Monday, 10 May 2021

Pigeon Obsession!

Hello All!

Time for another update. I'm almost caught up - Yippee! ... 

Monday 3rd May:

Today is bank holiday! Yippee! No need to get up! Unfortunately the weather is pants so we end up spending the day indoors doing nothing but playing computer games! Sophie is absolutely full of cold so it's a good job today is not a school day! However this did not deter her from the following ... Sophie ...  who wanted to catch a Pigeon for Jessica. They are apparently her favourite animal so Sophie set up a little system. She had string from the dining room all the way up the garden. This was tied to a plastic box which was wedged above a plate of bird food. The plan was to yank the box down on the bird when it came under the box. She got bored of holding the string indoors in the end and that was the end of that LOL! Good idea though!!

Tuesday 4th May:

Today is inset day so no school til tomorrow. Sophie is still full of cold and has a bit of a fever but not as bad as yesterday. We dose her up with calpol and she really, really wants to go to town! We go for a late visit to town leaving at 3pm with the plan of having Mcdonalds for an early tea in town. We got off after the train station and walked round to the library. We looked at a few books and chose a couple to bring home with us. Then we went to WHSmiths for birthday cards for daddy at the weekend. Then we had a look in poundland at garden stuff. But mummy had forgotten what she wanted to look in there for! So we went off to the toy shop and brought 2 toys each. Sophie brought a boy LOL Doll. And Jess chose - what mummy thought - was a sea dragon that you put in water and it grows bigger and then you have a toy. Well we got home and it seems that this sea dragon is lots of sea dragons and they are some kind of pet that grows and you have to feed food!!!
Whilst in here mummy's tummy started to feel somewhat queer so we ran for the loo's downstairs where mummy was held up with an IBS attack for a bit. Couldn't sit long though as the girls were literally killing each other outside the loo door. So I got up pronto and ignored the tummy ache and marched us off to Mcdonalds. Needless to say mummy ordered food but didn't eat it until we got home just in case! Kids at some whilst waiting for the bus at the bus stop. This soon stopped however when some pigeons marched by and the kids tried to chase them. Jess seemed obsessed with chasing pigeons round town lol!

Wednesday 5th May:

It's Wednesday and it's back to school day! On the way home from school the girls collected blossom from the blossom tree and handed them to me as love gifts lol. Unfortunately I had to get them to carry them as my hands were full of school bags. Once home we put them in water.

Speaking of water and kitchens - Who likes my kitchen roll? It's very me don't ya think?!

Today is also swimming day. The kids are in the pool getting wet and i'm in the car not getting wet ... in pouring rain and hailstorms!

The evening was spent on here writing another post!

Thursday 6th May:

Mummy has the start of a sore throat .. Oh joy! ... It disappears a bit so I manage to enjoy my walk home from school run. Jessica also has a sore throat! Look at these gorgeous Tulips, blossom and bluebells! 

Friday 7th May:

Waaah my throat is as raw as a brillo pad! I'm so coming down with kid germs! I was awaken at 3am by Sophie whose leg was hurting and she had tummy ache. Tummy ache scares me as I immediately think vomit! I was dying for a pee so we went to the loo together and that seemed to sort that bit! Then she wanted a hot water bottle and to sleep downstairs with me. So I had to sneak into Jessica's room (who had had a hot water bottle at bed time for comfort) and steal the bottle. Unfortunately I woke her up in the process of doing so. She leapt up and told me not to leave her! I had Sophie waiting on the sofa so I told her to go and sleep with daddy lol! So she then woke daddy up to sleep with him so that's the whole house awake at 3am ..! I moved the old cot mattress down for Soph to sleep on and bedded down on the sofa. Here she is in the morning - aaah! In the morning Jess felt worse with her throat and had a headache so I opt for letting her stay home, It's borderline as she would probably be ok but Sophie had this as a heavy cold, it might get worse as the day goes on and well it's Friday and Jess is hardly ever off sick so I let it slide and she stays home!

On the way home from school Sophie wants to climb a tree. Or attempt ...!! As it's just me and her I let her! 

4:30pm and the doorbell rings. I answer and low and behold it's the mother in law standing there suitcase in hand saying she is coming to stay! She wanted to surprise us as it's hubby's birthday on Sunday. I wasn't impressed at all as I much prefer to know when people are coming! This is where she usually sleeps and as I couldn't be bothered to rearrange the whole bedroom she ended up sleeping on the sofa! 

Oh here are the sea dragons I was on about earlier! There is a video of them here: - It's a bit jerky as my phone camera was having issues with the macro lol! But they are clear enough to see!

Right that's it for this week! Plan to get in the garden this weekend but we shall see what the weather does! Hope your all hanging in there as usual! Lots of love The Mad House Xx

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