Friday, 7 May 2021

Last weeks catch up!

Well my weekend has started with the biggest shock on the world with the doorbell ringing. I answer it and there standing before me is my mother in law complete with suitcase in hand! She had come to stay without being invited or asking before hand. This is not how I planned my weekend to be. But will shall try and get some stuff done any way! As we had had no time to prepare anything and the house is one big bomb site we have said she will have to sleep on the sofa! It's not the best of timings either as me and the girls are poorly with a cold so feeling pretty rubbish and hubby has his covid vaccine on Sunday so could be joining us on the feeling rubbish! Hey ho never mind on to this weeks update: 

Monday 26th April:

Stopped to take some pretty Spring flower piccies on the way home from school run today! I love cute little flowers. And the blossom is so amazing and dangles down so that it touches my head as I walk underneath it!

Ended the day by writing a blog post up here.

Tuesday 27th April:

Little people refused to get up this morning! Sophie ran out of bed and jumped into Jessica's bed!
And Jessica wanted me to photo her hair to show to the world ...

Wednesday 28th April:

Getting ready for school wasn't going well! Jessica was in one of her sensory moods. All her socks were uncomfy ... She was whining like mad and said she had nothing to wear! ARGH!! Many discarded socks later ... We eventually made it out the house!

Thursday and Friday nothing done of note to post about! So that brings us to the weekend ...

Saturday 1st May: 

I go out but don't get a massive amount done. More carding down and add some bark to the top. I had one half opened bag and the rest I dig up and transfer over via a large bucket! I then have a go at growing some seeds indoors as nothing is happening to the ones I put in outdoors! My plant labels are too big though and I confuse myself over what everything is!!

Sunday 2nd May: 

I wake up and having my much needed morning caffine! Then we go out and attack bushes! Hubby has dug them up this morning and carried out front. And he digs the holes whilst I fill them with compost, vericulite and growmore. We have watered daily since so hoping they survive!! Although it is the wrong time of year to move bushes around so we shall see ... We have moved them from the top of the garden around the compost bins ready for the shed to go up. Here is the placing of bushes to see what they look like ... Followed by digging and getting them in.

At the end there is a small little runt one that I manage to give away free to someone on facebook.

And a little look around when done:

Now that the compost area is exposed I go up and empty my darlick plastic compost bin and come away with around 100 litres of compost from last year!

Whilst we are busy ... Sophie rides her bikes up and down the street. Or tries ... They are too small for her!

In the evening Sophie makes a spa/salon which I am demanded to visit. I get my make up done and glitter hair gel ... What do you think?!

Right that's it for this weeks - or last weeks as it now is - update! Still plodding on as normal here. Plan to get out in the garden again this weekend so we shall see just what I do - or - don't get done! Hope your all well! What have you been up to??! Anyone going to book a holiday now we are allowed to? We'll stay in this country for this year again me thinks! For the 3rd year running for us! Right off to bed I go. Lots of love to all from The Mad House Xx

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