only plan on being here for 5 days and leaving Sunday so that helps a lot. The new tier 4 comes into force on Saturday so hopefully they will let us back in LOL!

I'm going to try and update a bit. Reversing to 2 weekends ago ... 

Here's Sophie showing me something on the switch. Photoed in quite possibly the filthiest mirror around! All mums are now nodding their heads at this lol! 

Once I had dealt with the worms (we had our last meds on Friday yippee!) I made Jessica's bed up all ready for Christmas. Here's the worm washing in the bath - moutainous! If that is even a word ... If not I've just made it up lol

Sophie made a pretend ipad with Roblox on it lol!

Here she is playing with a dolls house that my dad got for Jess for her birthday. Seems Sophie plays with it more than Jess though! Funny how kids do that ...

I tried to take a picture of all the birds up the garden feeding but tbh it's pretty rubbish!! They half look like leaves LOL! 

I managed to sell a couple of brand new kids games that I had in a Christmas bag and never got round to giving the kids. And the Minecraft I accidently brought twice! So that's a spare £25 in the bank :-D

The elf brought 2 gifts for the kids of mini elves for their Christmas trees. They were most unimpressed by them mind! And another night the elf set up a Shoe Choo Train which the kids decided to try and sit on for a free ride.

Right that will do for a mini update! I'll attempt for another one over the next couple of days. I do need to tell you all about our santa visit at some point too! Sleep well all or morning as it will most likely be as usual! Take Care out there all!! And look up in case you see any snow flakes over the next few days - Yea right! Ha! Byeeee! X

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