Wednesday, 7 April 2021

We are still alive!

Hello World!

We are still alive! Just not felt like writing to the blog of late. Tired (mentally), fed up, and nothing to give. Have been up north at mother in laws house since last Friday so had lots of down time which has most likely done me some good. I don't feel I have much to update on a gain as life is so samey really. I remember last time I updated on a weekend full of gardening. The week following that Mon 15th-Fri 19th saw nothing out of the new ordinary of school runs, nap, housework, repeat. I don't really have many photos to share of that week. I seem to have got out of the habit of taking piccies of my day of late. Just don't seem to be remembering to do so! I have had sinus issues again the past few months so I have had to take about every nose spray going. Finally conceeded that I need to talk to the Drs which I did. I got a weeks worth of Doxycycline antibiotics which worked fab. Cleared it right up. 2 days after they stopped I was stuffed right up again. Suffered for a few week before conceeding I had to talk to them again. I had a f2f appointment which was a 2 in 1. Sophie needed to go for a cough she has had for ages. Nooo not the corona! It started after a cold beginning of December and never went. We had her seen by a nurse who said that she was clear of infection and it might last a few weeks. It stayed and tbh sounded more allergy-ey to me. So tried her on Piriton per GP advice but it didn't go so I tried her on a nose spray (used to be ok for age 6+ but they have now changed it to adults only?!) Any way this worked a treat! So I know it's that. however GP still wants to investigate her for Asthma as it runs down my side of the family. So we are now using a peak flow metre, spacer and Ventolin for a few weeks. For me he said to try Avamys. A nose spray I have never heard of before. This is in case the Nasonex I usually use has become resistant and no longer works for me. Not too convinced as I've been on it since 2007. Surely that would have happened by now?! I don't mind trying for a bit though. But do want to go back to Nasonex if I can as I was put on this by my ENT on discharge after surgery for polyps. It is to prevent them from returning so is quite important! So far so good and it does seem to be making a difference I think. I'm not too convinced my GP knows much as he isn't that great though so I might email my surgeons secretary to see what he would like me on long term here onwards! I have restarted my sinus rinse again. The sachets are sooo expensive so I tried to make my own. But seems I got all the things mixed up though in quantity as it hurt like mad LOL. I could try another recipe but can't be arsed with the faffing so back to the neilmed expensive ones it is! Right time for a few random pictures that I have.

One school morning saw Jessica refusing to get up. She didn't want to go but did technically get out of bed but relocated herself to her wardrobe floor ... as you do!

Sophie made a caravan and wanted her picture taking with it.

And mummy washed some lunchboxes. Can't remember why I took this picture now! lol

Saturday 20th March: (Sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit ... Many pictures ahead!)

Back into the garden to cut some more bushes. I was somewhat rubbish at taking before pictures so all of these are afters. Sophie came out just as I was finishing and ready to go in - Doh! She re-dug a hole in the lawn she made last year and put a primrose in it that she had dug out of another spot in the lawn. When we went in she decided to go back about and re-dig it up again so she could brig it in in a flower pot so its on the dining room table now!

3 bushes chopped:

And some pretty flowers in the lawn:

Sunday 21st March:

Another garden day and more (and the last of) bush cutting in the back garden. I have cut the bottom of this big one into some form of shape but can't reach the top. And the branches are too thick so hubby will have to do this one when it's warm enough for him to come out.

I put some of the cuttings behind this bush. A little nature corner for bugs, hedgehogs and the like.

I like this heather but it has somewhat taken over! I shall have to cut it back a bit me thinks!

As for this carnation well I think it's seen better days. Might chop it right back and move and feed it. It'll either kill it or revive it!

Gave this big bertha a good chopping too. Had to climb behind it and squeeze in by the fence below to reach the back and top mind!

This one next to it was getting quite tall so I had that one down too!


And this spikey thing had come out quite a way over the grass so chopped it right back too.

Oh look! Here's my little Robin friend again. Can't see him well in this piccie but I caught the little monkey in the piccie below on my bag!!

And then on my bush! Even caught him in flight! Shame my camera isn't better but it was on the mobile

The bush below got scalped but it doesn't look like it due to the neighbours bushes their side also growing high!! The clippings on the ground show I did though lol!

Actually I lie! These pictures show some longer bit's so I must have been mid job! lol

I found this "thing" in the grasses but don't know what it is. Almost looks like something that's gone mouldy? But surely that would have gone by now it it was. So maybe a nest of some sort? Spiders?

In the evening I sniggled up in bed and finally finished off my Dwell, Gather, Be book. Some of you may recall me doing a review of it to be found here:

Blimey just looking at that blog post I had been reading that book since back in November! That took some time lol! 

I found some snippets relating to housework and we can just slow down and enjoy the moments. I won't waffle at you but have a read. So calming and nice to just slow down and BE in the moment! There is too much rush, rush in life!

Right that is it for now! Travelling back home tomorrow - well technically today! Thursday. Shouldn't be too bad about a 5 hour car journey with loo and food stops along the way. I keep thinking about school next week not realising that Easter is 2 weeks not 1! And with shops opening up next week we  shall go to town later in the week! It will be super exciting! Such is life - Getting on a bus and going in some shops will be our high light LOL! Just hope the weather warms up again soon. Whilst it was nice to see a day of lots of snow showers yesterday once March hits I want done with the cold. And in April?! Nooo gooo away!! We are sooo done with! This is gardening weather not blinking snow weather! Hope you are all well! Do tell me what you have been up to over Easter?? It would be lovely to hear from you! Lots of love from The Mad House Xx

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