Friday, 16 April 2021

Still playing Catch Up, Catch Up!

Hello World again!

Here we are with another update. I'm playing catch up and have nothing major to report this end so i'm just going to dive right in ... 

Monday 5th April:

The week starts with us still at Mother in laws house still for Easter. We wake up to a slight dusting of snow. Nice!

Today is spent quite lazily. Well there is nothing else to do at someone else's house is there! I try to use it to be creative an calm. So out with the puzzle book - word search - and some diamond bead art. 

Jess was in her new found place at mother in laws desk in the workshop on her laptop that we brought up with her friend on facetime. Sophie was flitting between random toys, annoying me and watching cartoony stuff on tv. We don't have Virgin or Sky at home only free view and Amazon firestick tv over the internet. So we tend to try and put something different on that we don't have at home for a change. 

Sophie took my phone to take random pictures. 

Tea time was meat and potato pie that mother in law made. Kids had something else generic like pizza as they won't eat it. 

Sophie carried on after tea with her obsession of stealing mummy's phone and taking random selfies!

Tuesday 6th April:

Today was another snowy day. Lot's of showers. Sophie even decided to go outside in just her pants to collect some snow off the car LOL! Some that tried to lie. Another lazy one with crafting, reading and laptop. 

Wednesday 7th April:

Same as Tuesday with crafting, reading, laptop! Today we bathed the kids with hair washes before we venture home. Or maybe that was yesterday?! I forget now! Either way they got bathed lol. We attempted take away but the Italian wasn't answering their phone so we default to Dominoes instead! After the kids were in bed I wrote a blog post and then watched trash tv ... Gogglebox anyone?! 

Thursday 8th April:

Today is travel home day. We are up 830 and out by 11. We arrive home after another 3 stops around 330pm I think it was. Had lunch early before even being half way home! No one slept which was a surprise as we have had a lot of late nights! They did however entertain themselves by decorating Jessica's big toe in stickers. He is called Toe-ey! Very imaginative lol!

Got home and just chilled. Hubby got on with the laundry as he is one of those! I can't be bothered with all that and it can wait til tomorrow lol! I have a little nap then we hit chippy for tea! 

After the kids were in bed I read some more of my new book. Between. How to parent a tweenager! From age 8-13 years! Don't we half need it!! If only I can actually remember it all in "the moment"! It's actually turning out to be a good book the delves into the brain changes and growth that this age range experiences. Their brains are not fully developed until well into the 20's. Emotional and Social development is still high up in the list. They are very impulsive emotionally as their brains are not yet capable of reasoning and being able to sort through emotions on the spot. This is not something that will be learnt for some years yet. Just because they look physically bigger and older we expect more when in fact the brains development has gone back to a toddler stage with impulsivity and temper tantrums ... again! Then of course they have the physical development going on as well. The book covers chapters such as dealing with friendships, their behaviours, what they want and what they need - often different!, mental health, personal hygiene, school motivation, screen time, learning finance and learning to let go of your teen! So there is a LOT to this book! It is well and easily written and I highly recommend it! 

For anyone who thinks this looks helpful or good to purchase for someone else here is the link to it at Amazon:

Friday 9th April:

Today was a day of 2 halves. Both being lazy after travelling yesterday we woke tired. So sat around and played Roblox with the kids as well as doing house work. Hubby went to Tesco's for some sandwiches for lunch and then did a big weekly shop in the evening. No piccies for today.

So that's another weekly round up done! Doing well at catching up now aren't I!? Nothing else to report except that I am looking forward to another weekend of gardening ahead as the weather is set to be warmer and sunny/cloudy. So good weather to get out. Right i'm off sleep well all! /Good morning/afternoon where ever you are around the world! Hope all is well with you! Lot's of love from The Mad House Xx

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