Friday, 18 December 2020

The interview of Jessica!

So sorry for the lack of comms and radio silence over the past week! It has been some what manic!

Dealing with the worms and many mountains of laundry, then Sophie had her flu vaccination on Tuesday. Then the past 2 days she has reacted to it and had a high temperature and yesterday aching limbs and a headache. Shame she got to miss the last day of term and Christmas fun today :-(

I have also been trying to start packing for going away for Christmas. Got Sophie's suitcase out Tuesday and started filling it with presents on Wednesday and put more in yesterday. The plan is for both girls to share Jessica's suitcase - not that she likes this plan mind! And then all the kids presents can go in Sophie's case. I have spent most evenings wrapping and have made my way through everyones that is for out going the house - so my parents and sister and have wrapped the kids stuff. Need to do hubby's tomorrow. Also plan to get my case out to start packing tomorrow and empty a big box on the landing to return to my dad and do some more of the kids packing. Sophie's clothes, smellies (except thermometer as in use) and toys for the car are now done. And i've done Jessica's clothes (need more socks though all I can find is odd ones!) and smellies done today. Will sort her a car bag tomorrow. And speaking of Jessica ... This post is mostly about her and her interview! Sooo without further a-do!

These are the questions that were given to me to ask her. I will write the question and then the answer after it.

1) What do you like most about your mommy

A) That she gives me lots of chocolate (???!!! Do I?!)

2) When you think back to one of your favourite memories of us all as a family what is it? Can you retell what happened and why you liked it. 

A) When we went to a waterpark with a massive slide - On holiday (Majorca! The famous one we got hand foot and mouth at I reckon!)

3) Mummy or chips? 

A) Mummy

4) Daddy or chips?

A) Daddy

5) If your lamby (teddy) could talk what would he say?

A) I'm not him so I dunno!

6) If you drew anything that came to your head, what would you be drawing right now?

A) A picture of a person (She does love drawing people actually - usually pretty ladies in pretty dresses!

7) What do you think you're going to dream about tonight?

A) Pizza and waking up on Christmas day and getting 10 thousand robux and screaming my head off

8) What sounds do you like?

A) My favourite song - Legends never die

9) You're outside for a whole day: what would you do? 

A) In summer have my i-pad lying on a mat playing roblox

10) Describe a great day. What are you doing that makes it special?

A) Have a play date with one of my friends. Playing with my friends makes it special.

So there you are! Next it will be Sophie's turn at the interview! I wanted to get a post out to you guys about the end of a couple of weeks back. But just didn't get round to it so will try to over the weekend! This is kids going to bed at a decent time (11pm tonight for Sophie!! :-o), not being ill, and everything else going smoothly permitting! If I go radio silence again it's gone a bit mad! Next week should be quieter once we arrive at our destination so I should have more time for catch up's then too!

So that's it for tonight. Have a good sleep or good morning for you early birds!!    :-D Keep looking up! Lot's of pretty Christmas lights to see around at the moment! Do you have any up? Do send me some pictures I so love pretty pretties!! 

Lots of love to all X

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