Friday, 9 April 2021

Is there a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

So we are back from mother in laws house. Took us 5 hours with 3 loo stops. "I need a wee" and then not doing a wee! But we made it. No food shopping today so we had a take away of fish and chips. Will probably visit the bakery for lunch tomorrow as there is no food in. (I'm starting writing this Thursday  night so by the time you read this it'll be out of date lol! Bit like the rest of it I guess!!) Speaking of which here goes ...

Monday 22nd March:

Kids at school so I have a little admin to do today. Sort through some paperwork that is old letters and school stuff from last year. And ring the Drs for Sophie's appointment. This is booked for Wednesday. I spoke about this and her cough in the last post here:

We have used the peak flow meter for the past week and she is getting a consistent reading of around 150. No massive ups or downs so looks stable. We are doing this AM/PM. We are just starring with the Ventolin and then taking the peak flow after a dose. One dose gave us a reading of 170 but otherwise still the same around 150. But more days to do to get a clear view of this. 

Nothing else to note really on this day except the usual morning nap and housework.

Oh yes on the way home from school Sophie was very disgusted with all the litter that people have bee dropping so she decided to pick it up on the way home. My immediate thought was noooo coronavirus!! But I think supporting her empathy to the environment and animals is more important!

Ended the day by snuggling up in bed and writing a blog post.

Tuesday 23rd March:

Same old, same old ... School run, nap, housework. Lit my log fire candle as it's nearly run out. Getting to the time of year where it will be too warm and light for candles in the evening so using the left overs up now. It ran out and I was talking to hubby and saw a bright light out the corner of my eyes. Took a look around and saw a big flame coming out of this candle! It had leapt up and was starting to melt out of the side of the plastic pot. He leapt up and blew it out as I was worried about my nice pine dressing table lol! Never mind setting the house on fire ...! It didn't break it thankfully but lesson learnt always put candles on a candle dish or plate! Not straight on the wood ... Doh!

Wednesday and Thursday past away in the normal realms of routine. Nothing to note and the only thing I have from the Friday is this picture of a loverly waaaainbow! I have been neglecting taking photos lately. Just got back into the school routine and also with nothing happening bar the garden it makes it hard to report of anything! We really should get out and do something like a walk or something. But the combination of feeling depressed and in the dumps and the time of year gloominess just takes any away any energy to even think of going that! Let alone the hastle of actually trying to get kids out the house! It is very exciting in the UK as we have been in stay at home lockdown since boxing day and the first step was the kids going back to school. They went back 8th March. The next step begins on Monday 12th April with shops reopening! A good thing is that it is still Easter holidays so will be able to take the girls to town on the bus and do a bit of shopping! Yippeee!! Expect pictures - If I remember! The end is in sight ... Like we wish we could see the end of the rainbow! And the pot of gold! Is there any gold at the end?! Who really knows ;-) LOL!! Well ... Legend has it that there is. I had to look at where this myth comes from and here is the bumpf: "One of the most storied rainbow myths is that there's a pot of gold at the end of every one. Not only that, but that the pot of gold is guarded by a tricky leprechaun. The legend goes like this:

Once upon a time, the Vikings lived in Ireland, looting and plundering as they pleased, then burying their ill-gotten treasures all over the countryside. When they eventually departed from the Emerald Isle, they inadvertently left behind some of their booty, which the leprechauns found. Now, the leprechauns knew the Vikings had gotten their treasures through stealing, which was wrong. This bad behavior made the leprechauns mistrust all people, Viking or not. In order to ensure no humans could take what they now considered their gold, the leprechauns reburied it in pots deep underground all over the island. When rainbows appear, they always end at a spot where some leprechaun's pot of gold is buried [source: Mystical Myth].

Now we all know there is no real end to a rainbow but that it is really a complete circle. Just had a google and saw this awesome picture of it as a circle. Isn't it cool?!

As this post is quite short I'm going to add to it the weekend as well as the week above. So ...

Saturday 27th March:

Right this is a bit picture heavy again so grab a coffee and some chocolate! Sitting down and ready? Right ... Get in the garden quick! So out I go! What's on the to-do list today? Well now all the bushes are cut I am feeling lost. I want to get planting stuff in the veggie patch. I have done no seeds indoors so will just plant outdoors. Only thing is I don't want to get started on stuff when we might have to move it all later on for a shed to take over my veggie patch. I don't know how much space I will have left. It's just all so up in the air as we have no concrete plan. This really hinders me. And tbh takes away any zest. I can't be bothered this year. I really can't. I wander around the veggie patch trying to work out what I can and can't do. I leave feeling dejected as I just can't really do anything at all! 

These bushes will be moved for a shed to go in this top corner. It will need to be quite large to house the stuff from the garage in the house so will take up this space regardless of it's orientation. I think about cutting these bushes but can't be bothered. If I am going to move them whats the point. Although I guess it would make them lighter to carry ...!The plan is to move them to the bottom of the front garden. They are big and have been grown from tiny 6 inch pots about 10 years or so ago! They are only there to hide the compost bins behind the though. 

This is the reason I haven't moved and thrown away any old plants. The bugs like to over winter in them and this isn't the first ladybird I found on the sweetcorn.

Still lots of carrots left from last year! I have done so well I will be growing more imminently! When I can work out where to plant them ...

This square planter is empty so I forked it over and removed weeds ready for planting. That said this is close to where the shed will go so I don't think i'll be using it this year.

The wild spinage still lives on! When they are done this planter will move/be gone for the year. Whether this also gets used depends on how much progress is made in the garden this year. I don't hold out much hope tbh.

Turned this water logged pot on it's side. I will empty it out and put the compost in a bag somewhere. Although it's quite small I might actually plant it up with some early carrots ... That's easy to move. 

Nothing I can do with this. Need hubby to get out and drain it for me. He needs to put holds in the bottom and the one next to it. Then leave to drain for a week or so then empty out the top section of compost. Will leave the bottom for summer to feed plants. I will probably only use one of these pots at the moment due to having to move. It will need to go somewhere where I can leave it.

One worm is happy in this sodden manky mess ...!

Today's harvest. Spinage, potatoes and carrots. I am proper proud that i've been able to carry a harvest off over winter. That said i'm seriously disappointed in my potatoes which are just sooo tiny. But I suspect this due to inconsistent - not enough - watering. 

Here is my hessian bag that I used for potatoes in last year. Really disappointed it's broken down into nothing. I expected to get at least another year out of it! 

Even one of my nice square planters is broke! Nooo not already! I looked though and the other 3 are ok .So I suspect that the raspberry bush has caught it and ripped it over winter. Just this corner so I think I can get away with it though. Here they are below:

I empty a couple of pots that had sweetcorn in last year and then call it a day. I can't do anything so what's the point.

Here's the garden from Jessica's bedroom window.

I come in and have some food and then Sophie wants to go to the park I feel some more fresh air will be good for my mood so agree. Here she is:

Sunday 28th March:

Today is even worse with my mood today. I force myself out not knowing what to do. I sit on the bench and look around for 5 minutes. I settle on I can't do anything on the veggie patch so I might as well start on the borders digging ready for getting in some turf. I get started and do this much ...

When out comes hubby to have another discussion of where the blinking shed and trampoline are going! Before this when I was digging my little Robin called Bobbin' came out to see me again. My nanny used to call the Robin Bobbin' and the name just kinda stuck. It suits him! As you can see where my knee is he came up quite close! And then dived down into the border.

We started our discussions of where the shed should go but hubby wanted it in a different position. I didn't not like this otherwise where will the gate go and it will take up too much veggie patch and take away sun. It made no sense to me and I took a strop on and said sod it to the garden and went indoors! We however at a later date agreed on a plan of where the shed, trampoline and chickens should go! So after the kids tea I got down to plan making. Unfortunately this is plans for this top of the garden as a whole and nothing to do with planting or the veggie patch!! I'm still none the wiser there ... Picture 1 is before as the garden is now 

So the left part of the veggie patch where the path fence and bushes/compost area will become the new shed. And the veggie patch will run down the right side of the garden taking over half of the stony area. 
The left side where the greenhouse is will have the trampoline up. And a path will run up the middle of the stone and current veggie patch area to a new gate which will be in the middle of the fence. The pond will be taken back so it is at least half the size it is now so that a new patio area can be placed next to it in the sun. The bridge will be relocated - somewhere ...! The chickens will be down by the house on the right hand side where the cardboard and table is the below picture running down the border where the bushes are. Need to measure the size of this at a later date but Eglu do good cages in various sizes.

Right that's it for this update! It looks longer than I thought it was going to be actually so well done if you have made it this far and haven't died of boredom!!! I shall try and get another update in after the weekend. Let's see if I can actually catch up! Ha! Right sleep well/good morning/afternoon all! Delete as appropriate! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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