Monday, 26 April 2021

Reading magazines and books!

Well I've been trying to get this post up now since Friday but various things have stopped me along the way! Let's see if I manage to get it up today (Monday ...). My poorly tooth is somewhat better. I ended up going to the dentist on Friday again as an emergency appointment. He put something on it that thickened like some putty type thing. In case it was some extreme sensitivity. If it didn't settle down then I would be back for a root canal. As it happens it is a good 80% better and has improved day on day so i'm going to see how it is over the next week. But i'm not reaching for the painkillers to that can only be a good thing! Right now to catch up ...

Monday 12th April:

Now the clocks have gone back you can really tell the difference in the light in the evenings. This evening I got itchy feet to go out as the evening was gorgeous! By the time my brood had finished their "I don't want to get off my screens and go out tantrums" it was getting dark mid! Plus Jessica's meltdown of my socks are uncomfy, my trousers are uncomfy. She howled for ages there were none that fitted comfy whilst she was surrounded by 7 pairs of leggings ...! Any way we made it out eventually and here are some pics. Jess loves my camera so I let her loose with my phone so some pictures are ... well ... rubbish lol!

Tuesday 13th April:

Today Sophie dressed up in her wedding dress with lights round the waist. As you do! She wrote me an invitation ... In the evening we played bugs in the kitchen on the big bed in our room.

Wednesday 14th April:

Today Sophie decided mummy spent too much time on her laptop (oops!) Or I wasn't listening to her or something so she put covers on my screen so I couldn't use it ... Clever girl lol!

Mummy gets a new book from Ebay. It was cheaper on Ebay than on Amazon and I always compare the 2! Not started reading it yet though so can't comment on it. For a quick flick through though it looks good with lots of pictures which can only be a good thing!

Sophie wanted the oil burner on so I loaded it with some pine oil and set her alight as it were! The burner that is not Sophie! So you can hold off on calling the social ...

Mummy then set to work tackling laundry and then Sophie's bomb site of a room! Mid way Sophie wanted to swap her bedside unit with her triangle shelving. I let her do this - and it stayed like it for aw eek somehow!! Then I had to put it back as trying to get in the door with that lot in the way plus the dangling cable was just asking for disaster basically!! Before and after pics on the room ... (pics 2+4)

In the evening I was feeling somewhat guilty that we hadn't really done anything over Easter as a family so dragged everyone out for a late play in the park. The moon was just coming up when we were leaving and it was pretty. So Jess wanted to take some piccies.

Thursday 15th April:

Mummy finishes up finding Sophie's bedroom floor. 

In the evening we all camp in mummy's room to play a family game of washing machine simulator on Roblox. We are all trying to get Easter eggs in the hunt to get a Easter egg shaped washing machine! Jessica calls her school friend V on messenger who joins in the fun with us.

When the kids are in bed mummy checks out the new Scandi magazine that came in the post. At £8 a pop it isn't cheap! Pretty annoyed as it's the same in content as another one that is no longer sold. I think they stopped it and basically changed the name and put the price up from £5.99 to £8! :-o The pluses are that it has no adverts at all and is full of content and pretty pictures though. Some pics are naff due to lighting but this gives you an idea of what it is like.

Friday 16th April:

I don't seem to really had any piccies of this day apart for some for the blog so I must have wrote up to here! Otherwise just another average day! 

Right that's it for a quick update. I have a headache and sore muscles so i'm going to reach for my back massaging machine now to try and sort my poor back out. The weekend some what killed it in the garden! Sleep well all/good morning! Keep looking up to the skies! Lots of love from The Mad House xx

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